Palworld best planting Pals – best Pals for planting crops

Palworld best planting Pals – best Pals for planting crops
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Looking for the best Planting Pals in Palworld? These Pals are the best Pals for planting gardens and reaping the rewards of their labor. After all, a Pal needs food to stay strong and you need a method of providing for them.

If you are looking for work around your camp, be sure to check out the best mining Pals in Palworld. You can also check out the best handiwork Pals in Palworld.

Gardening is just one of the many tasks you need done around camp but it is very important. Here are the best planting Pals in Palworld.

Best Pals for Planting in Palworld

There are a few Pals that stand out among the rest when it comes to the planting Work Suitability. Many Pals only have one point in this skill but there are some that have many points in this stat along with other stats. Here are who we think are the best Pals for the job:

  1. Mossanda
  2. Lyleen
  3. Elizabee
  4. Broncherry
  5. Dinossom

Let’s break down what makes each of these Pals great at this skill and why you should have them at your camp.

Mixed skills matter

There are plenty of Pals that excel at a single single but it is better to have a Pal with multiple skills since it will aid you more around camp. Only when you have enough Pals covering different parts of your camp should you switch to a Pal with only one or two skills.


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Mossanda is a great Pal to have around your base for its handiwork, lumbering, and planting skills. While it does not have the harvesting skill, it has planting at level two as well as many other skills that aid you around camp. Plus, the transporting skill it has is extremely useful when it comes to getting items put away.


Lylee is hands down the best planting Pal in the game. Being the only Pal that has the skill at level four, it is able to plant a garden in record time. Not only that, but it also has a great handiwork skill (level three) and is good at gathering (level three) and medicine (level three). With all of these skills, it is the best when it comes to planting a garden and gathering its contents. Now if only it could water the garden as well.


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Elizabee is like a weaker Lyleen. It has the planting, handiwork, lumbering, medicine, and gathering skills, making it very useful around camp. When its gardens are being watered, Elizabee can get you some extra wood or help you craft items at a workbench. There is no doubt that you should have this Pal at your base if you haven’t caught Lyleen yet.


Remember what we said about specialist Pals? That is exactly what Broncherry is. Unlike most Pals, Broncherry has a level three planting skill, allowing it to quickly plant a garden in record time. Unfortunately, it only has the planting skill, making it not worthwhile to have out all the time. Have this Pal plant a few gardens and then swap it out for one that can harvest efficiently.


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Dinossom is a great Pal to use when you are first starting your gardens. It is found pretty early in the game and has two strong skills; lumbering and planting. After it plants a few gardens, it can go to the lumber mill to start gathering more wood for you. Of course, you don’t want to keep it too long if you have better Pals.

Other good Pals that you can use are Petallia, Tanzee, Caprity, Verdash, Beegarde, Robinquill, Cinnamoth, Mammorest, and Vaelet. Keep in mind that some of these Pals have the medicine production skill as well, allowing them to help you create medicine for your Pals.

Those are the best planting Pals. Be sure to also check out our Palworld Pal tier list. After all, you want to have the strongest Pals on your team. You can also check out our Palworld weapons tier list.

Palworld best planting Pals – FAQ

Which Pal has the highest planting skill in Palworld?

Lyleen is the only Pal that has a level four planting skill.

What is the planting skill in Palworld?

Planting is a work suitability skill in Palworld that allows a Pal to plant seeds in a garden. This skill is used to automate your wheat, tomato, and berry gardens.