How to butcher Pals in Palworld – Use the meat cleaver to eat Pals

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Wondering how to butcher pals in Palworld? In a twist on the critter-gathering genre, Palworld allows players to slice up and serve their Pals as tasty dishes or to thin the herd for other Pals, while also hoovering up Pal-specific resources in the process. Need some Pal Fluids? Butcher that Pengullet watering your Berry Plantation.

It isn’t as easy as clubbing them to death though and we’ll explain how to butcher pals in Palworld below. For more help surviving the archipelago, check out our Palworld beginner’s guide, where to find Pal Fluids in Palworld, and how to get a Statue of Power in Palworld.

How to butcher pals in Palworld: Meat Cleaver in the Technology tab.
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Palworld – How to butcher pals with the Meat Cleaver

To butcher Pals in Palworld, you’ll need a Meat Cleaver. The Meat Cleaver recipe is unlocked in the Technology tab in your inventory once you reach level 12 and will cost you 2 Technology Points in your Technology Tree. 

The Meat Cleaver recipe requires x5 Ingot, x20 Wood, and x5 Stone. To craft the Meat Cleaver, interact with a Primitive Workbench, select the Meat Cleaver, how many you want to make, and tap Start Production. Hold F to craft it.

Open your inventory and assign the Meat Cleaver to one of your weapon slots. Head over to the Palbox and add the Pal you want to butcher to your party. Note that you can only butcher Pals in Palworld that you’ve already captured and that are in your party. You can also, of course, equip the Meat Cleaver and hack away at Pals in the world, but the result is the same as with any other weapon type.

How to butcher pals in Palworld: the butcher option in the Pal command dial.
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Summon the Pal then approach them and tap 4 on your keyboard or the right thumbstick on the Xbox controller to bring up the command menu. Choose the Butcher option at the top of the dial. You’ll know the butchering is in full swing when you see a pixelated zone covering the poor Pal. This is presumably to conceal the brutal horror of carving up an loyal friend. After the butchering is done, you’ll receive meat and any raw materials and resources dropped by that type of Pal (Flame Organ from Foxparks, for example). All of its loot is there.

How to butcher pals in Palworld: a character butchering a pixelated Pal.
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The Palworld butcher process is the same if you’ve got a taste for human flesh and want to butcher a human you’ve captured instead of Pals. For more traditional sources of food, check out how to cook in Palworld and where to find Wheat Seeds and Wheat to make bread in Palworld, which is on PC and Xbox presently.

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