Palworld best watering Pals – 7 best water-type Pals

Palworld best watering Pals – 7 best water-type Pals
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Are you looking for the best watering Pals in Palworld? Watering is a skill that allows your Pals to work machines that require water and tend to your gardens. The greater the watering skill, the faster your mill, grinder, and other water-based structures will operate.

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Watering is one of the many work suitabilities that Pals can have in the game. The more a Pal specializes in a skill, the greater it is. Here are the best watering Pals in Palworld.

Best Pals for watering in Palworld

There are a lot of Pals that have the watering work suitability. For instance, you can get Pals like Pengullet, Suzaku Aqua, Broncherry Aqua, and more.

  1. Azurobe
  2. Relaxaurus
  3. Penking
  4. Surfent
  5. Jormuntide

Work harder

When it comes to Pals working at your base, be sure to try and get ones with the serious passive trait. This will make it so they work 20% harder. The positive thinking trait is also good to have.

Let’s break down what makes each of these Pals great at this work suitability.


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Found at one of the Wildlife Sanctuaries, Azurobe isn’t a Pal you will get right away. Instead, you will need to be around level 24. Azurobe specializes in the watering skill and has watering level three. This means it can water gardens or quickly grind materials without needing to wander off and complete other work. Azurobe is a great find if you can manage to get it.


Relaxaurus is one of the first higher-level water-type Pals you will find on your journey. This derpy-looking Pal is great for watering your plants and it also has the transporting skill, allowing it to carry items that it finds to nearby boxes. This is a great skill combination for gardening to help fill up your Pal’s food bowl.


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Penking is a jack-of-all-trades type of Pal that has level two in about half of the work suitabilities. This is great for when you need a Pal who can do pretty much anything around camp. While the main focus of this Pal will be watering, transporting, and handiwork, it can also use cooling and mining skills.


Think of Surfent as a lesser version of Azurobe. Found a little earlier in the game, Surfent is a strong Pal that is good at defending the base and specializes only in the watering work suitability. This means that you won’t see it get interrupted any time it starts watering something unless it needs to eat.


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There is no denying that Jormuntide is one of the strongest Pals in the game. This Pal can pack a punch, especially if you get the right passive traits on it. While you won’t get this Pal until late in the game, you will be happy you did. It is the only Pal with level four watering, allowing it to quickly grind items at the grinder or create flour at the mill with extreme ease.

Best water-type Pals in Palworld

There are a decent number of water-type Pals in Palworld. The following are the ones that are the strongest of them.

  1. Jormuntide
  2. Suzaku Aqua
  3. Relaxaurus
  4. Broncherry Aqua
  5. Penking
  6. Azurobe
  7. Surfent

These Pals are some of the strongest in the game, especially Jormuntide. We recommend having at least of these Pals on your team if you want to have a water-type Pal.

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Palworld best watering Pals – FAQ

What is the watering work suitability in Palworld?

The watering work suitability allows Pals to operate machines like the mill and the grinder. It also allows them to water plants.

What Pal has the best watering skill in Palworld?

Jormuntide is the only Pal in the game that has level four watering, making it the best at using the work skill.