Palworld how to get Dazzi pals – Where do they spawn and how can you catch them?

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Trying to find Dazzi pals in Palworld? With over 100 different pals to pick up in Pocketpair’s pokemon-like survival RPG, it can be challenging to know where to look for specific pals.

Here then, we’re going to cover where you can find Dazzi pals in Palworld, and what you need to know about them in order to successfully capture one. If you’re on the hunt for other pals like Gobfin, Nox or the best farming pals, we’ve got you covered.

Palworld how to get Dazzi pals: Dazzi spawn map
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Where can you find Dazzi in Palworld?

Dazzi are found in the southern stretch of the Desiccated Desert. They typically travel in packs, and are diurnal, meaning you should be able to find them whether or not it’s dark outside. As with most pals in this region, they’re a significantly higher level than earlier starting area pals. You’ll likely want to make sure you’re at least around level 30 before you go hunting for them.

We’d recommend using at least Mega Spheres for capture attempts, although Giga Spheres are more ideal, and Hyper Spheres are comfortably sufficient. Weapons like the crossbow or makeshift handgun are the minimum you should aim to combat these pals with, unless you’re relying on pals in your party to do the heavy lifting. Water and ice type pals are particularly effective against them.

Palworld how to get Dazzi pals: dazzi info sheet
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What are Dazzi pals good at and are they worth catching?

We’d argue that Dazzi are worth catching in the early-mid game, but not much beyond. They’re an electric type pal with a bit more versatility than other early electric pals you’ll encounter. Unlike some of the more common early game options, they’ve got transportation and handiwork skills, which allows them to fill a wider variety of roles when working at your base.

That’s everything we’ve got for you on Dazzi pals in Palworld, and whether they’re worth the effort. Be sure to check out our Palworld beginners guide or how to get tomato seeds if you’re still looking to learn more about the game.

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