Palworld fastest flying mount – Best Flying mount, Ground mount, and Swimming mount

Palworld fastest flying mount – Best Flying mount, Ground mount, and Swimming mount
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Want to find out about the fastest flying mount in Palworld? With so many options for your noble mount, you will notice that some let you travel a lot quicker than others. But which ones are the best? The same process can be done for any type of mount.

With a clear split between Ground, Swimming, and Flying mounts in Palworld, you should shop around and see which one you like because there can be some differences. You can get Pals with a bonus to movement speed, which is something to bear in mind, and it might make your mount faster than our picks.

For more, make sure you read our guides covering the best stats to upgrade in Palworld and how many bases you can build. Now, these are the fastest flying mounts, ground mounts, and swimming mounts in Palworld.

Palworld Flying Mount Tier List

Flying on the back of Nitewing in Palworld
Flying on the back of Nitewing in Palworld (Image taken by VideoGamer)

Before we get into each individual mount we recommend for Flying and Ground Pals, let’s take a look at where each one measures up in our tier list.

TierFlying Pal
Flying Mount Pals Tier List

Fastest Flying mount Palworld

When it comes to the fastest flying mount, the consensus is that Jetdragon is the fastest. As a level 50 boss Pal, you can imagine it will go the distance and then some. Since this Pal isn’t available until you level up and progress, you will want to find alternatives. If you have Jetragon, get yourself a saddle and start your skyward journey.

When it comes to Flying, your mounts can be a bit on the slow side. This is especially true with Nitewing, and it is almost certain that this Pal will be your first Flying early-game mount. As a mount, it is sadly fairly slow, but flying in general lets you easily travel across the world. Flying does drain Stamina, but you can game the system easily enough. These are some of the fastest flying Pals:

Flying PalPaldeck No.
Fastest flying mounts in Palworld

While Nitewing isn’t particularly special, you will most likely be stuck using it from the start of the game until you reach the next one of these Flying Pals, which is why it’s such an important Pal. If you’re extremely lucky, you could get yourself a Vanwyrm or one of its subspecies from an egg, and this is an excellent flying mount in the early to mid-game.

Once again, your Nitewing could be blessed and get a passive bonus to movement speed, and this would let your Nitewing travel at a much faster pace, to the point where it might outrank the Vanwyrm in speed. As ever, make sure you pay attention to your passive skills on your Pals and try out different mounts. Part of the fun is finding a team you want, so don’t get too caught up on the fastest or the best flying mounts.

Palworld Ground Mount tier list

Ground Mount Pals Tier List

Palworld Fastest Ground mount

A screenshot of the fastest mount in Palworld
Mounting the Eikthyrdeer in Palworld (Image taken by Videogamer)

The fastest Ground mount in Palworld is Necromus. Not only is it the fastest, but it also gives you a triple jump, making it incredible for movement. However, you won’t be able to unlock it until defeating an endgame boss and reaching Level 49. It is also considered the Palworld best ground mount.

Without Necromus, Pyrin is one of the fastest ground mounts in Palworld. With that said, the Pyrin Saddle isn’t available until you reach around level 30 so you won’t have access to it for a long time.

Due to this, there are some other excellent Ground mount options to explore, such as Direhowl, Fenglope, Rayhound, Melpaca and Eikthrydeer. Each one has its merit, but when it comes to speed it really depends on your preference between these mounts.

Direhowl has great base speed, letting you cross large distances in no time flat. However, the Eikthrydeer is an excellent choice for a couple of reasons: first, it is near the start area and very easily accessible. Second, Eikthrydeer has the ability while mounted to dash forward extremely quickly, which is great for getting somewhere in a hurry and stampeding over any small Pals in your way for an easy kill.

✓ Pro tip

Eikthrydeer might be better

To add to this extremely useful skill, you can use it to effectively launch yourself off ledges and it will carry the momentum to cross huge distances. There are also special Pals later on in the game that will outrank their speed, but for the most general usage, we would recommend these two mounts.

Outside of the Direhowl, you can use other Pals as mounts as well as others, but you won’t find them as fast as the two we’ve already mentioned, so it is more of an aesthetic choice than anything else. In your search for the fastest ground mount, you should look out for any Pals that have a passive movement speed boost. This mount will be much faster than any other mount especially if you get it on an Eikthyrdeer or the Direhowl.

Palworld Fastest Swimming mount

The fastest swimming Pal is Azurobe or Jormuntide. Azurobe is easy to get at the level 24 range, but Jormuntide is a boss Pal you won’t be able to fight until much later. So out of these, you will want to focus on getting Azurobe over any others.

Some water-type Pals are expert swimmers and you can ride them through the waves if you ever need to cross large bodies of water. In the early game, you can probably get your hands on Surfent and Chillet, both of which are low-level Pals you can find easily. These two will make your swimming travel much easier if you don’t have a Nitewing to ferry you over water.

The reason we don’t rate Swimming mounts as particularly useful is because Flying mounts can do the same thing, albeit a little slower. Why you would choose to swim over water than fly, however, is another question. Your flying mounts can effortlessly glide over any water without expending stamina, so it’s entirely up to you if you want a mount specifically for traveling over water.

Palworld Traits that increase Pal Speed

You can increase the mount speed in Palworld through breeding. Breeding Pals with traits that increase speed will allow you to get a fast mount. Here are all the traits that apply to mounts in Palworld:

Passive TraitBonus
RunnerMount movement speed +20%
NimbleMovement Speed +10%
SwiftMovement Speed +30%
LegendAttack +20%, Defense +20%, Movement Speed +15%
Passive Trait and Bonus Stats

Combining all of these traits will make it so your mount has an astonishing 75% increase in movement speed. Some players have used this to created insanely fast mounts in the game. These can be used to help Frostallion Noct, Suzaku Aqua, Faleris, Vanwyrm Cryst, Elphidran Aqua, Paladius, and so many others. This makes them an extremely efficient way of traveling around Palpagos Island, which we have found to be one of the best parts of the game.

How do you get mounts in Palworld?

Crafting a Nitewing saddle in Palworld
Crafting a Nitewing saddle in Palworld (Image taken by Videogamer)

If you want to use one of your Pals as a mount, you the Pal in question and you need its Saddle. Harnesses and Saddles are unlocked via Technology Points, but they will only become unlockable after you catch one of the corresponding Pals. Put simply, if you want to make an Eikthyrdeer Saddle, you need to catch one, otherwise, it will not show up as a craftable item in the Technology tab.

That’s all you need to know about the fastest mount in Palworld. In the meantime, make sure you read our Palworld guides covering how to get Wheat and Wheat seeds, how to level up fast and our Palworld Wiki.

Palworld fastest mount FAQs

Can any Pal be mounted?

No, only some specific Pals can be used as mounts. Any Pal you can mount will have a Saddle craftable from the menu.

Can you make your mount faster in Palworld?

The only way to make a mount faster in Palworld is to get a Pal that has the increased movement speed passive ability.