How to make a fluffy pal bed in Palworld, and is it worth the cost?

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Wondering how to make a fluffy pal bed? Assuming you’ve not gone the route of opening a slave labour factory with your pals in Pocketpair’s pokemon-like survival RPG, you’ll probably want to keep your pets as happy as possible. What better way to do that than with a new bed?

Here, we’ll explain how to make a fluffy pal bed in Palworld, and if they’re worth the time and materials it takes to craft them. If you’re burning with other questions about Palworld, check out our catalogue of guides. Whether you want to start off with a Palworld beginners guide or have something specific on your mind like how to catch Depresso pals, we can help you out.

How to craft a fluffy pal bed explained

To craft a flufflty pal bed, you’ll need to first unlock it in the tech tree, then gather the necessary materials and head to the Infrastructure wheel in your build menu. Place it in a suitable spot and hold interact on the blueprint to build.

First thing’s first, where will you find it in the tech tree? The fluffy pal bed appears at level 24 in the technology menu. In fact it’s the first unlockable option on that tier. It costs two regular tech points to unlock.

Once you’ve unlocked it, you’ll need to gather the following materials together to make it.

  • 10 cloth (made from wool at a workbench)
  • 30 wood
  • 5 nails (made from ingots at a workbench)
  • 10 fiber (acquired from cutting trees or putting wood into a crusher)

Unassisted, the fluffy pal bed takes roughly 30 seconds to build to completion.

How to make a fluffy pal bed in Palworld: Pals near some beds.
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Is it worth upgrading your pals sleeping quarters with a fluffy pal bed?

We’d argue its definitely worth building some fluffy pal beds once you’ve got the resources. As your base expands and the workload for your pals increases, they’ll lose energy and sanity (SAN) at a faster rate. This can lead to all sorts of issues ranging from mental health problems and burnout to physical ailments for your pals. If you want to care for your pals properly, you’ll need to ensure they’re as comfortable as possible. While a straw pal bed is a good start, a fluffy pal bed will allow them to regenerate SAN while sleeping at a faster rate, keeping them healthier for longer.

That’s everything you need to know about how to make a fluffy pal bed, and if the effort is worth it. If you’re looking to build up your base with the best pals, why not check out our lists for the fastest pals, best handiwork pals and best mining pals to see what we’d suggest?

Fluffy pal beds FAQ

Are fluffy pal beds expensive to make?

Fluffy pal beds cost significantly more resources than straw pal beds, but they’re not prohibitively expensive to make, especially if you’ve started setting up production lines.

What are fluffy pal beds?

Fluffy pal beds are an upgraded type of bed that pals can sleep on. They provide improved bonuses to energy and sanity recovery.

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