How to get rid of Wanted status in Palworld – Our best methods explained

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Need to get rid of the Wanted status in Palworld? Pocketpair’s Survival RPG takes plenty of inspiration from Pokemon, but one feature that aligns more closely with its violence-fuelled streak is a wanted mechanic reminiscent of GTA.

Breaking one of the few rules in Palworld can leave your character branded a criminal by local law enforcement, and it can be a bit of a problem.

If you’re looking for more guidance on this game, we’ve got you covered on everything from the best ways to get gold to how to find High-Quality Pal Oil. Now, here’s a breakdown of the best ways you can remove the Palworld wanted status from your character if you find yourself in such a bind.

What causes the Wanted status in Palworld

There are several ways to find yourself hitting the Wanted status in Palworld:

  • Assault – Attack a friendly human NPC or a PIDF officer with witnesses around.
  • Tresspassing – Enter a restricted area and get spotted by a PIDF officer. This doesn’t stack up your Wanted tally like Assault ranks though.

How to remove the Wanted status in Palworld

The best way to get rid of Wanted in Palworld is to either die or run away. There is currently no other way to settle your debt to society if you commit a crime in front of someone. Those might sound like pretty pessimistic options, but they’re actually fairly practical.

This will show up as a ‘Wanted’ or ‘Criminal Activity Underway’ status on your screen in Palworld. Let’s dive in a bit deeper.

How to remove Palworld Wanted status: A player is chased by PDIF guards
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Why Dying to avoid a Wanted status in Palworld isn’t as bad as it sounds

If you end up being Wanted in Palworld, death is usually your fastest option to remove it. As soon as you are dead, pursuing NPCs will break off their chase, and you’ll only need to wait a few moments to respawn. The dedicated police force will take away the bounty as well.

When you do, an icon on the map and a bright pillar of light will indicate your grave site, where your backpack containing all the belongings you had on you will be found. This method is simple and quick, although it can be a bit of a nuisance if you are a far distance from your base or any fast travel points.

In your Palworld world settings, you can also choose to switch off the drop items on death settings. This will let you die in the game without really worrying about your inventory.

How to remove Palworld Wanted status: A death marker icon on the map.
A cross on the map shows your grave. (Image by VideoGamer)

Why running away is the best method for getting rid of a Palworld Wanted status

Your second option is to simply flee the area where you committed the crime. You’ll need to find somewhere secluded to hide out ideally – a cave or desolate mountaintop might work. Or you could try taking out officers and other witnesses with high-level Pals. But that’s a chore. Alternatively, you can simply travel far from the area, and your enemies should eventually give up the pursuit.

Taking advantage of the flawed AI is an option too. Cliffs to change elevation or moving across bodies of water will do the trick. Staying out of sight from PIDF guards and witnesses of your initial crime might not be simple but it can lower or erase your Wanted status.

The obvious downside to this one is that you may end up further from where you started than you like. You’ll need to take shelter from the PIDF (Palpagos Island Defense Force), which could push you away from your original destination. Escaping the scene of the crime isn’t enough. You’ll have PIDF units on your tail, local NPCs who will raise your bounty if you try to fight them with Pals.

Which option to ditch the Palworld Wanted status is really the best

Ultimately, though we’d argue fleeing tends to be less of a hassle, it’s really situational when it comes to the best option for getting rid of Wanted. In some cases, your surroundings might make it fairly easy to escape and hide, in others, the distance to your base and other factors could make dying the quicker and easier option. Dropping your valuables can be a pain though. And jumping down cliffs is risky without the right Pals.

How to remove Palworld Wanted status: A player dies.
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What is the Wanted status in Palworld?

The Wanted status is a state of local hostility you’ll be placed into for breaking local laws in Palworld. Typically this occurs if you attack neutral or friendly NPCs, or kill a pet Pal. If this happens, a group of PIDF guards will descend and attack you until you’re dead or manage to escape. They’re pretty high level, so it’ll be extremely difficult relative to your other available options if you try to fight your way out of the situation.

Did you know?

For the Wanted status to apply, someone has to witness the crime you commit. This means if you simply kill one individual outright without being seen by others, you’ll avoid becoming Wanted.

As long as you’ve got the Wanted status in the top right of your screen, you’re in danger. Once it’s gone, however, things will return to normal.

That covers how to remove the Palworld Wanted Status. If you’ve got any more burning questions that need answering, like all Pals in Palworld, or want a general helping hand with our Palworld beginners guide, check out our other articles.

Palworld Wanted status FAQ

Does the Palworld Wanted status go away automatically?

No, as long as you are being pursued with the Wanted status, it will remain.

Can you defeat PDIF Agents in Palworld?

Yes, but it’s very difficult, especially in the early game. It also won’t necessarily free you from a Wanted status, and might actually renew it if someone witnesses the crime.

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