Palworld how to get and farm Pure Quartz – best locations and recipes

Palworld how to get and farm Pure Quartz – best locations and recipes
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Need to know how to get Quartz in Palworld? This material is necessary for one of the most important late-gate technologies, but it can be tough to find if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

There are tons of materials you’ll need to know how to find in Palworld. From knowing how to get Wood, to more complicated materials like knowing where to farm Sulfur, it’s all necessary to survive. Pure Quarts is something you’ll need for the mid to late-game. We’re here to show you where to get it, and how to farm it.

How to get Pure Quartz in Palworld

Pure Quartz can be mined from Quartz Deposits found throughout Palpagos. They tend to be found in snowy areas, though. Quartz Deposits look like regular boulders, however, they have Quartz crystals on them. The stone of the rock is also darker than regular rocks.

A Quartz Deposit in Palworld
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You can use any of the pickaxes to mine it, including:

  • Stone Pickaxe (5 Wood, 5 Stone)
  • Metal Pickaxe (20 Wood, 15 Stone, 5 Ingots)
  • Refined Metal Pickaxe (40 Wood, 30 Stone, 10 Refined Ingots)

The Refined Metal Pickaxe will get you Pure Quartz faster, so it’s the tool most recommended to use.

You can continue mining from these deposits to get as much Quartz as you need.

Best locations to farm for Pure Quartz in Palworld

The best way to farm for Pure Quartz to get the most you can is to set up your base near tons of Pure Quartz Deposits. Once you find an area with multiple deposits, set up your base here put any of your Pals with the mining work suitability will automatically mine it for you.

Use a Pal Box in areas like the Astral Mountains to mine and transport this resource. Note that these deposits respawn so you technically have an infinite amount that can be mined. Great Eagle Statues in the northern island can be used to teleport through locations like No Man’s Trail and Icy Weasel Hill. Fly above a fast travel point and you should be able to scout our Pure Quartz deposits.

Here are the best locations for farming Pure Quartz in Palworld:

  • Coordinates (-212, 249) have nine Pure Quartz nodes that can be mined.
  • Coordinates (-256, 392) have eight Pure Quartz nodes and two Ore nodes. A flying mount can help you get here easily, especially from the Land of Absolute Zero Great Eagle Statue.

Note that the following Pals will drop Pure Quartz in Palworld but can be a chore to beat:

  • Jetragon
  • Astegib
  • Frostallion Noct

I’d recommend just mining Pure Quartz instead. Digtoise is especially good at this, however any of the best Pals for mining will suffice. Their mining skills will come in handy. Because Quartz is used in mid to late-game technologies, you’ll likely already have a Production Assembly Line set up to make technologies. This is a great way to farm for any technologies that use Pure Quartz.

Pure Quartz Deposits on map

While you aren’t able to see any deposits on the map, you can find snowy regions by looking for any area of the Palpagos map convered in white snow. Any area like this could have Quartz Deposits.

A Circuit Board in the Technology Menu in Palworld
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What is Pure Quartz used for in Palworld

Pure Quartz is one of the main materials needed to make Circuit Boards, which are used in tons of electronic technologies. Circuit Boards are unlocked at Technology Level 35. You can make Circuit Boards with four Pure Quartz and two stacks of Polymers.

You’ll need a Production Assembly Line to make Circuit Boards, and you need to be level 35 to unlock them.

Circuit Boards can be used to make:

Production Assembly Line II30 Nails, 100 Refined Ingots, 10 Circuit Boards
Sphere Assembly Line II50 Paldium Fragments, 30 Nails, 100 Refined Ingots, 10 Circuit Boards
Weapon Assembly Line II30 Nails, 100 Refined Ingots, 10 Circuit Boards
Electric Furnace20 Carbon Fiber, 20 Polymers, 50 Refined Ingots, 10 Circuit Boards
Electric Cooler10 Ice Organs, 30 Ingots, 30 Refined Ingots, 10 Circuit Boards

In order to make any of these technologies, you’ll need to gather plenty of Pure Quartz to craft Circuit Boards.

That’s everything you need to know about getting and farming Pure Quartz in Palworld. Be sure to check out how to get Spheres and how to farm ammo in Palworld if you need help gathering more resources to survive on Palpagos. Check the new survival game out on PC and Xbox Series X|S. The Pocketpair title is on Game Pass too.

Palworld Pure Quartz farming FAQs

How do you get Pure Quartz in Palworld?

Pure Quartz comes from mining Quartz Deposits found in the snowy northern regions of Palpagos. Once you find the deposits, mine them with a pickaxe to get Pure Quartz.

What is Quartz used for in Palworld?

Pure Quartz is one of the materials needed to make Circuit Boards, which are an important mid to late-game item.