How to buy and sell Pals in Palworld – Get rid of your Pals easily

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Looking to buy and sell Pals in Palworld? We’ve got all the information on Pal merchants and Black Marketeers right here.

Pocketpair’s monster collection and base-building game lets you capture creatures called Pals scattered across its open world. But what if you want to clear your Palbox after banking all that bonus XP from capturing them? Don’t worry, you don’t have to use the Meat Cleaver.

Be sure that they’re not the best mining pals in Palworld unless you’ve got enough of them. And if you’re on Nintendo’s turf, check if Palworld is coming to Switch as well.

How to buy and sell Pals in Palworld

Find a Pal Merchant in Palworld to buy and sell pals. Look for the characters dressed in dark blue. The red Wandering Merchants that spawn at random and show up at your base sometimes won’t deal in Pals. In addition to earning a good amount of money, you can clear your Palbox this way to make space for more Pals. Once you find a merchant, simply select the sell option and you will have the chance to sell some of your Pals to this NPC.

Note that these regular merchants only accept regular Pals. They won’t accept contraband Pals if you decide to adopt the Team Rocket approach of stealing them. But there is a merchant who will: the Black Marketeer.

An image of the sell screen for Pals in Palworld. Image captured by VideoGamer.
An image of the sell screen for Pals in Palworld. Image captured by VideoGamer.

All Pal Merchant locations in Palworld

Here are all the Pal Merchant locations in Palworld:

  • You can find one at the Small Settlement, which is on the southwest of the Rayne Syndicate Tower, home of Zoe and Grizzbolt. 
  • There’s another Pal Merchant in the Duneshelter locale present in the far north Sand Dunes region. Look to the left side of the marketplace to spot them.
  • Check out other settlements for Pal Merchants too like Fisherman’s Point, found at the southern shore of the Obsidian Mountain.

Pals available for purchase from Pal Merchants in Palworld

You’ll certainly find a better variety just by exploring the massive world of Palworld. But that doesn’t mean that it’s viable to just get Pals from Pal Merchants. Here’s a list of Pals you can buy in Palworld:

  • Mozzarina – 6,681 Gold
  • Chikipi – 2,550 Gold
  • Foxparks – 2,184 Gold
  • Pengullet – 2,916 Gold
  • Lamball – 2,250 Gold

Some merchants will also sell Pals such as Vixy, Mau, Woolipop, and more. These vendors are one of the easier ways to get rarer Pals in the game as well.

An image of the item list for Pals in Palworld. Image captured by VideoGamer.
An image of the item list for Pals in Palworld. Image captured by VideoGamer.

Where can you find the Black Marketeer in Palworld

There are five Black Marketeer spots that you can find in Palworld. Here’s a handy guide that covers the Black Marketeer locations in Palworld. You can even obtain Pals here that you’ve lost in combat. But expect a steep price. The easiest and earliest Black Marketeer you can find is in the abandoned mineshaft at the bottom of the cliff below the Desolate Church.

You can sell your contraband Pals to these Black Marketeers, Pals that you stole from other owners. In addition, you can also purchase rare Pals here. These have enhanced stats that will make exploration and survival easier in the game. Each of these Black Marketeers has different stock so check them all out. 

A steady supply of Pals

You can capture merchants in Palworld to make it easier to find items and Pals. Capturing your favorite merchant and adding them to your camp will unlock a permanent trader. You can then change their inventory at will by taking them out of your camp and putting them back in.

Can you catch Black Marketeers in Palworld?

While you can catch them, they’re either level 40 or level 50 so come prepared. If you do manage to catch a Black Marketeer, you can bring them to your base where they will continue to sell rare Pals. So keep track of the Black Marketeers in Palworld, especially once you leave the early game.

Can I sell human Pals in Palworld

Yes, both regular Pal Merchants and the Black Marketeer will accept Syndicate Thugs or any other humans you encounter. It’s among the best ways to get gold in Palworld.

How to get rid of Pals in Palworld

If you want to simply get rid of your pals in Palworld, you can permanently delete them by removing them from your inventory. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Palbox
  2. Add the Pal you want to drop to your party
  3. Open the party tab of the menu
  4. Highlight the Pal you don’t want
  5. Press the R key or press R3
A captivating screenshot from the video game Palworld showcasing an intriguing encounter with a black marketeer as players engage in the exciting activities of buying and selling pals within this immersive virtual world.
Image by VidoeGamer

Doing this will cause you to drop your Pal in its Pal Sphere. You will then see the Pal Sphere floating on the ground where you dropped it. You can now leave it there and it will disappear after a while or another player can take your Pal. Other than that, you cannot delete Pals in Palworld, you can only drop or sell them to get rid of them.

That covers how to buy and sell Pals in Palworld. If you’re just getting into the game, we have some tips and tricks for Palworld that will help you get started. We’ve also got a guide on how to catch Pals in Palworld.

Palworld buy and sell Pals FAQs

Where is the Black Marketeer in Palworld?

Check the Abandoned Mineshaft to meet them. There are other locations as well.

Will a regular Pal Merchant buy human Pals?

Yes, they will pay you in gold for them.

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