Palworld how to find Wandering Merchants – Merchant locations and what merchants sell

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Need to know how to locate Wandering Merchants in Palworld? These merchants can often sell goodies that you need and are having trouble getting, but first, you need to find the merchant.

There are tons of materials needed to survive in Palworld. From getting materials such as Cloth to more difficult materials in the late-game like ammo, you’re going to want to collect everything that you can. However, sometimes it’s not worth doing all the work. You’d rather just buy the material instead. You can purchase plenty of resources from Wandering Merchants. How do you find Wandering Merchants? We’re here to let you know.

Where to find Wandering Merchants in Palworld

There are three places Wandering Merchants are going to pop up:

  • In Small Settlements
  • Wandering the roads of Palpagos
  • Show up to your base

Technically, they can be found anywhere on the map if you run into one that’s truly wandering. However, if you’re in need of one right away, the best bet is to head to any of the Small Settlements.

In Small Settlements

Many of the Small Settlements you’ll come across in the game, such as the ones at Fisherman’s Point and west of the Plateau of Beginnings, have Wandering Merchants settled there. Simply head to these settlements and you’ll be able to find a merchant ready to sell to you.

Wandering the roads of Palpagos

Anywhere you travel in Palpagos has the chance of randomly spawning a Wandering Merchant for you to buy wares from. While this isn’t a very reliable method, there is still a chance one will pop up. Whenever you do, check out what they have in stock.

Show up to your base

Occasionally, a Wandering Merchant can appear at your home base. This is also not that reliable of a method, but is incredibly helpful when it happens. Just keep a watch out for visitors when working on your base to make sure you know if a Wandering Merchant has stopped by.

What do Wandering Merchants Sell in Palworld

A Wandering Merchant's items for sale in Palworld
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Wandering Merchants can sell any of the following goods for you to purchase. Not all of these are available at each merchant, but they can be selling:

Item for SalePurchase Price (Gold)
Long-eared Headband Schematic 1500
Witch Hat Schematic 1500
Farming Hat Schematic 1500
Bowler Hat Schematic 1500
Tocotoco Cap Schematic 1500
Gumoss Cap Schematic 1500
Penking Cap Schematic 1500
Pal Sphere120
Low Grade Medical Supplies240
Medical Supplies800
High Grade Medical Supplies3000
Berry Seeds50
Wheat Seeds100
Red Berries50
Electric Organ200
Venom Gland100
Flame Organ100
Course Ammo120
Handgun Ammo120
Rifle Ammo220
Shotgun Shells220
Assault Rifle Ammo150

As you can see, Wandering Merchants can sell several schematics, medical supplies, ingredients, materials, and ammo.

Clothes for sale

Wandering Merchants can also sell clothing and armor. These are often related to the area they are found in, such as merchants in hot areas selling Heat Resistant Underwear and Heat Resistant Pelt Armor.

While these can all be built and found in the overworld, it’s still helpful to be able to purchase them if you need to.

Best ammo merchant in palworld

If you are looking to purchase ammo, you can do so by traveling to the Duneshelter in the large desert area in the northeast of the map. This area has three great merchants that sell high-level items. You can also purchase every ammo type from one of them.

That’s everything you need to know about where to find Wandering Merchants. Be sure to check out the fastest Pal mounts to get where you need to go quickly, or the best ways to get Gold in Palworld so you never run out of money.

Palworld Wandering Merchant FAQs

Where can Wandering Merchants be found in Palworld?

You can find them mainly in Small Settlements, however, merchants can also be found randomly on the road, or show up to your base.

What items do Wandering Merchants sell?

Wandering Merchants sell schematics, medical supplies, ingredients, ammo, armor, and crafting materials.

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