How many bases can you have in Palworld? Max bases and max number of bases explored

How many bases can you have in Palworld? Max bases and max number of bases explored
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How many bases can you have in Palworld? Palworld is a strange marriage between survival games and a Pokemon-esque “catch ’em all” genre. As with any survival game, you can and will build a base as you make your way through all the game has to offer a Palworld player.

The more you progress through levels and gain experience, you will be able to build a base using up the resources you gather. Whether you want a single base or a massive empire of them, you can make this dream a reality eventually.

There are some roadblocks to the base building, so we want to make you aware of them before you plan your aggressive expansion into the world. For more Palworld, read up on the full Paldeck bestiary and where to find Wheat Seeds. Now, how many Pal bases can you have?

Build a base in Palworld: Our character stands in front of the Palbox.
Our character stands in front of the Palbox. (Image taken by Videogamer)

Palworld: How many bases are allowed?

You can have three main bases, called primary bases, in Palworld. You will make your first base as part of the mini tutorial and intro to the game, the second base unlocks when you get your first base’s level to 10, and the third and final base unlocks when you level your Palbox to 15.

Palworld has a rigid definition of what constitutes a primary base, and this is where Palboxes come in. Palworld requires you to build a Palbox through the build menu to officially register an area as a ‘base’, and having a Palbox down will allow it to be used as a fast-travel point.

To begin with, you will only be able to place one Palbox down at any given time to make a new base until you unlock a second and third Palbox. Once you have levelled up a Palbox to level 10, you are rewarded with the ability to place a second Palbox. For simplicity’s sake, use the table we’ve made as a way to check the tiers and how to get your three main bases.

Base LevelMax Bases You Can Build
Palbox Level 1One
Palbox Level 10Two
Palbox Level 15Three

If you want, you can place any structure and object you want to build almost anywhere in the world. In this sense, you can have several secondary bases that simply do not have a Palbox placed near the area you want to claim. Having a first Palbox is what will officially register that area as a base, and you will be able to fast travel to it and place your Pals to help work around the camp.

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Why is having a Palbox base better?

When you have a base that is registered by a Palbox, you can assign your Pals to work on it. This gives you passive benefits and they will help build and gather things around the camp independently.

Upon reaching Base Level 15, you will be able to have three bases total. Spread them around the whole of Palpagos and try to designate a different function for each base to maximize passive resources from whatever you have produced in your Palworld bases. To this end, you will need to focus on which Pals are best for each situation.

While having secondary bases is nice, you should stick with having primary bases only. This is because structures and items that are not within the area of a base with a Palbox will deteriorate over time. Because of this, you can build a structure and then notice that it is gone a few days later. It is better to keep everything within the confines of a primary base.

How to build another base in Palworld

Palbox level options to build another base
The Palbox level screen in Palworld (image taken by Videogamer)

To build a second or third base and place down more Palboxs, you will need to reach Base Levels 10 and 15. To do this, you will need to fulfil small quests and gain levels by turning them in at the Palbox. Once your Palbox reaches level 10, you will be able to place a second Palbox and create an official second base.

The second Palbox you put down will begin at level 10 instead of one, which means you will have a fully-functioning base as standard and you won’t need to level it up again. Getting either of these Palbox bases to level 15 will unlock the third base option. No matter what you want to start producing in your bases with assembly lines or just material gathering, your bases should run like well-oiled machines.

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Build your other non-Palbox bases near Fast Travel points

If you want to have small areas you consider bases, but they don’t have a Palbox, you should consider building a small base near a Fast Travel point. Bases with Palboxes have fast travel, but a shack you make in the woods won’t have a way to fast travel to.

Can you move bases in Palworld?

Yes, you can dismantle and move your deployed Palbox at any time, letting you pick up sticks and start fresh. To do this, simply open your map and hover over the icon for your base. You will see an option to ‘Dismantle the base’ if you press the V key. When you do this, you will be prompted once if you want to confirm the action. If you remove your Palbox and place it somewhere else, it will also retain its level.

This option is a consideration for those who may have picked a weird spot when making your first base. When this happens, all the Pals you had deployed at the base will moved to your new Palbox, so don’t worry about removing your Pals or losing them when doing this. That said, the warning tells you that some objects can only be built near a Palbox, and if you have any these will be destroyed.

Best Palworld base locations

There are five really strong base locations in Palworld right now. The first is the Islandhopper Coast. This is a very low location which is great for building. It’s hard to build on high ground, and this is an ideal spot. The second good location is Cinnamoth Forest. This spot is near a lot of valuable resources. It also has strong Pals and ores nearby, which is a proximity you can’t beat.

Image by VideoGamer

Another very good base location in Palworld is the desert to the northeast of Investigator’s Fork. It is really useful for both coal and sulfur. The heat is a downside here, though. Near the Ravine entrance is another good spot. It’s central and there are good resources nearby. Finally, Deep Bamboo Thicket is one of the most scenic spots to build a base in Palworld. It also has pretty solid Pals and resources nearby, so it’s not just good for its beauty.

That’s all you need to know about how many bases you can have in Palworld. For more, read our other Palworld guides covering Palworld multiplayer and how to get Leather from Pals. The game is available on Xbox and PC right now.

How many bases can you have in Palworld FAQs

Can I build a base without a Palbox?

Technically yes, but it will not be a ‘registered base’ with a fast travel point. Palboxes are required to officially list an area as a base.

Can you move a Palbox?

You can, but you first have to destroy the Palbox you want to move. Once you dismantle it, you can place it again in a different location.

What is the Palworld max number of bases?

You can only have three bases in Palworld at most.

Can you have Palworld multiple bases?

Yes, you can have multiple bases in Palworld.