How to cook in Palworld – recipe list for food items

How to cook in Palworld – recipe list for food items
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Looking to master the culinary arts and learn how to cook in Palworld? In keeping with survival game etiquette, Palworld features a hunger mechanic that, if left unchecked, will sap your character’s health and lead to a death screen. Alongside, your gang of Pals also need food too to keep them in tiptop fighting and working shape. Throw in food that spoils and keeping everyone fed and happy is serious business.

Fortunately, cooking in Palworld is intuitive, despite the fact that you can, well, eat your Pals. We’ll walk you through all the details of how to cook in Palworld. Cooking is available very shortly after you first land on the starter island. For more help exploring the archipelago, check out our Palworld beginner’s guide, how to get a Statue of Power in Palworld, where to find Pal Fluids in Palworld, and where to find Wheat Seeds and Wheat to make bread.

Palworld how to cook: Campfire in the Technology tab.
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Palworld – how to cook 

To cook in Palworld, you’ll need to unlock the Campfire recipe and build one. To do this, you need to first level up your character to level 2 – catching pals and gathering resources both contribute so you’ll hit level 2 in no time.

Next, open up your inventory by tapping Tab then go to the Technology tab along the top of the window. On the second row (recipes unlocked for hitting level 2), tap the Campfire and spend 1 Technology point to unlock the recipe.

To build a Campfire, tap B to bring up the Build Menu. Make sure you’re on the Food tab, then select the Campfire and place it on the ground. Each Campfire costs x10 wood to build. 

Next, interact with the Campfire by tapping F to see what recipes and dishes you can cook. Select a recipe, choose how many dishes you want to cook, then tap Start Production, then hold F to cook the dish.

Every recipe requires a raw material ingredients, for example, Red Berries if you want to cook up Baked Berries. Ingredients are found growing out in the wild or harvested from killing or capturing Pals of all types.

Palworld how to cook: Cooking Pot in the Technology tab.
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Later on and as you progress, you’ll get access to the Cooking Pot, which is available in the Technology tab once you hit level 17 and unlocks for 2 Technology points. Along with the same basic recipes as the Campfire, the Cooking Pot lets you cook a wider variety of dishes more efficiently as well as Pals. To build a Cooking Pot, you’ll need x3 Flame Organ, x15 Ingot, and x20 Wood.

Palworld how to cook: Fried Egg recipe in the Campfire menu.
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Palworld recipes list

Here’s a full list of the recipes you cook in Palworld that we’ve come across so far. We’ll update as we find more and if more are added to the game in future updates:

Baked Berriesx1 Red Berries
Baked Mushroomx1 Mushroom
Breadx1 Flour
Fried Eggx1 Egg
Hot Milkx1 Milk
Jam-filled Bunx1 Flour, x2 Red Berries
Pancakex1 Flour, x1 Milk
Saladx2 Lettuce, x2 Tomato
Omeletx1 Tomato, x2 Egg
Marinated Mushroomsx1 Mushroom, x2 Red Berries
Mushroom Soupx1 Mushroom, x2 Milk
Grilled Chikipix1 Chikipi Poultry
Lamball Kebabx1 Lamball Mutton
Grilled Kelpseax1 Raw Kelpsea
Grilled Galeclawx1 Galeclaw Poultry
Roast Rushoarx1 Rushoar Pork
Broiled Dumudx1 Raw Dumud
Roast Eikthyrdeerx1 Eikthyrdeer Venison
Roast Reindrixx1 Reindrix Venison
Herb Roasted Caprityx1 Caprity Meat
Mozzarina Steakx1 Mozzarina Meat
Broncherry Rib Roastx1 Broncherry Meat
Mammorest Steakx1 Mammorest Meat
Chikipi Sautex1 Chikipi Poultry, x2 Red Berries
Herb Roated Lamballx1 Lamball Mutton, x2 Red Berries
Grilled Lamballx1 Lamball Mutton, x2 Lettuce
Stewed Galeclawx1 Galeclaw Poultry, x2 Red Berries
Rushoar Bacon ‘n’ Eggsx2 Rushoar Pork, x2 Egg
Reindrix Stewx1 Reindrix Venison, x2 Tomato
Recipe List in Palworld

Simply cook all the items together as they need to and you will come out with a delicious meal. That’s about all you need to know about how to cook in Palworld. We also have guides covering how to catch Pals, the best Palworld mods, how to remove Palworld Wanted status, and how to farm High-Quality Pal Oil in Palworld.