Palworld how to get and farm Ingots fast – Ore, Iron Ingots, Refined Ingots, Pal Metal Ingots

Palworld how to get and farm Ingots fast – Ore, Iron Ingots, Refined Ingots, Pal Metal Ingots
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Looking for how to get and farm Ingots in Palworld? As you progress further in the game, you’re going to need to make metal items and armor to better survive. This is where Ingots are necessary.

Palworld can be tough to survive in if you don’t know how to get the materials you need. While knowing how to get Wood and how to get Stone are important, they’re easier to obtain than some, like Paldium Fragments. Ingots are used in tons of items, but how do you get Ingots, Refined Ingots, and Pal Metal Ingots? How do you farm them? We’re here to show you how.

How to make Ingots in Palworld

Ingots come from mining Ore and then placing the Ore in a Primitive Furnace. Ore can be mined from Ore Deposits which are scattered all across Palpagos. They look like normal boulders but have a copper color marbled on them. Luckily, they’re easy to spot once you find them.

Once you’ve found an Ore Node, use any pickaxe to mine it.

From there, you’ll need to place it in a Primitive Furnace to turn it into Ingots. A Primitive Furnace can be unlocked at level 10 and built using the following materials:

  • 20 Wood
  • 50 Stone
  • 3 Flame Organs

Flame Organs

Wood and Stone will be easy to come across and gather, but Flame Organs can only come from killing Fire type Pals. Foxparks and Rooby are great Pals to target for getting Flame Organs.

A player builds a Primitive Furnace in Palworld
Image taken by Videogamer

Once you’ve made the furnace, use a Pal that has Kindling as a work suitability, such as Foxparks, to light the furnace. You can then smelt your Ore into Ingots.

How to get Refined Ingots in Palworld

You’ll need to place both Ore and Coal into an Improved Furnace to make Refined Ingots. Refined Ingots are a more precious material since they’re used for rarer items, including guns. The process to make them is similar to normal Ingots, though. You can unlock the Improved Furnace at level 34, and it’s built using the following materials:

  • 100 Stone
  • 30 Cement
  • 15 Flame Organs

Use any Kindling Pal to use the Improved Furnace. With your Improved Furnace, you will essentially be granted access to the next tier of creating weapons, armour, Spheres, and other tools. You will find that as you progress through the game, you will hit more walls that will keep you from getting ahead. Refined Ingots are used to make better Pal Spheres, better guns, and sturdier weapons and tools that will let you blast through to the next part of the game.

✓ pro tip

Primitive Furnace won’t cut it

You cannot use the Primitive Furance to create Refined Ingots. If you want to make Refined Ingots, you will have to put in the world to get an Improved Furnace by collecting the required materials and reaching the correct level.

When you have a Furnace in your base, you will always need to have a Pal with the Kindling Work Suitability skill. Kindling lets Pals sit and power the furnace, which is how you turn Ore into Ingots. This is a long process, so make sure you have a few Pals to hand when doing this.

What do you need Refined Ingot for in Palworld?

Now you know how to get refined ingots you should know what you will need them for in crafting. This is our list showing most items that you can make with Refined Ingot:

  • Refined Metal Axe – x10 Refined Ingot
  • Refined Metal Pickaxe – x10 Refined Ingot
  • Refined Metal Spear – x10 Refined Ingot
  • Ultra Sphere – x5 Refined Ingot
  • Sphere Assembly Line II – x100 Refined Ingot
  • Single-shot Rifle – x20 Refined Ingot
  • Rifle Ammo – x1 Refined Ingot
  • Refined Metal Armor – x30 Refined Ingot
  • Refined Metal Helmet – x20 Refined Ingot
  • Refrigerator – x50 Refined Ingot
  • Double-barreled Shotgun – x30 Refined Ingot
  • Shotgun Shells – 1x Refined Ingot
  • Heat Resistant Refined Metal Armor – x40
  • Giga Glider – x20 Refined Ingot
  • Cold Resistant Refined Metal Armor – x40Refined Ingot
  • Electric Kitchen – x30 Refined Ingot
  • Electric Heater – x30 Refined Ingot
  • Pump-action Shotgun – x30 Refined Ingot
  • Production Assembly Line II – x100 Refined Ingot
  • Electric Cooler – x30 Refined Ingot
  • Electric Medicine Workbench – x40 Refined Ingot
  • Electric Furnace – x50 Refined Ingot
  • Sword – x30 Refined Ingot
  • Assault Rifle – x40 Refined Ingot
  • Assault Rifle Ammo – 1x Refined Ingot

How to get Pal Metal Ingots in Palworld

Pal Metal Ingots are made by placing Ore inside of an Electric Furnace, and using an Electric type Pal to power it. These Ingots are used for high-level items, including metal armor and rocket launchers. Once again, the process is similar to normal Ingots.

You can unlock the Electric Furnace at level 44, and use the following materials to build it:

  • 50 Refined Ingots
  • 10 Circuit Boards
  • 20 Polymer
  • 20 Carbon Fiber

Unlike the other furnaces, you need to use an Electric Pal to power it, such as Sparkit or Jolthog. Any Pal that can generate electricity can power it.

How to farm Iron Ingots in Palworld

Ingots can be farmed by queueing up Ingots on whatever furnace you’re using to make them. As soon as they’re queued up, as long as you have the necessary materials, it will make all the Ingots you’ve queued.

This is a great way to farm all types of Ingots, including Refined Ingots and Pal Metal Ingots.

In order to have enough materials, find and catch Pals with at least level 2 for Mining work suitability, as they will automatically mine Ore Deposits for you. Digtoise is a great pick for this, being Mining level 3. If you set up your base near a lot of Ore Deposits, they’ll be able to mine plenty of Ore for you to make Ingots.

A player stands near a Digtoise mining for Ore in Palworld.
Image taken by Videogamer

Continue to queue up Ingot recipes on the furnace to farm as many Ingots as you can. However, once the furnace has gone through the whole queue, it won’t make any more. You’ll need to head back to your base and queue up more of them.

That’s everything you need to know about getting and farming Ingots in Palworld. Be sure to check out how to get the Statue of Power and the Pal tier list if you can’t get enough of the open-world survival game, Palworld.

Palworld Ingots farming FAQs

How do you get Ingots in Palworld?

You can get Ingots by placing Ore in a Primitive Furnace and using a Kindling Pal to light it up.

How many types of Ingots are there in Palworld?

There are three different types of Ingots: regular Ingots, Refined Ingots, and Pal Metal Ingots.