Palworld how to get Warsect – Warsect location and item drops

Palworld how to get Warsect – Warsect location and item drops
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Are you wondering how to get Warsect in Palworld? This powerful grass and ground-type Pal is a must-have for your team. Unfortunately, you won’t be getting your hands on this Pal right away. Instead, you will need to go on the hunt.

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Where does Warsect spawn in Palworld?

Warsect spawns in two locations around the map. First, you can find this Pal by traveling to Wildlife Sanctuary 2 in the northeast of the map.

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This area is also filled with other strong Pals for you to capture so be careful when you travel here.

Illegal area

Traveling to Wildlife Sanctuary 2 is illegal in Palworld. Becuase of this, you will need to be careful to avoid detection from the guards that patrol the area. If you get caught, the PIDF will attack you on site.

The second location where you can find Warsect is the boss dungeon near Gobfin’s Turf. The dungeon here respawns after each capture or defeat. Here, you can catch this Pal at level 30.

A screenshot of a map displaying the location to acquire the highly sought-after item "warsect" in the video game.
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Since this Pal is a ground and grass-type Pal, you will have a hard time finding a Pal that can deal a lot of damage to it. We found that Wixen was a good choice to battle this Pal in the dungeon. Be sure to bring Giga Pal Spheres as this Pal is difficult to catch without them. Hyper Pal Spheres are a better choice if you have them unlocked.

Warsect drops, partner skill, and work suitability

Let’s break down the different skills, drops, and work suitability that this Pal has. Warsect is a powerful Pal so you can expect some good stats here:

  • Partner Skill:
    • Hard Armor – When fighting together, increases the player’s defense and applies fire damage to the player’s attacks.
  • Work Suitability:
    • Planting lvl 1
    • Handiwork lvl 1
    • Lumbering lvl 3
    • Transporting lvl 3
  • Possible Drops:
    • Honey

This Pal is one of the few in the game that can drop Honey when you defeat or capture it, making it useful to capture for those who want to make food. However, Beegarde is still the best for gathering honey.

That is everything you need to know about getting Warsect. Be sure to also check out our best Pal tier list so you can create the strongest team. You can also check out the best Palworld boss tower order.

Palworld catch Warsect – FAQ

What is Warsect’s weakness in Palworld?

Warsect appears to be weakest to fire-type Pals thanks to its grass typing.

How long does the Warsect dungeon take to respawn?

The dungeon takes around one hour to respawn after you defeat or capture the boss.