Palworld how to get Cloth and High Quality Cloth – farming method and recipes

Palworld how to get Cloth and High Quality Cloth – farming method and recipes
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Need to know how to get Cloth in Palworld? There are plenty of materials you’re going to want to keep on hand while you explore and survive in Palpagos, and Cloth is especially important to keep clothes on your back.

Palworld lets you craft and survive alongside your Pals, creatures with special abilities. There are tons of materials you need to craft, from getting Wood and Stone to more complicated items like Pal Spheres. All of it is essential to staying alive in Palworld. Cloth is another material you’re going to want a lot of. How do you get Cloth? How do you farm it? We’re here to tell you how.

How to get Cloth in Palworld

Cloth can be crafted at level 3 using two pieces of Wool at a workbench in Palworld. You need to unlock the item using Technology Points in the Technology tab. It’s in the third tier of the Technology tree, well before the Cloth Outfit recipe (the fourth tier of the Technology tree).

Once it’s available to you, you can craft it at any workbench provided you have enough Wool. This includes the Primitive Workbench, which is available at any level.

Wool can come from a variety of Pals, however the easiest to catch is a Lamball. You can also get Wool from Cremis and Melpaca. Defeat the Pal and they’ll drop Wool, or you can capture them to get the material. Here’s a list of Pals that can drop Wool in Palworld:

  • Cremis
  • Ice Kingpaca
  • Kingpaca
  • Lamball
  • Melpaca
  • Swee
  • Sweepa

We recommend catching them instead of killing them so you can put them in a Ranch.

How to get High Quality Cloth in Palworld

The much nicer version of Cloth, High Quality Cloth, can be crafted similarly to normal Cloth. However, you’ll need to use a High Quality Workbench, Production Assembly Line, or Production Assembly Line II instead of just any workbench. You will need to have 10 Wool instead of just two, as well.

The Pal Sibelyx also drops High Quality Cloth. You can assign it to a Ranch for a steady supply.

A player building a Ranch in Palworld
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Best way to farm Cloth in Palworld

The best way to farm Cloth in Palworld is to build a Ranch to automate getting Wool. This will allow you to constantly be gathering Wool without having to fight any Pals. The Ranch unlocks at level 5 and can be built using the following materials:

  • 50 Wood
  • 20 Stone
  • 30 Fiber

You can place the Ranch anywhere on your base and throw either a Lamball, Cremis, or Melpaca in it to automate the Wool process. This will give you tons of Wool to craft as much Cloth as you want.


Make sure you have Pals on your base with the Transport work suitability. These Pals will take any Wool produced from the Ranch and place it directly in a storage container for you.

What is Cloth used for in Palworld

There are tons of Technologies to craft that use Cloth as one of the main materials. The most notable are:

Antique Bath Set20 Stone, 1 Ingot, 1 Cloth
Antique Couch Set1 Flame Organ, 10 Wood, 2 Cloth
Egg Incubator30 Stone, 10 Paldium Fragment, 5 Cloth, 2 Ancient Civilization Parts
Normal Parachute10 Wood, 2 Cloth
Fluffy Pal Bed30 Wood, 10 Cloth, 5 Nail, 10 Fiber
Cloth Outfit2 Cloth
Cold Resistant Metal Armor8 Ice Organ, 13 Leather, 40 Ingots, 8 Cloth
Heat Resistant Metal Armor8 Flame Organ, 13 Leather, 40 Ingots, 8 Cloth
Tundra Outfit2 Ice Organ, 3 Cloth
Tropical Outfit2 Flame Organ, 3 Cloth

What is High Quality Cloth used for in Palworld

Just like pieces of cloth, its better variant is used to create top-notch armor in Palworld. High Quality Cloth is used to make the following items in Palworld:

  • Lily’s Spear
  • Cold Resistant Pal Metal Armor
  • Cold Resistant Refined Metal Armor
  • Heat Resistant Pal Metal Armor
  • Heat Resistant Refined Metal Armor
  • Pal Metal Armor
  • Refined Metal Armor

That’s everything you need to know about getting and farming Cloth in Palworld. It’ll help you with your base building efforts and outfits like the Make sure to check out how to level up fast if you need more Technology Points, and how to butcher Pals if you need more materials that they drop.

Palworld Cloth farming FAQs

How do you make Cloth in Palworld?

Cloth can be crafted at any workbench using two pieces of Wool.

What’s the best way to farm Cloth?

You can farm Cloth by building a Ranch on your base to get tons of Wool. Once you’ve built the Ranch, throw a Lamball, Cremis, or Melpaca into the ranch to get tons of Wool.