How to craft in Palworld – Make workbenches, recipes, and ancient technology unlocks easier with our guide

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Stumped figuring out how to craft in Palworld? Though the new Pokemon-inspired pal-catching survival crafting game bombards players with plenty of objectives and tooltips, there’s a lot to process and a lot to miss as a consequence, including the crafting mechanics.

We’ll explain how to craft in Palworld below. For more help setting up your base and gathering up pals, check out our Palworld beginner’s guide, how to save in Palworld autosave, and how to care for Pals in Palworld.

Palworld how to craft: Primitive Workbench crafting menu.
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How to craft in Palworld

The basics of crafting apply in Palworld, namely that you’ll need to gather, harvest, and grow resources, which are then used to make craftable items, weapons, and so on. Once you have resources, there are several ways to craft in Palworld depending on what you want to make, starting with the Primitive Workbench.

The Primitive Workbench is available from the start and building one is among the first objectives you’ll get. It requires x2 wood to build, which you can get from sticks lying on the ground or by attacking trees.

Once the resources are gathered, tap B (up on the D-Pad on Xbox) to bring up the Build Menu, then select Primitive Workbench. Place it down where you want, then approach the workbench and hold F (X on Xbox) to complete the build. The Primitive Workbench allows you to craft basic tools like the Wooden Club, Pal Sphere, Hand-held Torch, Stone Pickaxe, and Stone.

Approach the workbench and tap F to select a recipe to see a list of the resources needed to craft the item. Choose the number of items you want to make then tap start production. Hold F on the workbench to craft the item. That’s pretty much the basics of crafting. As you gain more levels, you’ll get access to other types of workbenches to craft even more specialised items.

Full list of all Workbenches in Palworld explained

Here’s a list of all the Workbenches in Palworld along with their functions:

  • Primitive Workbench – Use this for torches, axes, and clubs using basic materials like wood and stone.
  • Pal Gear Workbench – This allows you to make gloves, saddles, and weapons to use your Pal’s special abilities for traversal, combat, or work.
  • Weapon Workbench – Create basic swords, spears, and bows using metal, wood, leather, and gunpowder.
  • High Quality Workbench – Crafts more items than the primitive workbench and does it faster.
  • Primitive Furnace – Make ingots and charcoal from ore and wood.
  • Crusher – Get Fiber and Paldium fragments from wood and stone.
  • Medical Medicine Workbench – Use this for potions, bandages, and antidotes using herbs, mushrooms, and honey.
  • Sphere Workbench – Make Pal Spheres.
  • Repair Bench – Repairs damaged equipment like swords, chestplates, and pickaxes.
  • Weapon Assembly Line I and II – Used for firearms and ammo.
Palworld how to craft - Technology tab in the inventory.
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How can I unlock craft recipes in Palworld?

Aside from having workbenches, you’ll also need to unlock craft recipes to make items and gear. To do this, open the inventory by tapping Tab then go to the Technology tab along the top. Here, you’ll see all the recipes available in the game listed. The number on the left represents the character level you need to unlock the items in that row. 

To unlock a craft recipe, you’ll need Technology Points. Most of the starter recipes cost a single point but as you progress the points needed rise so it’s important to keep gaining higher levels. To unlock a recipe, tap the recipe you want to unlock and hit OK when prompted with the ‘Are you sure you want to unlock’ window. Some items can only be unlocked at specific Technology Levels (like Polymer at Level 33). We’ve got a handy guide on the best technology in Palworld if you’re wondering about what to pick.

How to farm Technology Points in Palworld for craft recipes

Here’s how to get Technology Points fast in Palworld:

All Ancient Technology in Palworld listed

Here’s a table that covers all the Ancient Technology recipes you can work towards to craft in Palworld.

ItemLevel to obtainDescription
Egg Incubator7Place a Pal egg to incubate.
Feed Bag10 (Small), 20 (Average), 26 (Large), 35 (Huge), and 45 (Giant)Unlocks food slots in your inventory.
Pal Essence Condenser14Combines several Pals of the same type to create a higher-ranked version.
Hip Lantern22A lantern that can be attached to the hip to help you in the dark.
Grappling Gun12 (Normal), 17 (Mega), 32 (Giga), and 47 (Hyper)It fires a hook that latches on to distant targets, pulling the user towards the target.
Sphere Launcher29 (Single Shot), 38 (Scatter), 50 (Homing)Fires Pal Spheres. The Scatter one fires multiple spheres to catch a herd while the Homing option targets Pals.
Lily’s Spear40Punishes those who neglect their Pals.
Decal Gun Set and Decal Ink42Allows crafting of a strange gun that paints a Pal decal where it is fired.

Once you get your head around it, the basic crafting loop is fairly simple, the difficulty ramps up though when you need to find rarer resources, often only available from tough enemies and in areas far from the starting island.

Best Ancient Technology in Palworld

Ancient Technology Points are a little different from the regular Technology Points. They are earned by fighting Syndicate Tower Bosses and Alpha Pals. As for creating these exotic items, you’ll need Ancient Civilization Parts in Palworld and we’ve got a guide for that. Here’s what you should spend your Ancient Technology Points in Palworld:

  • Feed Bag – This is essential to keeping your Pals well-fed as you travel the open world. It can be upgraded to Average, Large, Huge, and Giant sizes.
  • Grappling Gun – Next to mounts, this one is the next best mobility boost. One tip to remember is that this works even when you are encumbered with a lot of items. It can be upgraded to its Mega, Giga, and Hyper variants.
  • Egg Incubator – It’s essential when you’re breeding Pals in Palworld.
  • Pal Essence Condenser – Use this to combine the same species of Pals to create enhanced ones. Use this when you’re on the hunt for the best passive skills in Palworld.

Focus on obtaining new technology whenever you get Ancient Technology Points

While improving your tech is great, new items can expand gameplay options for you in Palworld. For instance, the Grappling Hook is great for traversal.

We also have guides covering how many bases can you have and how to get multiple bases, the best mining Pals, how to craft Pal spheres, and how to farm High-Quality Pal Oil in Palword.

Palworld crafting FAQs

Can you craft any item at the beginning of Palworld?

No, you need to have item recipes before crafting items by hitting specific levels in Palworld.

Can you reset Technology Points in Palworld?

No, these points cannot be reset in the game.

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