Palworld how to unlock and craft Nails – best farming method for Nails

Palworld how to unlock and craft Nails – best farming method for Nails
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Need to know how to get and farm for Nails in Palworld? This material is used in a variety of crafts you need to make in-game, including beds, workbenches, and assembly lines.

Palworld has tons of items for players to craft, and you’re going to need the best materials to make them. From resources as easy as getting Wood and Stone, to materials as difficult to farm as ammo. Nails are one of the many materials you’re going to want to keep on hand, as they come in handy for many crafts. How do you get Nails? How do you farm them? We’re here to let you know.

How to get Nails in Palworld

Nails can be unlocked at level 10, and you can then craft them using one Ingot. You will get two Nails for everyone one Ingot you use.

Nails can be crafted at the following workbenches:

  • Primitive Workbench
  • High Quality Workbench
  • Production Assembly Lines

You’ll start out making Nails at the Primitive Workbench, but once you are at a high enough level, you can use the Production Assembly Lines to streamline the process.

Best way to farm for Nails in Palworld

Making sure you have enough Ingots on hand is the key to making plenty of Nails. You’ll need at least a Primitive Furnace, and then you can keep queueing up Ingots using Ore and a Pal with the Kindling work suitability.

Build your base near a large amount of Ore Deposits to make sure you always have enough Ingots on hand. It’s one of the best ways to farm for Ingots.

The Production Assembly Line in Palworld
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Once you’ve unlocked and built Production Assembly Lines at level 28, you can continue queuing up Nails to farm tons of them. Place Pals with the Handiwork suitability at the assembly lines to craft them for you. Some good Pals for this job are Tanzee and Lifmunk.

Production Assembly Lines

It’s in your best interest to build multiple assembly lines so you can keep making tons of the items you need to survive, from Nails to ammunition for your weapons. Your base will benefit from having tons of them.

What are Nails used for in Palworld?

As mentioned above, Nails are used in several crafts that will be useful to you. Some of the most notable are:

Fluffy Pal Bed2430 Wood, 10 Cloth, 10 Fiber, 5 Nails
Production Assembly Line2850 Wood, 100 Ingots, 20 Nails, 10 Cement
Weapon Assembly Line3250 Wood, 100 Ingots, 20 Nails, 10 High Quality Pal Oil
Sphere Assembly Line2750 Wood, 100 Ingots, 20 Nails, 30 Paldium Fragments
Crossbow1350 Wood, 40 Stone, 10 Ingots, 5 Nails

You’ll also be using Nails for higher-quality versions of these items, like the Production Assembly Line II and Weapon Assembly Line II.

That’s everything you need to know about getting and farming Nails in Palworld. Be sure to check out how to heal yourself in Palworld so you can stay alive, and how to get Leather if you’re looking for more materials in the open-world survival game.

Palworld Nail farming FAQs

How do you get Nails in Palworld?

You can craft Nails using a single Ingot at a workbench. You’ll get two Nails for one Ingot.

How do you farm Nails in Palworld?

The best way to farm for Nails is to have plenty of Ingots on hand. Once you’ve unlocked the Production Assembly Line, you can farm them more reliably.