How to heal yourself in Palworld

How to heal yourself in Palworld
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Healing yourself in Palworld can be a bit tricky. After all, there aren’t any healing medicines that you can use to enhance your health. Because of this, you need to use unconventional means of healing. This means that Pals will be coming into play here. This is how to heal yourself in Palworld.

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Helaing yourself in Palworld

To heal yourself in Palworld, you need to use Pals with healing abilities. These pals include Teafant, Petallia, Lovander, Lyleen, and Felbat. Each of these Pals will get you health back in some way whether it is through healing pulses or vampiric attacks. You can also regain your health by sleeping.

Palworld How to heal yourself

If you want to heal yourself in Palworld, you will need to rely on sleep and Pal Partner Skills. While Pals can get healing for different status effects such as sprains from items like low-grade medical supplies, you cannot.

Before getting into the methods of healing yourself, keep in mind that both you and your Pals automatically regain health through natural health regen. As long as your hunger bar isn’t empty and you aren’t in a dangerous place, you will automatically regain health slowly over time.

Palworld heal yourself: player sleeping on bed in camp at night
Sleeping will fast-forward time, healing you and your Pals. Image captured by VideoGamer

The first method of healing is sleep. You can lie down in your bed at any time to regenerate your HP bar. If this is during the day, you will regain health quickly but it won’t skip time forward. If you rest at night, time will skip forward to morning and you will be fully healed. Think of this as your personal Palbox. This is also a means of healing your Pals.

Palworld heal yourself: Teafant using its healing water to heal player
Teafant is a great early-game healing Pal. Image captured by VideoGamer

Palworld Healing Pals

Pal partner skills are your other healing resources. You can activate these skills to get some type of healing whether it be through quickened health regen, life steal, or just a big pool of health. Here are the healing partner skills:

PalPartner SkillDescription
TeafantSoothing ShowerSpouts mysterious water that soothes wounds and restore’s player’s HP
PetalliaBlessing of the Flower SpiritUses medicinal flowers to restore the player’s HP
LovanderHeart DrainWhen fighting together, grants the player and Lovander the life steal effect which absorbs some of the received damage and restores HP
LyleenGoddess of the Tranquil LightQueen’s soothing graces greatly restores player’s HP
FelbatLife StealWhen fighting together, grants the player and Felbat the life steal effect which absorbs some of the received damage and restores HP
Palworld healing Pals

Each of these abilities is great which is why you should always have one of these Pals out of the Pal Box and on your team. Hopefully, future updates will add items you can place in your inventory and use to heal. Until then, you will just need to rely on other means of healing. At least there isn’t a respawn timer.

Palworld healing items

Right now, there are no healing items in Palworld, but there are items that translate to health. Hunger is an issue in Palworld, and it can cause you to lose health. Therefore, food items will be good for staying full and not hungry, which will help keep your health good. However, they do not speed up the natural healing process. You will also want to make sure that you aren’t caught outside without heat and cold-resistant gear as the weather can be harmful to your character.

Palworld heal yourself – FAQ

Which Pal has the best healing Partner Skill in Palworld?

Lyleen has the best healing ability which greatly restores your HP. Lovander’s is also good for the life-steal effect.

Can you heal yourself in Palworld?

Yes. You can heal yourself by using partner skills and by resting. Unfortunately, there are no healing items in Palworld.