Palworld best weapons tier list – what weapons should you use?

Palworld best weapons tier list – what weapons should you use?
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Are you looking for a best weapons tier list for Palworld? Are you wondering what weapons you should be using to hunt down Pals and take down threats? Like it or not, weapons are a big part of Palworld and you will want to have the best of them in your inventory.

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When things get dicey, you will be happy you have a weapon on you. Here are the best weapons weapons in Palworld and your best weapons tier list.

Palworld weapons tier list

SAssault Rifle, Sword, Pump Action Shotgun
AStun Baton, Rocket Launcher, Double Barrel Shotgun, Handgun
BBolt Action Rifle, Crossbow (Normal, Fire, Poison),
COld Bow (normal, fire, poison), Musket, Metal Spear, Bat
DMeat Cleaver, Stone Spear, Wooden Club
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S-Tier Weapons explained

The S-Tier weapons are the best of the bunch. These include the Assault Rifle, Sword, and Pump Action Shotgun. These weapons hold their own while out on the battlefield. If you have an assembly line going and can get a lot of ammo, the assault rifle should be your go-to weapon. After that, the shotgun will help tear enemies to shreds. Finally, for close-up action, the sword is a strong weapon with good durability.

A-Tier Weapons explained

In the A-Tier we have the Stun Baton, Rocket Launcher, Double Barrel Shotgun, and Handgun. The handgun is a staple weapon that you get relatively early on. The stun baton is the same but it allows you to stun Pals, making them easier to catch. The double barrel shotgun and the rocket launcher are both strong weapons with great damage. The issue with these is the reload time and the ammo capacity.

Use Status Effects

Status effects are a useful tool to use against Pals. Inflicted an opposing Pal with a status effect allows you to catch the Pal more easily and lets you waste less Pal Spheres in the catching process.

B-Tier Weapons explained

The B-Tier has the bolt action rifle (single-shot rifle) and the crossbow. Both of these weapons are strong but will ultimately fail you a bit when it comes to reloading speed, making it more difficult to dodge attacks and handle your weapon. Fights with these weapons tend to rely more on your Pal than your own weaponry.

C-Tier Weapons explained

The C-Tier weapons include the old bow, bat, metal spear, and musket. The bat and the metal spear are both weapons you will grow out of quickly. We used each of them maybe once before exchanging them for something else. The musket, while very powerful when you unlock it, is ultimately a disappointment thanks to its abysmal reload speed. Finally, the old bow is quickly replaced by its stronger variants of fire and poison. Even those are quickly replaced by the crossbow if you level up fast enough.

D-Tier Weapons explained

The final tier, the D-Tier, includes the stone spear, meat cleaver, and wooden club. Each of these weapons is barely used and will probably get ignored. The only weapon in this bunch with potential is teh meat cleaver and that is because you can use it to hack apart your own Pals for extra food. The close range is great at first against Pals with few attacks but more difficult Pals will quickly end you if you use a close-range weapon like these.

Those are the best weapons in Palworld. Now that you know what weapons you should be aiming for, be sure to check out the best technology to spend your technology points on. You can also check out the best flying and ground Pals in Palworld.

Palworld weapons tier list – FAQ

Is the musket a good weapon in Palworld?

The musket is an okay weapon that has good range and high damage. The tradeoff is a lackluster reload speed that leaves you very vulnerable.

What is the cleaver used for in Palworld?

The cleaver is a very short-range weapon that is best used for hacking apart Pals to get extra meat for cooking.