How to get Woolipop in Palworld – weaknesses, location, and Cotton Candy drop

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Wondering how to get Woolipop in Palworld? Woolipop are the only source of Cotton Candy game, which makes them a fairly sought after Pal. They also, conveniently, drop High Quality Pal Oil.

Here’s how to get Woolipop in Palworld. For more help exploring the Palapagos Islands, check out our Palworld beginner’s guide.

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Where does Woolipop spawn?

Woolipops are fairly common and can be found in large grassy spaces, such as around the Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster or the Ravine Entrance fast travel statue. However, if you have yet to unlock them, you can set out westwards of the Abandoned Mineshaft or eastwards of the Falls Mineshaft to reach these waypoints.

Woolipops are quite big in size and stick out, given the clear contrast between green and pink. You are also very likely to find a few of them roaming the same area.

How to catch Woolipop

You can catch Woolipop by using a Pal sphere, where the likelihood of capture increases the lower its HP is and the more Pal spheres you use. Woolipop is particularly easy to catch due to its relatively docile nature.

But of course, that does mean you should try to go easy on it, as you can easily defeat it if you’re not careful. You can even use regular guns to reduce its HP, but if you end up going against a relatively high-level Woolipop, then you can bring out one of your weaker Pals. Just make sure to withdraw it once Woolipop reaches low HP, as you run the risk of accidentally defeating it.

Ultimately, once its HP reaches critical levels, you need to throw your Pal spheres at it. Since you’re not guaranteed to catch it (or any other Pal, for that matter) on your first attempt, make sure to restock beforehand, and you’ll have yourself a Woolipop in no time.

What items does Woolipop drop?

Woolipop drops Cotton Candy and High Quality Pal Oil. Since there is no other way of obtaining Cotton Candy other than slaying a Woolipop, you shouldn’t feel too bad if you end up accidentally killing one. Cotton Candy makes for some good nutrition, and the High Quality Pal Oil is also good for crafting Polymers, the building blocks for top-tier gear.

What are Woolipop’s weaknesses?

Woolipop is a Neutral-type Pal, meaning it is weak to Dark-type attacks. If you don’t have a Dark-type Pal yet, you can easily get yourself a Tombat: they are very common in outdoor spaces at nighttime, on top of being very easy to spot. You can simply catch one out in the wild and use it against Woolipop – there is no need to train it up either, partly because you don’t want to accidentally kill the next Woolpop you see.

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