How to change Pal names in Palworld – rename them in 5 steps

How to change Pal names in Palworld – rename them in 5 steps
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Want to change your Pal names in Palworld? This new Pocketpair early access title lets you tame monsters, called Pals, to do all kinds of jobs from combat to resource gathering and traversal. If you want to rename your new Pals, we’ve got you covered. Thankfully, this gameplay feature exists for these creatures.

Use our best mining pals in Palworld and how to get leather in Palworld guides to progress in the game quickly. Of course, there are also cosmetic changes that you can make with one being a quick change of name. Here is how to name Pals in Palworld.

How to rename Pals in Palworld in 5 steps

Here’s how you can change the name of your Pal in Palworld:

  • Head to the options menu.
  • Open the Party menu or party tab.
  • Pick the Pal whose name you want to change.
  • Press the Edit button near their name to rename them with up to 24-character names.
    • This will change the Pal’s default name. Canceling it will return it to default.
  • There’s no limit to editing their names so do it as many times as you like.

At the moment, it appears that you cannot rename Pals on the current Xbox Game Pass version of Palworld. It’s an earlier build of the game compared to the Steam release. Expect this to be patched in shortly.

Palworld rename Pals - An image of a Melpaca in Palworld.
An image of a Melpaca in Palworld. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Why you should change Pal names in Palworld

In a game that tasks you with caring for Pals as they help you, it’s worth giving them nicknames to remember them by. Alpha Pals even have boosted stats so give them an identity to set them apart. While this doesn’t have any material bonuses, it can help you keep track of your Pals as they shuffle between work, combat, and traversal. You could even rename Pals based on their roles.

Use any sort of name for your Pals

It doesn’t have to be geared towards productivity either. A name that reminds you of a pet or friend could do the trick too.

Palworld rename Pals - Enter a new name in the text box to rename a Pal in Palworld.
Enter a new name in the text box to rename a Pal in Palworld. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Can you change your player name in Palworld

Unfortunately, you cannot change your character’s name in Palworld. Players on Xbox are frustrated that they have random names like Player 294 but can’t do much about it right now. Expect a patch to fix this in a future update. At the time of writing, you can only choose your name on the character creation screen. Afterward, changing your name can only be done by going back to the main menu and creating a new world so you can go back to the character creator. A character re-edit feature isn’t out of line for the future.

That covers how to change Pal names in Palworld. If you want more Pals, here’s how to get more Pal spheres in Palworld. They’ll help you collect resources like wood in Palworld. The game is a smash hit on PC and Xbox Series X|S so get in there and start giving your Pals new nicknames.

Palworld change pal names FAQs

How many times can you rename a Pal in Palworld?

There is no limit on how often you can change the name of a Pal.

Can you change the name of a Palworld server?

Yes, you can access the name in the server settings.