Palworld 7 best transporting Pals – What Pals can transport items quickly?

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Are you looking for the best transporting Pals in Palworld? These Pals are able to carry a lot of excess materials and put them away so you don’t need to worry about them clogging up your base. Without these Pals, your base will look like a dump.

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Each work suitability in Palworld is important, especially if you want to have the best pals for your base so it can run smoothly. Here are the best transporting Pals in Palworld.

Best Pals for Transporting in Palworld.

There are many Pals that have the transporting suitability in Palworld but many of them aren’t very good at it. For instance, Pals like Cattiva, Lamball, Pengullet, Tanzee, and other early-game Pals only have level-one transporting. Here are the Pals that we think are best suited for the job and are better for contributing to your base.

  1. Mossanda
  2. Wumpo
  3. Warsect
  4. Wumpo Botan
  5. Beakon
  6. Mossanda Lux
  7. Gorirat

Each of these Pals has multiple skills to help you out at your base. Let’s break down why they are all good.


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First up is Mossanda. This large grass-type brute has multiple work suitabilities such as planting, handiwork, lumbering, and transporting. Its transporting skill is at level three, almost the max, while the rest are at level two. The other skills it has are all necessary to have around camp to gather resources and transporting will help it carry these resources away.


Wumpo is a Pal you won’t get until much later unless you try out a lot of breeding combinations around your base. When you are able to get this Pal, be sure to catch multiple because it is amazing for your camp. Wumpo has the handiwork, lumbering, transporting, and cooling skills. It is one of the only Pals with the transporting skill at level four, meaning it can carry the most items.


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Warsect is a powerful grass and ground-type Pal for your camp. Not only is it one of the strongest Pals, but it also has the planting, handiwork, lumbering, and transporting skills. Its lumbering and transporting skills are both level three, allowing it to get you a lot of wood for your camp for future projects. As a bonus, this powerful Pal can easily handle any raids that happen.

Wumpo Botan

Remember when we said Wumpo was one of the only Pals with level four transporting? Well, Wumpo Botan also has transporting at level four. This Pal also has the lumbering, handiwork, and planting skills. This allows it to help with your gardens and help you build objects as well. As a bonus, much like Warsect, Wumpo of both kinds are very powerful Pals.


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Beakon has the least number of skills on this list but it is also very fast at what it does. This Pal moves quickly and has transporting at level three, allowing it to move stuff across your camp with speed and precision. As a bonus, this Pal is great at producing electricity so you can keep the lights on around your base.

Mossanda Lux

Mossanda Lux is the electric version of the standard Mossanda meaning that it has the same work suitabilities except it can generate electricity instead of work in your gardens. This ability makes it a bit better than its standard grass counterpart when in your base because you will need a lot of electricity as time goes on.


Gorirat is one of the best base defender Pals that you can get. As a bonus, it has a level three transporting skill, allowing it to transfer a lot of items quickly. Thanks to its partner skill, you can use it to wreak havoc on anyone who raids your camp.

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Palworld best transporting Pals – FAQ

What is the transporting work suitability in Palworld?

Transporting allows your Pals to transport goods to your storage boxes around your base.

Is transporting important in Palworld?

Yes. Transporting is important for keeping your base looking clean. Without it, many items would be sitting around your camp.

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