Palworld how to farm arrows – Arrow crafting recipe and best farming method

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Are you wondering how to farm arrows in Palworld? Arrows are one of your primary ammo types in the early game and one that shouldn’t be overlooked. Used by both the bow and the crossbow, you will need arrows for a long time.

If you want to farm items, you should check out how to farm ingots in Palworld. You should also check out how to farm bones in Palworld. Arrows are a great source of damage that allows you to stay at range and avoid getting hit. Here is how to farm arrows in Palworld.

How to craft arrows in Palworld – All arrow types

Arrows can be crafted in Palworld by combining materials at a workbench. There are three workbenches that allow you to craft arrows; Primitive Workbench, High Quality Workbench, and the Weapons Workbench. You need the following materials to craft arrows in Palworld:

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  • 1x wood
  • 1x stone

This crafting recipe will get you three arrows each time you make it.

Remember arrow types

There are three different arrow types; normal, poison, and fire. Remember that the arrow type only works with the same type of bow. This means that you cannot use regular arrows with a fire or poison bow.

Best way to farm arrows in Palworld

If you want to farm arrows in Palworld, you will first need to unlock the ranch and obtain Vixy. Vixy is a cute fox-like Pal that you can find near the small settlement. This Pal has a tendency to dig and will occasionally dig up items that you can use. One such item is arrows.

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Vixy has the partner skill called Dig Here. This means that if you assign Vixy to a ranch at your camp, it will start digging up items. As you let Vixy wander your ranch, it will continuously dig up arrows and Pal Spheres, getting you a large amount of ammo for the beginning of the game.

That is the best way to farm arrows in Palworld. Be sure to also check out the best way to farm leather in Palworld. You can also check out how to farm Pal Spheres in Palworld.

Palworld farm arrows – FAQ

Can you farm poison and fire arrows in Palworld?

No. The only means of getting those arrows is to craft them at a workbench.

Where can you find Vixy in Palworld?

Vixy is located in the lands around the small settlement to the west of where you start the game.

What all does Vixy dig up in Palworld?

Vixy can dig up both Arrows and Pal Spheres, making it useful for farming both items early in the game.

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