Palworld all possible breeding combos list – How to breed and fuse Pals

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Need to know how to breed Pals in Palworld and what the Palworld breeding combos are? One of the most fun aspects of the game is getting your own eggs and breeding strong Pals to accompany you throughout your game.

With Palworld already taking the gaming world by storm, it’s a great time to jump into the fray and see what everyone’s talking about. From earning all the Palworld achievements to knowing whether Pals evolve, it’s the best time to know everything you can about the game.

Now, this is how breeding works in Palworld and every breeding combination in the game.

Palworld Breeding list: Combos to make

Here are some of the best Palworld breeding combinations that let you breed new Pals by putting two different Pals together. Breeding combos are a great way to expand your Paldeck. If you’re wondering how to breed Astegon, Foxicle, and others, look no further:

First PalSecond PalOffspring
Jormuntide IgnisVanwyrmCinnamoth
Jormuntide IgnisQuivernElizabee
JolthogPengulletJolthog Cryst
DinossumDinossum LuxDinossum
MaraithLeezpunk IgnisMaraith
Pyrin NoctQuivernMammorest
MaraithJolthog CrystKelpsea
VanwyrmFoxicleVanwyrm Cryst
BlazehowlBlazehowl NoctUnivolt
FrostallionHelzephyrFrostallion Noct
SparkitRelaxaurusRelaxaurus Lux
DazziKelpsea IgnisGumoss
Mossanda GrizzboltMossanda Lux
EikthyrdeerHang YuEikthyrdeer Terra
IncineramRaithIncineram Noct
KingpacaReindrixKingpaca Cryst
JormuntideSuzakuSuzaku Aqua
DumudSurfentSurfent Terra
PenkingMossandaWumpo Botan
BlazamutSuzaku AquaBlazamut
Breeding Combinations in Palworld

How does breeding work in Palworld?

Here’s how you can breed Pals in Palworld:

  1. Build a Breeding Farm for breeding Pals
  2. Put at least one male Pal and one female Pal on the farm
  3. Make sure the farm is stocked with cake, and that it doesn’t run out
  4. Let the Breeding Meter fill up after a while
  5. If the breeding is successful, the Pal will lay an egg
  6. Put the egg in an egg incubator

Breeding is one of the easiest ways to get more Pals and can be used to curate stats and make stronger Pals than you would have caught in the wild. This can be picking two Pals of the same species with complimentary stats and placing them in a ranch, or breeding Lucky Pals together. Soon enough, your farm will be filled with tons of incredible Pals to help you out. The breeding combinations do differ, so try them out and see what sort of eggs you can get as this can be a great way to obtain some of the best Pals possible!

You can also breed Pals of different species together to make incredibly rare Pals. This is Palworld Fusion, which is another name for the breeding mechanic. Breeding is often used in Pokemon, so fusion is a way for them to further differentiate. If breeding seems tiresome, you can be fortunate and find eggs out in the wild occasionally.

Look out for the right temperatures to improve incubation speed

After breeding, hatching an egg can take a while. Picking the right temperature can make this process faster.

Building a Breeding Farm in Palworld

Building a breeding farm can be done when you are at level 19. You can unlock it using Technology Points, and then build it. To build a breeding farm, you’ll need:

A farm in Palworld, filled with Pals
Image via Pocketpair

Once you have a breeding farm, you will need to stock it with cake. If you’re wondering how to get cake in Palworld, you can check out our guide to just that. It requires 5x Flour, 8x Red Berries, 7x Milk, 8x Eggs, and 2x Honey.

How long does breeding take in Palworld?

A timer will indicate how long it will take for the breeding meter to increase. This will let you plan your schedule around this occurrence, be it base building, resource gathering, or combat. Waiting for an egg to hatch can take a while though. As for the incubator, it’s among the best technology in Palworld that you need to research as soon as possible with Ancient Technology Points and Ancient Civilization Parts. Keeping it at a comfortable temperature will keep the incubation speed at 100%.

How to speed up egg hatching in Palworld

If you want to speed things up, you can change the World Settings. Look out for the setting “Time (h) to incubate Massive Egg. Note: Other eggs also require time to incubate,” and vary it from 0 to 240. Lowering the difficulty also lowers the incubation period.

The incubation time of an egg can also vary based on temperature. Certain eggs prefer a cooler or warmer climate and when placed in that climate will have the incubation time sped up.

You can use the custom settings mentioned if you just want a quicker incubation time at a higher difficulty. By default, Casual difficulty makes it 10 minutes to hatch a Large Egg and 20 minutes for a Huge Egg. Here’s how to hatch eggs in Palworld.

Palworld Breeding Calculator

When breeding, it is important to know that every single Pal has a hidden breeding power number between 10 and 1500. The lower the number the more rare or strong. That can be difficult to master and it can be equally as difficult to find out which ones to pair together for the best results. Fortunately, there are tools at your disposal that I personally love using.

This Reddit post has a phenomenal calculator that has helped me navigate the breeding world in Palworld with relative ease. There is also a website I fully recommend that has its own calculator. If you’re wondering how to breed, these tools can be extremely useful.

Palworld Breeding Guide FAQs

How do you breed Pals together?

To breed two Pals, build a Breeding farm and place one Pal of each gender in it. Stock the farm with cake, and allow the Breeding Meter to fill. If it works, you’ll get an egg. Place the egg in an incubator and wait for it to hatch.

What types of Pals can you breed together?

You can breed together any two Pals so long as they are male and female.

Can all Pals be obtained through breeding in Palworld?

Yes, though some Pals can only be obtained by breeding two of the same Pal. For instance, you can only breed a Jetragon by breeding two Jetragons. No other combination will create this Pal.

Can you breed Lucky Pals?

Lucky Pals can be bred together and will remain Lucky.

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