Is Palworld like Pokémon? – Palworld and Pokémon comparison

Is Palworld like Pokémon? – Palworld and Pokémon comparison
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Need to know if Palworld is like Pokémon? The new game from Pocketpair has been stirring up the pot, being dubbed “Pokémon with guns”, so it’s no wonder gamers are wondering what the similarities are.

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Palworld may look like Pokemon but there are some key differences in the game. So is Palworld like Pokémon? Here is our comparison.

Palworld and Pokémon similarities – is Palworld like Pokémon?

While the two games are similar, it’s important to start with the info that Palworld is not an official Pokémon game. However, it’s easy to see why that mistake has been made before. Palworld is filled with creatures called Pals, who are very similar to Pokémon, from design to abilities.

A group of Pals stand in a circle and look at the camera
Image via Pocketpair

You can catch these Pals by throwing balls, similar to Pokéballs, and then keep them with you to help you complete tasks and battle other Pal trainers. This is the core gameplay of the Pokémon franchise, catching all the Pokémon you can and battling other Pokémon trainers.

Boss Trainers

Similar to Pokémon, Palworld also contains boss trainers, which resemble characters like the Elite Four and Gym Leaders that you can challenge to Pal battles. These boss trainers will have very strong Pals, and won’t be easy to beat.

Even the graphic designs are similar, being an anime-inspired look with a wide open world to explore.

Palworld and Pokémon differences – how is Palworld different from Pokémon?

Even though the similarities are quite obvious, being that Palworld was inspired by Pokémon, Palworld is meant for an older audience. This comes from several darker aspects of the game that Pokémon doesn’t have.

For starters, Pokémon mainline games are solely focused on catching and battling Pokémon. Palworld, however, is a survival game, where you need to craft bases, tools, and weapons to help you survive. Your Pals can help you out with this. However, if it comes down to it, you may need to even eat your Pals if survival isn’t going well.

A flying Pal with fire powers fights Kingpaca in Palworld
Image via Pocketpair

You can build structures and factories where you can use Pals for free labor, and poach rare Pals to sell for a profit. Pokémon doesn’t have any building capabilities, and Pokémon certainly aren’t used as sweatshop workers.

Palworld also contains weapons. A lot of weapons, including guns. You can use the guns yourself and take down large boss Pals, and give your own Pals guns to use, as well. In Pokémon, the only weapons are the Pokémon themselves.

The biggest difference between the games is that Palworld is meant for an older audience, whereas Pokémon is mainly for children. Pokémon is also a collecting and battling game, where Palworld is open-world survival.

That’s everything you need to know about how Palworld is like Pokémon. Be sure to check out if Palworld has multiplayer and if Palworld is crossplay and cross platform if you are dying to know more about the Pokémon with guns game from Pocketpair.

Palworld and Pokémon FAQs

Is Palworld a Pokémon game?

No, Palworld is an independent game from Pocketpair and is not a part of the Pokémon franchise.

How is Palworld different from Pokémon?

Palworld is intended for an older audience than Pokémon. It includes more violence, guns, and darker subject matter such as eating Pals for survival.