How to duplicate items with Palworld dupe glitch

How to duplicate items with Palworld dupe glitch
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As with many item-based games, a Palworld duplication glitch is out in the world and is being readily exploited by many since it lets you get infinite items with ease. Exploits and glitches for more items and resources in survival games are always going to be found, and this item duplication glitch exploits the crafting system, letting you farm infinite resources.

As of the latest patch for Palworld, the item duplication glitch is still working. Now, this is how to do the item dupe glitch in Palworld that even a beginner can effectively use.

How to duplicate items in Palworld (after Patch

To perform the Palworld item dupe glitch, you need to have a base and access to build a wooden chest. Fortunately, it’s not difficult to do, and we’ll walk you through the steps. Palworld YouTuber DPL discovered this particular glitch. If you want to duplicate anything in Palworld, be sure to follow this outline from the duplication glitch video:

  1. Head to the outer rim of your base. You will see a blue circle on the ground denoting the base area. Stand just inside it.
  2. Build a wooden chest inside the base.
  3. Bring up the item you want to create and duplicate.
  4. Make sure the materials for the item you’re duplicating are not in your inventory. Put them inside the base in any container.
  5. As you slowly walk outside the blue circle, place the item you’re duplicating down. This should occur when you are standing outside the base limit, but the item is being placed inside it.
  6. After that, go back inside the blue circle and cancel the build. This gives you the items back but you were never using your own in the first place. Place them in the container with the rest and repeat.
palworld dupe glitch: Player crafting items at their base
Place the item down to duplicate. Captured by VideoGamer

The timing here is key. If you time it incorrectly, you will not be able to place down the item but will be able to reap the duplicated materials from your “attempt”. Additionally, it works better if you can do this on flat ground. You don’t have to do this, but it does help it go smoother.

Another key factor in this dupe glitch is that it is more difficult with a higher frame rate. You can make the process easier by going into the settings and changing your FPS to 30. This will make the timing needed for the dupe glitch longer and give you a greater chance for success.

I will reiterate that you must put all items into the container inside the base. You can’t have any of the materials you are duplicating in your inventory. You also have to cancel the creation, otherwise you’ll just end up with a new item.

The only prerequisite to doing this Palworld dupe glitch is that you have to have the items first. It will require a little bit of collecting, but once you have the materials to craft, say, a refrigerator, you can duplicate them infinitely. We tried this glitch ourselves. It may take a few attempts to get it right, but it certainly does work.

Zach’s Tips

Developers for games usually don’t like duplication glitches, and they often remove them from the game. They prefer gamers to play the game normally. With that in mind, this Palworld dupe glitch can be fixed with a patch eventually, so it’s best if you take advantage now while you still can.

The duplication glitch works on both PC (Steam) and Xbox, so every player has the chance to duplicate Palworld items with this glitch. As long as you want to walk back and forth and place down items before canceling their creation, you can duplicate them. This includes Pal Metal, Ingots, and so much more!

Palworld duplication glitch #2

There is also a second item dupe glitch in Palworld that has popped up. This one is a little simpler but it can only duplicate one item at a time. To do this, follow these steps and tutorial:

  1. Get an item to duplicate, like Wood.
  2. Have a Pal in your team who has the Transporting Work Suitability.
  3. Go back to the edge of the base (blue circle).
  4. Drop the item just inside the circle.
  5. Stand just on the outside of the circle.
  6. Summon the pal just outside the base.

If you do this correctly, the Pal will attempt to transport the item, but they will unintentionally duplicate it a few times. You can repeat this process and get a ton of materials. Keep in mind that Palworld patches can be released that may impact how this duplication glitch works.

Palworld dupe glitch FAQs

Does Palworld have an infinite duplication glitch?

There is currently a duplication glitch in Palworld that can be used to get an infinite amount of any material.

How long can I use the Palworld dupe glitch?

You can use the Palworld duplication glitch until the developers see fit to remove it from the game.