Palworld How to get and farm ore – 5 best locations to harvest with the best Pals

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Palworld Ore is one if not the most important resources you’ll need to thrive and sooner or later you’ll want to farm it. It’s a crucial part in many crafting recipes, namely ingots, which are used to make advanced gear like guns and assembly lines, and is also needed to repair weapons, armour, and tools. Though it’s more readily available than Sulfur and Coal, Ore deposits aren’t as prevalent in the Palapagos Islands as Stone, which is found everywhere.

But, know where to look and you’ll find clusters of Ore deposits that respawn around which you can build a base around to set up an efficient mining operation and never run out of ingots. Here’s how many bases you can build in Palworld. And here are the best Pals for your base in Palworld.

We’ll walk you through the best way to farm Ore in Palworld and share all the best Ore locations we’ve found so far. Some of these are near cliffs or require a flying mount, but they are the best spots to get ore veins and start farming away!

How to get Ore in Palworld

To farm Ore, walk up to a deposit and punch it. After several hits, you’ll receive Ore. Ore deposits have a distinctive red and brown colour and you’ll find several on the hillside in the starting area. Ore is heavy so make sure you have a near-enough empty inventory before mining so that you can carry as much as possible. Having a Pal like Cattiva (there are plenty to catch in the starting area) in your party when mining will also boost your carry capacity.

Mining with your fists is the least efficient way to get Ore, though, and to speed up gathering, use a Pickaxe to mine Ore, which you can craft early on at a Primitive Workbench. The starting Stone Pickaxe does the job, but you’ll want to graduate to a Metal Pickaxe (made at a High Quality Workbench) as soon as possible to speed up the process.

Aside from the Pickaxe, you can also farm Ore using specific Pals that have the mining skill. These Pals will automatically get to work mining any Ore deposits within the perimeter of your base and deposit it into the closest storage chest. More on the best Pals for mining Ore later on. 

Optimal Ore farm checklist in Palworld

Use this checklist to ensure that you have the perfect Ore farm in Palworld:

  • Start off with a Pal Box and keep a Storage Chest handy.
  • Create a few Berry Plantations and a Feed Box for your Pals. Add Hot Springs to maintain the Sanity of your Pals. Some of the best passive skills in Palworld let you enhance this stat.
  • Add Pal Beds based on the number of Pals. Produce food with a Pal that’s good at Planting and Harvesting. A Pal with Watering can help too.
  • Boost your mining speed with a Pickaxe and Helmet. Get a Furnace to refine Ingots.
  • Upgrade the Plantations as your base expands.
  • If you use an Electric Furnace, I’d advise opting for a Power Generator and a Cooler/Heater.

Best Ore farming locations in Palworld

In Palworld, there are several areas across the map where Ore deposits spawn in clusters. After playing through the game for several hours, we found a lot of locations to have an ore farm or to mine it. Here are five of the best Palworld Ore farm locations we’ve found:

Palworld farm Ore: farming location on map.
Captured by VideoGamer

Desolate Church

  • Coordinates: 70, -404
Palworld flying mount flying around the world.
Captured by VideoGamer

Behind the Desolate Church, which is northwest of the starting area, is a large cluster of Ore Deposits. You don’t necessarily need to set up a base for this one because of its proximity to the fast travel point. You could conceivably fill up your inventory with Ore, travel back to your base to deposit it, then head back for successive runs. The area around the cluster is relatively flat, but there isn’t all that much space to establish a functional base.

Palworld map showcasing key locations.
Captured by VideoGamer

Fort Ruins and Chillet Alpha Pal

  • Coordinates: 156, -394
Palworld flying mount flying around.
Captured by VideoGamer

There’s a cluster of Ore deposits perched a rock formation west of the Fort Ruins fast travel statue and northwest of the Chillet Alpha Pal boss. Again, this one isn’t too far from the starting area so is easy enough to find even in the early game. The rock formation makes a perfect place for a mining base mainly because it forms a natural defence against raids and pesky wild Pals.

Palworld map section.
Captured by VideoGamer

Small Settlement

  • Coordinates: 8, -528
Palworld player standing amongst ore.
Captured by VideoGamer

Located southwest of the Small Settlement fast travel statue and southeast of the Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster, one of the best Palworld ore farm spots offers ample flat space to build a base. Once you’ve unlocked a flying Pal, it’s also easily accessible from the starting area. Next to the Ore deposits is another flat area a little higher up the hill that you could easily expand into with some clever Palbox placement between the two.

Palworld farm Ore: farming location on map.
Captured by VideoGamer

Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon

  • Coordinates: -256, -358
Palworld farm ore: An image of the player flying over ore in the game.
Captured by VideoGamer

Just west of the Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon fast travel statue and the Relaxaurus Lux Alpha Pal is a relatively large plateau perched on top of a mountain with plenty of clustered Ore deposits. Natural defences, a fast travel spot nearby, and lots of space to build – it’s an ideal spot other than it’s quite a trek from the starting island.

Palworld farm Ore: farming location on map.
Captured by VideoGamer

Investigator’s Fork

  • Coordinates: -257, -211
Palworld farm Ore: An image of a player flying with a mount over ore.
Captured by VideoGamer

Near the top of the large hill to the west of Investigator’s Fork you’ll find a decently-sized Ore deposit cluster. Annoyingly, it’s not on flat ground so setting up a reliable base here is tricky. Much like the Desolate Church spot, this is best as a quick in-and-out farming spot due to it being near a fast travel spot. No need for a permanent base.

Best Ore mining Pals and where to find them in Palworld

As mentioned above, drafting in Pals with the mining skill is the best way to farm Ore in Palworld once you’ve found and chosen a farming spot. Not all Pals are alike though and only certain ones are well-suited to mining Ore.

The best mining pals are good with multiple resources

This means that you can use them for other resources like Coal and Stone as well in Palworld.

Overall, you want to aim for Pals with the highest mining skill level possible. Level 2 mining skill and above provides the best results. We’ve got a detailed guide that covers the best mining Pals in Palworld. Here are our top picks for Ore in particular:

  • Digtoise – With a mining level 3 but not much else going for it, look for this spined turtle in the Twilight Dunes region. Great for the early game.
  • Tombat – Look for this one at night near the starting zones. Its Level 2 Mining, Transporting, and Gathering will come in handy. Great for the early game.
  • Penking – This penguin’s Alpha Pal variant has Level 2 Mining, Handiwork, Transporting, Watering, and Cooling. Pick them up at the autumn-like area north of Rayne Syndicate Tower, home of Zoe and Grizzbolt. Mine deposits, get Ore to storage, and water crops effectively with this pick.
  • Anubis – The Level 47 Alpha Pal variant of Anubis in the Twilight Dunes area has Level 3 Mining, Level 4 Handiwork, and Level 2 Transporting. They’re well worth the fight in the late game.
  • Reptyro – With Level 3 Mining and Kindling, finding this Pal in volcanic areas should be on your bucket list. Smelt Ore into ingots at a furnace more effectively thanks to its special skills in the late game.
  • Blazamut – Level 4 Mining and Level 3 Kindling sounds like a dream but tackling a Level 49 Pal is no small ask. Look for it near volcanic areas as well. They’re worth the capture, by any means necessary in the late game.

Remember to have planting and gathering Pals ready to assist these Pals as well. Verdash and Lyleen are good options. That covers how to farm Ore and Palworld ore farm locations. For help thriving in the archipelago, check out our Palworld beginner’s guide, the best passive skills, the fastest flying mounts, how to get Gunpowder, how to cook, and the full Palworld Paldeck list to help track down the best mining Pals to keep you stocked in Ore.

Palworld ore farm locations FAQs

How to get Ore more effectively in Palworld?

Use the right mining Pals for the job and pick the best locations to get more Ore.

Do you need a tool to collect Ore in Palworld?

While you can break Ore deposits with your fists, using a pickaxe makes the job simpler.

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