13 Best Palworld Mods – How to mod Palworld

13 Best Palworld Mods – How to mod Palworld
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Are you looking for the best Palworld mods? Do you want to know how to mod Palworld? You have come to the right place. There are plenty of mods to download for the game. Some of them are hilarious while others are just great for enhancing the gameplay.

If you are checking out the best mods, you might want to know how to heal Pals in Palworld. You might also be interested in knowing how to care for your Pals in Palworld.

So what type of mode do you want for Palworld? Do you want to change the visuals or introduce a new mechanic? Here are the best Palworld mods for the new multiplayer game.

How to mod Palworld

Before adding mods, you need to know how to mod Palworld. Palworld has been getting many mods on Nexus. Thanks to this, you can download them directly to your PC by first downloading the Nexus mod manager (you may need to register for an account). After the installation, simply browse the mods on the Palworld mod page and select the ones you want to download. Each will have its own instructions. If none are given, just download them directly to the manager and activate them from the mods folder.

Best mods to download for Palworld

There are a lot of mods to choose from for Palworld. In only a few days, a good number of them have appeared on the mod page. Here are what we think are the best:

  1. Spyro as Foxparks
  2. Increased base amount
  3. Remove Fly Stamina
  4. Remove Pal revive timer
  5. Durability increase
  6. Carry weight increase
  7. Lucky Pals
  8. Always fast travel
  9. Less Restrictive Building
  10. Integrate Storage Warehouse
  11. Reset Stats
  12. Instant Items
  13. Pokemon Pals

Let’s break down each mod and show you what they are so you know what you are getting into.

Spyro as Poxparks

Spyro the dragon, armed with a sword, cautiously navigates through the grass.
Image via InfinateXstremer on NexusMods

Created by InfinateXstremer on NexusMods, the Spyro as Foxparks mod replaces the Foxparks character model with everyone’s favorite purple dragon. Not only is this hilarious to see Spryo running around on Palpagos Island, but it is also great to activate the partner skill and use him as a flamethrower. Rare Pals are cool, but Spyro might be cooler.

Increased base amount

User Vucksacha created a mod that increases the number of bases you can have as well as how many Pals can be working at each base. This life-saving mod allows you to have up to 10 Pals working at your base at level one. There are other variants to choose from such as one that allows you to just have 40 Pals working at base level one. Whatever number of Pals you want to be slaving away at your camps is now possible.

Remove fly stamina

In this video game, a bird is gracefully flying over an island.
Image via Vuxacha on NexusMods

We believe everyone has been annoyed by the flying stamina bar at some point. After all, we just want to fly across the island without plummeting to the ground. Soar as high as we want without fear. Thankfully, you can do that with the Remove Fly stamina mod from Vuxacha. This makes flying the dream that is should be.

Remove Pal Revive Timer

An image of a bunny with a heart, representing the best palworld mods.
Image via Vuxacha on NexusMods

Another mod by Vuxacha, the remove Pal revive timer mod does exactly what it says. It removes the revive timer so you no longer need to wait 10 minutes each time a Pal falls unconscious to get them back to work. This is a lifesaver for those who often get into fights they cannot win and haven’t learned the lesson of fighting weaker foes.

Durability increase

A screenshot of a game showcasing an abundance of weapons and items, enhanced by the best palworld mods.
Image via Vuxacha on NexusMods

Vuxacha has been on a roll because they also created the durability increase mod. This mod multiplies the maximum durability of your weapons and tools, making them much more difficult to break. If you are like us and constantly forget to check the durability of your tools, this mod is a must-have.

Carry weight increase

A captivating screenshot of a character in a video game featuring the best mods available in the Palworld realm.
Image via Vuxacha on NexusMods

Yet another mod by Vuxacha. The carry weight increase mod enhances your carry weight so you can carry much more in the game without needing to raise your weight through leveling up. While this is a bit cheap, it comes in handy for those who don’t want to worry about the limits of your digital body.

Lucky Pals

A captivating screenshot of a woman peacefully enjoying nature in a grassy area.
Image via ITRMM on NexusMods

Lucky Pals are the best kind. They are similar to shinies in Pokemon in that they are rare. Not only do Lucky Pals have better stats, but they glisten in the sunlight of Palpagos Island. If you want more of these Pals, download the Lucky Pals mod by ITRMM. This makes all wild Pals you come across Lucky Pals.

Always Fast Travel

A screenshot of a map in a video game featuring impressive palworld mods.
Image via Yangff on Nexus Mods

Created by Yangff, the Always Fast Travel mod is a quality-of-life improvement that enhances the game by allowing you to fast travel whenever you want. You no longer need to track down a statue to teleport, instead, you can just open the map, select a new location, and fast-travel there. Fast-travel points aren’t necessary anymore!

Less Restrictive Building

A woman is standing on a bridge in a video game, exploring the immersive world with captivating visuals and enhanced palworld mods.
Image via Pevelk on Nexus Mods

If you have built a base in Palworld, you know that the building can be a bit restrictive. Well, the Less Restrictive Building mod by Pevelk fixes this. This mod allows you to build floating platforms, build on steep terrain, overlap objects, build more objects, and increase the height limit. If you want a better building experience, this mod will provide it.

Integrate Storage Warehouse

Storage can be a bit of a hassle in Palworld. You need to fill up multiple containers with items and it can be annoying to remember where you put all of your gear, crafting materials, and food. Because of this, modder SARFFLOW created a mod that combines all of your storage, allowing you to see everything you have in any of your containers. You no longer need to track down a specific container to store your Pal Spheres.

Reset Stats

A screenshot showcasing the character in an immersive game.
Image via DekitaRPG on Nexus Mods

There is nothing more annoying than putting points into the wrong stats and then finding out later you want to change them. Thankfully, there is a mod for that. The Reset Stats mod by DekitaRPG adds a reset button so you can redo all your stat increases at any time.

Instant Items

In a video game, a woman is standing next to a table showcasing the best Palworld mods.
Image via Gantz79 on Nexus Mods

The Instant Items mod by Gantz79 is a time saver. This mod removes the time required to build items in Palworld and makes them instant. This saves you from needing to have Handiwork Pals help you craft items. After all, some items can take upwards of five minutes to craft which can be kind of boring.

Pokemon Pals

A group of pokemon characters are soaring in the sky, accompanied by their best palworld mods.
Image via ToastedShoes on X

We all knew it would happen eventually but it happened much quicker than we expected. YouTuber ToastedShoes, best known for ruining games with mods, posted a Pokemon Palworld crossover mod where you play as Ash. You can even see Pikachu mining stones and an epic fight with a Torterra. Unfortunately, there are only news videos about this Pokemon mod right now since it has been flagged for copyright. We don’t think Nintendo will let this one go anytime soon.

You can also check out the Star Wars Stormtrooper Mod and more, but those are the best Palworld Mods. Be sure to also check out the best mining Pals in Palworld. You can also check out the best ways to get gold in Palworld. Try out the game that’s sweeping the nation on Game Pass (Xbox) or PC (also on Steam Decks)!

Palworld Best Mods – FAQ

Where can you find Mods for Palworld?

You can find multiple mods for Palworld on NexusMods.

Where can you download the Pokemon Palworld Mod?

The Pokemon Palworld mod is not available currently due to copyright. The modder who posted about it should be posting about the mod soon.