Palworld Relaxaurus location – How to find, where to catch, item drops, and breeding combinations

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The hit early-access survival crafting game features a long list of Pals for you to catch and tame. Among this diverse roster is the Relaxaurus, a long-necked reptile-like Pal with a distinctive gait as it waddles around the Palapagos Islands.

Not all Pals are easy to track down, though, and some require you to go out of your way to find them. If this dinosaur-like creature has caught your fancy and want to add it to your party or base, in this guide we’ll explain how to find Relaxaurus in the vast open world of Palworld. 

✓ At a Glance
  • Relaxaurus can be found in the Ascetic Falls and Sealed Realm of the thunder Dragon regions.
  • When caught or defeated, this Pal will drop High Quality Pal Oil.
A screenshot of the Palworld game screen showing map location of relaxuarus
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What is the Palworld Relaxaurus Location?

The Relaxaurus spawns in the Ascetic Falls and Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon regions in Palworld. While they don’t have a specific spawn area, you can find them roaming around the hills and in clearings. Since they commonly range around level 15, they are the perfect Pal to go after if you’re starting off your journey and are looking for a Pal to use as a mount. 

How to catch Relaxaurus

To catch a Relaxaurus, you need to get the Pal to a low enough health level to use a Pal Sphere. Since these Pals are not very high level, you really shouldn’t have any trouble fighting them. However, to make sure the fight is easier, you can bring along Electric and Ice-type Pals to aid you in battle. This is because Electric element types and Ice types are naturally strong against Water-type Pals and Dragon-type Pals, no matter the stats.

While a Pal Sphere should be enough to capture a Relaxaurus, if you want to add a couple of these Pals to your collection, Mega Spheres have a higher capture chance than standard spheres. 

✓ Relaxaurus is good for your camp

Relaxaurus is a great Pal for watering your plants. Thanks to it having the watering and transporting work suitabilites, it can tend to your gardens and also transport items around your base. Be causeful, however, because its size can make it get stuck in areas around your base.

How to catch Relaxaurus Lux in Palworld

You can catch an Alpha Relaxaurus Lux in Palworld by traveling to the Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon. This dungeon is located on the western side of the central map section and is recommended for those who are level 30. It has the partner skill of hungry missile, which gives it Relaxaurus’s Missile Launcher. It also has the Watering work suitability. Check the Paldeck entry for all you need to know about it.

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Since Relaxaurus Lux is an electric and dragon-type Pal, you will want to bring a ground-type Pal with you to fight it. You can also make do with an ice-type Pal if it is stronger. We recommend having plenty of Giga and Hyper Spheres with you as this will make catching Relaxaurus Lux much easier. You will also want to bring a Pal that can poison this Pal during the fight to make catching it easier. Freezing this Pal will also work.

What items does Relaxaurus drop?

After defeating or capturing a Relaxaurus, you can get your hands on High-Quality Pal Oil and Ruby. High-Quality Pal Oil is an uncommon material that is used in crafting polymers. On the other hand, Ruby is an item that you can sell to a merchant for 500 Gold

All move that Relaxaurus learns

Active SkillLevel Learned
Dragon CannonLevel 1
Aqua GunLevel 7
Dragon BurstLevel 15
Bubble BlastLevel 22
Draconic Breath Level 30
Aqua BurstLevel 40
Dragon MeteorLevel 50

What are Relaxaurus weaknesses?

As a Water Dragon-type Pal, Relaxaurus is weak to Electric and Ice-type Pals. Therefore, if you are looking to capture a Relaxaurus make sure to bring along Electric and Ice-type Pals. On the other hand, once you acquire Relaxaurus, they are a potent ally to fight Fire or Dark-type Pals. 

Relaxaurus Breeding Combinations

To breed Ralaxaurus, you can combine the following Pals together, but make sure they are opposite genders. Once the mating has been completed, you will need to place the large dragon egg into an incubator. Here are the combos and list of all Pals that produce this one:

  • Cryolinx + Mossandra
  • Mossandra + Astagon
  • Nitewing + Cryolinx
  • Nitewing + Astagon
  • Suzaku + Penking
  • Sweepa + Cryolinx

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