Best Mining Pals in Palworld – The best mining Pal to have on your team and at your base

Best Mining Pals in Palworld – The best mining Pal to have on your team and at your base
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Are you wondering about the best mining Pals in Palworld? Around camp, you need to gather materials so that you can craft items needed for survival. Luckily, you have your trusty Pals who can help you out by gathering these items for you.

There are plenty of Pals to catch in Palworld. If you want to collect items like ore and stone, you will need ones that are good at mining. Mining is a useful skill for your Pals if you want to focus solely on getting Stone and Ore from nearby veins.

If you are looking for the best mining Pals, you should know how to catch Pals in Palworld. You might also want to know how to breed Pals and hatch eggs in Palworld. Now, here are the best Mining Pals in Palworld.

Who are the Best Miners in Palworld?

Our top choice for the best Mining Pal is Dumud, by a long shot. Several Pals are good at mining, and it is a useful skill to have Pals help out with on your base. This work suitability skill is very much needed around camp since it is one of the main ways you can passively collect Stone and Ore while you’re off galavanting. These Pals are our picks for the best Mining Pals:

  1. Dumud
  2. Reptyro & Ice Reptyro
  3. Digtoise
  4. Penking
  5. Mammorest
  6. Tombat
  7. Anubis

These Pals are great at the job and can get it done quickly. Rushoar, Reptyro, Menasting, Lovander, Depresso, Incineram Noct, Maraith and others are strong mining Pals as well. Let’s break down what makes them great and where you can find them.

Exploring Best Pal for Mining in Palworld


A screen shot featuring the best mining pal, a fish.
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  • Element: Ground
  • Partner Skill: Soil Improver
  • Work Suitability: Transporting Lv 1, Watering Lv 1, Mining Lv 2

Dumud has a mining skill of two meaning it can gather items from rocks very quickly compared to early-game Pals. Unfortunately, you need to travel a bit to get this Pal. You will find Dumud in the northern desert section of the map which is to the east of the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant.

You will find plenty of Dumud around this area along with one other great miner on our list. We have a guide on how to catch Dumud containing more information, so make sure you give it a read.

Reptyro & Ice Reptyro

  • Type: Fire and Ground or Ice and Ground
  • Partner Skill: Ore-loving beast or Ice-loving beast
  • Work Suitability: Both have mining level 3 and either kindling or cooling level 3

Both versions of Reptyro are very powerful Pals that deserve to be on the Pal tier list. Along with that, they both have mining level 3, allowing them to break apart ore, coal, or sulfur quickly. Both of these Pals also increase your efficiency of mining ores while you are using them as a mount.


A screenshot of the character in a game, alongside their trusted mining pals.
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  • Element: Ground
  • Partner Skill: Drill Crusher
  • Work Suitability: Mining Lv 3

Digtoise, the Palworld turtle, is the best Pal when it comes to digging and mining. This is because it is the only Pal with a mining trait at level three. This turtle-like Pal can rip through rock thanks to its many spikes, getting you tons of stone and ore in return. Like Dumud, you will find Digtoise in the northern desert section of the map near the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant.

Ore Farming

You can farm ore using Digtoise by collecting multiple of this Pal and releasing them near piles of ore. Doing this can get you a massive amount of ore in a short period of time.


A screenshot of a character in a game, accompanied by their best mining pals.
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  • Element: Water, Ice
  • Partner Skill: Brave Sailor
  • Work Suitability: Watering Lv 2, Handiwork Lv 2, Mining Lv 2, Cooling Lv 2, Transporting Lv 2

Penking is a water and ice-type Pal that is very strong and has a mining skill of two. You can obtain Penking from the Sealed Realm of the Frozen Wings dungeon. This dungeon can be completed multiple times to get multiple of this Pal. This is also a good way to get experience and level up. Penking is slightly better than other Pals on the list because it comes with many other skills that help around camp.


  • Element: Grass
  • Partner Skill: Gaia Crusher
  • Work Suitability: Planting Lv 2, Lumbering Lv 2, Mining Lv 2

Mammorest is a powerful mid-game Pal that you will find around levels 25 to 35. It is a massive beast that can easily help you destroy ore. Its skill, Gaia Crusher, allows you to destroy ore incredibly fast with a single move. Like most great Pals, however, you will need to wait a bit to catch Mammorest.


A screenshot of a character in a game with their best mining pal.
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  • Element: Dark
  • Partner Skill: Ultrasonic Sensor
  • Work Suitability: Gathering Lv 2, Mining Lv 2, Transporting Lv 2

The final Pal on the list is Tombat. This Pal can be found at night early on in the game. You might spot a couple of this Pal flying around. Thanks to this Pal being able to be caught early on, you can start farming for stone and ore quickly. Tombat also comes with gathering and transporting skills, giving it a wider range of skills than other Pals.


A screenshot of the best mining pals in a game.
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Anubis is a very late-game Pal that you can get earlier in the game through breeding. This Pal is great to have around your camp thanks to its level three mining skill and its level four handiwork skill. When it isn’t busy getting you a lot of ore and stone, you can use this pal to craft some high-quality items.

While these might be the best, that doesn’t mean others can’t be useful too. Pals like Astegon, Anubis, Cattiva, Quivern and Mammorest can all do a great job at mining as well, so don’t look past them. Basically, if they have at least a Level 2 Mining work suitability, they’ll be good to go. This Pal is arguably the best miner Palworld has available.

Who are the best ground-type Pals in Palworld?

In terms of strength, the following ground-type Pals are the strongest in Palworld:

  1. Anubis
  2. Menasting
  3. Robinquill Terra
  4. Warsect
  5. Ice Reptyro
  6. Digtoise
  7. Eikthyrdeer Terra

Each of these Pals is very strong and, if you want a ground-type Pal on your team, should be added to the party as soon as possible. Anubis is one of the strongest Pals in the game and Menasting is up there with being a ground/dark-type Pal.

What is mining used for in Palworld?

Mining is mainly used to find Ore deposits, a resource that can be processed into Ingots once you have the Primitive Furnace unlocked, which can then be used to craft new items like weapons. Ores can be found by having you and your Pals mine in areas like the Stone Pits. It’s also the best way to consistently find Paldium Fragments with the best miner Palworld has.

That’s what you need to know about the best mining Pals Palworld has to offer, but be sure to check out our other coverage for the Steam and Xbox Game Pass game! That includes a major milestone, how to earn money, and a dark secret about Pals!

Palworld best mining Pals – FAQ

Why is my Pal not mining?

If your Palworld Pal’s not mining ore, it may be because their mining level is not high enough. Your Pal needs a mining level of 2 to mine ores.

What is the mining skill in Palworld?

The mining skill allows Pals to break apart rocks to get resources like Coal, Sulfur, Ore, and Stone.

How do you check what camp skills a Pal has in Palworld?

You can see what camp skills a Pal has by going to its summary page. The camp skills are highlighted under the work suitability section.