How to get Sulfur in Palworld – locations and how to farm Sulfur at these 5 essential spots

How to get Sulfur in Palworld – locations and how to farm Sulfur at these 5 essential spots
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Learning about how to get Sulfur in Palworld is a must-do to progress beyond primitive weapons. Sulfur is required to produce gunpowder, and by extension ammo, which you’ll need for your own weapons and those of your Pals.

Unlike Stone and Ore, Sulfur deposits don’t spawn all that often out in the open world and tracking it down isn’t straightforward.

Below, we’ll walk you through how to get Sulfur in Palworld. We also have a guide dedicated to getting Gunpowder and for more general tips and tricks, head to our Palworld beginner’s guide.

How to farm Sulfur in Palworld: character riding a deer-like Pal in the desert biome looking at a Sulfur deposit on a large rock formation.
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How to get Sulfur in Palworld

To mine Sulfur nodes in Palworld, you’ll need a Pickaxe, ideally a Metal Pickaxe to make mining Sulfur more efficient. The best Palworld sulfur locations will let you get a good amount of this resource in no time. Sulfur has a distinctive yellow hue and is shaped like standard Ore and Stone deposits.

The Metal Pickaxe is available in the Technology tree at level 11 for one Technology Point then crafted at a High Quality Workbench using:

  • x15 Stone,
  • x20 Wood, and
  • x5 Ingots.
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Mining sulfer burns…

Remember that you will need the Heat Resistant Pelt Armor to protect yourself if you choose to mine it yourself. You’ll also need a Primitive Furnace, which can be made for 20x Wood, 50x Stone, and 3x Flame Organ to refine Sulfur.

Pals of any mining level are a must as well. Here are the best mining Pals in Palworld for the job. They’ll let you effectively harvest the material. Some Pals like Broncherry, Wumpo, and Cattiva will let you improve your carry capacity to get more sulfur since the desert doesn’t have fast travel or teleport points.

Best Sulfur locations in Palworld

Here are the top spots to find Sulfur in Palworld:

  • Sulfur deposits are found in the desert biome, specifically at coordinates -115, -137 in the Twilight Dunes, which is in the north of the archipelago. The desert near the Anubis spawn at coordinates -135, -95 near the Plateau of Beginnings is another good spot. Just be wary of mid-game Pals here. Digtoise and Dumud could even help you mine sulfur so keep an eye out for them.
  • We also found deposits in the Bamboo Groves, at coordinates -265, -138, just north of the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant fast travel spot.
  • Elsewhere, the shores around the lake (where the Jormuntide Alpha Pal spawns) just southeast of the Investigator’s Fork fast travel spot has Sulfur deposits as well.
  • Head right from the Eternal Pyre Tower Entrance fast travel point and you’ll find a good Sulfur deposit location in the Volcano biome at coordinates -496, -515.
  • An easier way to get Sulfur in the early game is in dungeons, where you’ll find plenty of deposits. Dungeons are found throughout the map, usually as cave entrances near large rock formations and rock faces. An underground dungeon in desert areas often has a lot of sulfur rocks to farm. You’ll find plenty of wild Pals too.

Is it worth building a base just for Sulfur in Palworld

Sulfur deposits are spaced too far apart for a base to be a meaningful investment. Instead, I’d suggest building one near the best Ore locations in Palworld. Short trips with Pals that enhance Carry Capacity are a better option for Sulfur harvests.

Some Pals can enhance your Carry Capacity

Use Pals like Cattiva to carry more resources if you decide to hunt for deposits like a wandering nomad before returning to one of your bases in Palworld.

Optimal Sulfur farm checklist in Palworld

How to farm Sulfur in Palworld: Sulfur deposit in a dungeon.
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If you’ve made up your mind to build a Sulfur farm, here’s how to do it in Palworld:

  • Begin with a Pal Box and keep a Storage Chest handy.
  • Create Berry Plantations and a Feed Box for your Pals. Use Hot Springs to maintain the Sanity of your Pals. Some of the best passive skills in Palworld let you enhance this stat for your Pals.
  • Add Pal Beds based on the number of Pals to keep them well-rested. Produce food with a Pal that’s good at Planting and Harvesting. A Pal with Watering can help with this as well.
  • Boost your Sulfur mining speed with a Pickaxe and Helmet.

Much like Ore, Sulfur takes a strain on your character’s inventory. It’s worth sinking a few Stat Points into carry capacity before heading out to farm. Also, it’s worth scouting out a few dungeons near your base. You can then mark them down as farming spots for future use. Fighting bosses and Syndicate members is far easier with gunpowder, making Sulfur an essential resource to gather.

That covers how to get Sulfur and the best Palworld sulfur locations. For more guides, check out how to get Ancient Civilization Parts, how to get a Statue of Power, how to find and catch Depresso pals, how to farm Pal Spheres, and the best planting Pals to farm crops.

Palworld Sulfur locations FAQs

Can I mine sulfur without heat protection in Palworld?

While you can choose to do so, it’s easier with the Heat Resistant Pelt Armor.

Do sulfur deposits respawn in Palworld?

Yes, they do respawn. Harvesting them quickly will let you optimize the process.