Palworld Black Marketeer locations – Where are all the spots you can find black market trader?

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Trying to find the Palworld Black Marketeer locations? Black Marketeers are the ones to go to if you’re looking to get ahead in Pocketpair’s Pokemon-like survival RPG by acquiring powerful Pals early. But where are they, and how do you get to them?

Here, we’re covering all the Palworld Black Marketeer locations, and explaining how you reach these Black Market vendors. There’s plenty more to learn about the game though. Whether you’re looking for a Palworld beginners guide or the best mining Pals, we’ve got you covered.

All Palworld Black Market vendor locations explained

Here are all the locations where you can find Black Marketeers in Palworld.

  • In the Abandoned Mine
  • Near the Secret Mineshaft
  • Nearby to Duneshelter
  • On the slopes of Mount Obsidian
  • Near Ruined Fortress City
  • Realm of the Frozen Wings

Now let’s explain how to get to the easiest locations and find the Black Market Pal merchant.

The Abandoned Mine Black Marketeer

This one is the closest to where you’ll spawn. The fastest way to reach the Abandoned Mine is to fast travel to the Desolate church. From there, head down – this area is build atop a massive rocky overhang, and you’ll find the Abandoned Mine directly below it in the grasslands. Once you find it, head inside. The Black Marketeer is just a short way into the tunnel.

Palworld Black Marketeer locations: Abandoned Mineshaft.
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The Secret Mineshaft Black Marketeer

The next Marketeer is a good deal further north. You’ll need to head through the Dessicated Desert – your closest fast travel waypoint will be the one for the PIDF Tower Entrance. You’ll find the mineshaft shortly due west. Be aware that you’ll need proper protective gear, like heat and cold resistant clothing to safely traverse the cove mineshaft. You’ll find the Marketeer at the end of the abandoned mineshaft.

The Duneshelter Black Marketeer

If you’ve made it to the Duneshelter Ruins, then finding this one shouldn’t be too difficult. Head north of the abandoned settlement following the road. A short distance from where the path ends, you’ll find this third Black Marketeer by the large cliffs overlooking Duneshelter but prior to the snowy mountains.

The Mount Obsidian Black Marketeer

The fourth and final Black Market vendor is the most difficult to reach of all. Head to the Beach of Everlasting Summer waypoint on the south side of the volcano, and then travel west. You’ll find the Black Marketeer roughly where the edge of the beach meets the obsidian slopes of the mountain.

Palworld Black Marketeer locations: Pals for sale.
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What do Black Marketeers sell in Palworld? Is it worth finding them?

Black Marketeers sell contraband, typically Pals of rare or unobtainable breeds. These Pals can be quite expensive, but their power tends to make them worth the coin. If you manage to lose a Pal in combat, it’s even possible that a Black Marketeer will be able to return them to you, for a price. We’d recommend seeking out Black Market vendors as soon as you have a decent stockpile of gold coins.

Some of the locations above have fast travel points nearby, so you can get to the NPCs pretty quickly if need be. Then, you can purchase Pals and everything else this merchant sells.

Can you capture Black Marketeers in Palworld?

Yes. just like with other humans in Palworld, you can capture the Black Marketeers so that you can always have a good merchant at your camp. Keep in mind that capturing merchants is illegal in Palworld and will get you wanted by the authorities. These require advanced Pal Spheres, though, and it is a major risk. You may want to save those for rare Pals.

Easily escape the authorities

You can easily escape the authorities by using a flying mount. If you fly high enough and wait, the wanted meter will disappear and you won’t need to worry about getting chased by the PIDF.

That covers the Palworld Black Marketeer locations, and what they sell. Still want more on Palworld? Check out how to heal Pals, fastest Palworld mounts, or how to cook in Palworld if you’re still in need of some advice.

Palworld Black Marketeer FAQ

How many Black Marketeers are there in Palworld?

There are four Black Marketeers that we know of in the game so far.

Are contraband Pals good?

Yes, Pals for sale from Black Marketeers are typically high-quality, powerful Pals.

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