Palworld best lumbering Pals – Chop down trees quickly

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Are you wondering who are teh best lumbering Pals in Palworld? This skill allows Pals to chop down trees, getting you one of the most basic materials in the game; wood. Although basic, wood is required for many of the structures you will eventually build.

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Make sure that you gather a few Pals who are good at lumbering. This will help you in the long run as you survive on Palpagos Island. Here are the best lumbering Pals in Palworld.

Best Pals for lumbering in Palworld

Lumbering is a simple skill that allows Pals to chop down trees. If you combine this with the lumberyard in your camp, you can easily get a stockpile of wood in the game. Here are who we think are the best Pals for this job:

  1. Mossanda
  2. Bushi
  3. Eikthyrdeer
  4. Robinquill
  5. Gorirat

Let’s break down what makes each of these Pals so good at the job and for helping around your camp.


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Mossanda is a mid-game Pal that is great to have around your camp. This Pal has a level two lumbering skill, allowing it to chop wood fairly quickly. Most importantly, it also has the transporting work suitability at level two, allowing it to transfer said wood over to a box for your use. This Pal can also help you build objects and even help with your gardens.

A strong base defender

Mossanda is also great at defending your base. After unlocking its partner skill, you can also give it grenade launchers that can take out large numbers of enemies quickly.


Bushi is one of the few Pals that has a level three lumbering skill. Similar to Mossanda, this Pal has much more uses than just gathering wood making it amazing for your camp. For instance, Bushi can also use the kindling work suitability to smelt ore and the transporting skill to move items around for you. It even has the gathering skill to collect food from your gardens.


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Eikthyrdeer is one of the many early-game Pals you can find that will really help you with getting wood. This Pal is better suited to gathering wood outside of camp thanks to its partner skill but it is also very effective in your camp. Unfortunately, it only has the lumbering skill so it won’t be helping out in other areas.


Robinquill is another grass-type Pal with a lot of work suitability skills you can take advantage of. While it only has lumbering at level one, it also has level two transporting, level two handiwork, and level two gathering. This well-rounded worker can hit many areas of your camp while also gathering some wood on the side.


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While not as versatile as some on this list, Gorirat has a level two lumbering skill and a level three transporting skill. This allows it to easily get some wood and transport many items around camp. This workaholic shouldn’t give you any trouble. It is also good for defending your base and is one of the best Pals for your team.

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Palworld best lumbering Pals – FAQ

What is the lumbering skill in Palworld?

Lumbering is a work suitability that allows your Pals to chop down trees for you at your camp.

Should I have multiple Pals with the lumbering skill in Palworld?

Yes. We recommend having at least two Pals at your camp with the lumbering skill. This will get you a large amount of wood if the skill is high enough.

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