How to get gunpowder in Palworld – Charcoal and Sulfur farm for quick use in ammo

How to get gunpowder in Palworld – Charcoal and Sulfur farm for quick use in ammo
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Struggling to figure out how to get gunpowder in Palworld? One of the main appeals of the hit definitely-not-Pokemon survival crafting game other than catching a stacked roster of critters is the ability to run around gunning down even more Pals with weapons. But, unlocking guns isn’t immediately available and once they are available firing the first shot takes some grinding, namely producing gunpowder.

We’ll explain how to get gunpowder in Palworld. For more help staying alive in Pocket Pair’s new archipelago, check out our Palworld beginner’s guide, where to find Wheat Seeds and Wheat to make bread, and how to duplicate to get infinite resources.

How to get gunpowder in Palworld: gunpowder in the Technology tab.
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How to craft gunpowder in Palworld

If you need gunpowder, you have to craft it. To craft gunpowder in Palworld, you’ll need to reach level 21 and from there unlock the recipe in Technology tab at a cost of 1 Technology Point. It’s on the 21st row. Once you have the recipe, you’ll need x2 Charcoal and x1 Sulfur to craft gunpowder at a High Quality Workbench (level 11 in the Technology tab).

How to get gunpowder in Palworld: gunpowder at the high quality workbench.
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Tocotoco Pals drop gunpowder, but their relative rarity out in the wild means this isn’t an efficient way to get gunpowder. At this point, it’s also worth unlocking the Musket and Coarse Ammo (both level 21 in Technology) – the first gun and ammo pairing you’ll have access to in Palworld – and the Weapon Workbench to craft guns.

How to get gunpowder in Palworld: charcoal at the furnace.
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How to get Charcoal in Palworld

Charcoal is easy to come by – x2 Wood in the Primitive Furnace (recipe available at level 10). The best way to farm Charcoal is to have a Logging Site and Lumbering Pal to produce wood, then a Kindling Pal to man the Furnace and produce a steady flow of Charcoal.

How to get gunpowder in Palworld: sulfur deposit in a dungeon.
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How to get Sulfur in Palworld

Sulfur is harder to come by. The best way we’ve come across to farm Sulfur is in dungeons, where you’ll find large Sulfur deposits (similar to standard stone or ore rocks, but with a yellow tint). If you’re near the starting area, there’s a dungeon down on the beach to the northwest. Check the image below for the specific locations. 

How to get gunpowder in Palworld: location of a dungeon on the map.
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For every dungeon, and assuming you’ve sunk a few stat points into carry weight, you can conceivably farm anywhere between 50 and 100 Sulfur per run, though you’ll have to factor in respawn times into that. Later in the game, areas like Mount Obsidian and the Desiccated Desert spawn Sulfur deposits out in the open, but for the early game these are a bit too far to farm with any consistency, not to speak of the dangers you’ll have to face in both those areas.

All of this can come in handy when you’re trying to shoot shotgun shells, assault rifle ammo, handgun ammo, rocket ammo, and more for your firearms. For this reason, keep a steady stock of Sulfur and Charcoal and you’ll have all the gunpowder you need to fuel your advanced weapons in ammunition and take on bosses in Palworld. We also have guides covering how to get a Statue of Power, how to cook in Palworld, and how to butcher Pals if you fancy going down that route.