Palworld Legendary Schematics- Palworld Schematics list and how to get them

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Need to know how to get schematics in Palworld? Crafting is essential to your survival on the Palpagos Islands, but it can’t be done if you don’t have the necessary instructions.

Palworld isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s a harsh world you’re in, and survival will be tough. Crafting Pal Spheres, leveling up your Pals, and leveling up yourself are some of the only ways you’ll make it. Schematics are the heart of crafting because, without them, you won’t have anything to make. Here’s how you can get Schematics, and all the Schematics in the game.

Palworld schematic locations

There are a few different places you can find Schematics when exploring in Palworld:

  • In Chests
  • Purchased from Town Merchant or Wandering Merchant
  • Dropped in Raids
  • Found in Dungeons

These are all ways you can get your hands on Schematics.

Schematics inside of a cabinet in Palworld
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Schematics in Chests

Any chest you open in Palworld has a chance to have a Schematic for you inside. While chests in lower-level areas will contain lower-level Schematics, the higher-level areas will contain chests with rarer and higher-level Schematics. It’s in your best interest to open every chest you come across, because it could contain a Schematic for you.

You can get late-game chests by farming them in the more northern areas of the map. Near the No Man’s Trail is a tower with multiple higher-level chests that can drop good schematics.

Schematics from Town Merchant or the Wandering Merchant

Merchants often have Schematics available for purchase. This can be either the Merchants who are stationed inside of towns or the Wandering Merchant who moves around between settlements. If you’ve been having trouble getting your hands on a specific Schematic, finding it at a Merchant’s store can be a huge relief.

However, these Schematics have to be purchased for Gold. Make sure you know the best ways to get gold so you have plenty ready.

Schematics dropped in Raids

You’ll occasionally have to face raiders coming to your base in Palworld. Once you’ve defended your territory and fought them off, any human enemies you’ve beaten have a chance to drop Schematics. The higher the level of the enemy, the better the Schematic they drop. Right now, it is easy to catch an Alpha Pal like Astegon and butcher them with a meat cleaver. That tends to drop some Legendary schematics, but it does come at the cost of a rare Pal.

Here’s an in-depth look at the Pals that you can find Legendary Schematics from:

Legendary SchematicsAlpha PalLocation (Coordinates)
Old bowKingpacaOpen area (50, -460)
Cloth outfitChilletOpen area (173, -418)
Feathered hair bandPenkingSealed Realm of the Frozen Wings (114, -352)
Pelt armorAzurobeOpen area (-53, -388)
CrossbowBushiSealed Realm of the Swordmaster (-116, -491)
Metal armorElizabeeDevout’s Mineshaft (32, -183)
Metal helmWarsectSealed Realm of the Stalwart (161, -224)
HandgunBeakonOpen area (-345, -253)
Refined metal helmMenastingDessicated Mineshaft (494, 82)
Heat resistant refined metal armorAstegonDestroyed Mineshaft (-578, -418)
Cold resistant refined metal armorLyleen NoctIceberg Mineshaft (-142, 322)
Pump-action shotgunSuzakuOpen world (404,255)
Assault rifleBlazamutScorching Mineshaft (-434, -532)
Pal metal helmetFrostallionOpen world (-357, 509)
Heat resistant Pal metal armorNecromusOpen world (447, 679)
Rocket launcherJetragonOpen world (-789, -322)
Cold resistant Pal metal armorPaladiusOpen world (447, 679)


Raids can be either from wild Pals or from human NPCs. Unfortunately, if wild Pals are the only thing attacking your base during a Raid, they won’t drop any Schematics. You’ll have to wait for some humans to raid you.

Schematics found in Dungeons

If you’re feeling daring, high-level Schematics can often be found inside Dungeon chests. Dungeons are dangerous for you and your Pals to enter, but if you’re able to successfully navigate and win, the rewards are huge. This includes valuable Schematics that would be nearly impossible to find anywhere else.

Best ways to farm Schematics fast

The best way to get Schematics quickly in Palworld is to run through Dungeons and open every chest you find.

A player in a Dungeon in Palworld
Image taken by Videogamer

Dungeons may be tough, but the loot inside of them is something you can’t be willing to miss out on. This includes tons of rare and legendary Schematics that will help you on your journey as you grow in level. When you come across a Dungeon, head inside and defeat the boss. This will let you enter the treasure room, and that’s where the Schematics will be.

Another way to quickly farm Schematics in Palworld is to open any chest you come across. Even if you are in a lower-level area, getting a common Schematic is better than not knowing how to craft it. The goal is to get every Schematic you can, because you will need all the help you can get in Palworld.

How to get Legendary Schematics in Palworld

Right now, there are six Palworld Legendary weapons: Crossbow, Handgun, Assault Rifle, Old Bow, Pump-Action Shotgun, and Rocket Launcher. They all need schematics to craft, and they can be difficult to get.

Legendary Weapon SchematicsBoss Fight
Legendary Crossbow SchematicAlpha Bushi
Legendary Handgun SchematicAlpha Beakon
Legendary Assault Rifle SchematicAlpha Blazamut
Legendary Old Bow SchematicAlpha Kingpaca
Legendary Rocket Launcher SchematicJetragon
Legendary Pump-Action Shotgun SchematicSuzaku

The Rocket Launcher Legendary Schematic, Old Bow Legendary Schematic, and Handgun Legendary Schematic are among the best to get. There are also some Legendary Armor Schematics that you can get to get stronger gear.

Legendary Cloth Armor SchematicAlpha Chillet
Legendary Pal Metal Helmet SchematicFrostallion
Legendary Cold Resistant Pal Armor SchematicsPaladius
Legendary Heat Resistant ArmorNecromus

These alpha Pal boss fights are not easy, but they can give you the Legendary Handgun Schematic, the Legendary Heat Resistant Armor Schematic and so much more. These are, however, not for beginner players as these Palworld Legendary Schematics can really only come from high-level areas with bosses.

Easy Jetragon capture/defeat cheese

If you want to farm Jetragon for legendary schematics, you can do so by using a flying mount and luring Jetragon into the nearby volcano. Start by luring Jetragon to the opposite side of the lava pit near where you fight it. After that, fly over the lava pit and it should follow you through it. Once Jetragon is in the lava, recall your Pal and simply attack it with a weapon. You cannot use a Pal to attack it or it will reset.

Palworld Schematics List

Here are all the Schematics that have been found in Palworld so far:

  • Old Bow Schematic 1
  • Old Bow Schematic 2
  • Crossbow Schematic 1
  • Crossbow Schematic 2
  • Cloth Outfit Schematic 1
  • Cloth Outfit Schematic 2
  • Pelt Armor Schematic 1
  • Pelt Armor Schematic 2
  • Cold Pelt Armor Schematic 1
  • Cold Pelt Armor Schematic 2
  • Heat Pelt Armor Schematic 1
  • Heat Pelt Armor Schematic 2
  • Metal Armor Schematic 1
  • Metal Armor Schematic 2
  • Cold Metal Armor Schematic 1
  • Cold Metal Armor Schematic 2
  • Heat Metal Armor Schematic 1
  • Heat Metal Armor Schematic 2
  • Metal Helm Schematic 1
  • Metal Helm Schematic 2

This list will get longer as more players find more Schematics. We’ll update this article when more are found.

That’s everything you need to know about getting Schematics in Palworld. Be sure to check out how to care for Pals if you need help making sure your Pals are in good spirits, and how to hatch eggs if you’re looking to add more Pals to your collection.

Palworld Schematics FAQs

How do you get Schematics in Palworld?

Schematics can be found in chests, purchased from Merchants, dropped from human enemies during Raids, and found in Dungeons.

What is the best way to get Schematics?

Defeating a Dungeon boss and going to the treasure room is the best way to get Schematics, as rare and legendary Schematics can be found there.

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