Palworld dev slams lies and blind ‘hate campaign’ sullying Pocketpair’s reputation

Palworld dev slams lies and blind ‘hate campaign’ sullying Pocketpair’s reputation
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Palworld is one of the most successful games of the year but it has also been one of the most criticized. Ever since its launch, there has been a lot of negativity aimed at the game for reasons beyond just appearing to be a Pokémon clone. Unfortunately, the negativity towards the game hasn’t completely died, and the Palworld community manager has slammed the lies and blind ‘hate campaign’ done to sully Pocketpair’s reputation

If you are a fan of Palworld, then you have a lot to anticipate for the very near future. Pocketpair has confirmed that a summer update is on the way, and a trailer for this summer update has provided a look at four new pals set to join the open-world. In addition to this free update coming soon, we are also set to get PvP Arena before 2024 ends. 

While all of the above is exciting for the community, the sad news is that there doesn’t appear to be anything the developers can do to sway the opinions of those who, from day one, have loathed the existence of Palworld. Pocketpair sees a lot of negative remarks on a daily basis, and the community manager has now called out the blind lies spread online. 

Palworld dev slams blind ‘hate campaign’ 

Pocketpair community manager, Bucky_cm, has slammed blind lies spread about Palworld. They claim it is a continuous ‘hate campaign’ done to sully the reputation of Pocketpair. The response comes in retaliation to negative remarks posted about the game online in wake of the Arkane Texas and Tango Gameworks studio closures by Microsoft. 

Below is the message posted by Bucky_cm on Twitter:

“I hate seeing Palworld brought up during the discourse today… It’s either being weaponized by people who think it somehow justifies their stale “console war” takes or it’s used by those who blindly bought into the lies and accusations thrown at us in January. It’s May…if Palworld still upsets you this much and you base all your hatred on Palworld off a couple of unfounded tweets that got views several months ago then maybe the real issue is with you and not us.

“We just want to make fun games that people enjoy. Stop trying to sully our name even more just so you can further your sh***y hate campaigns. Twitter updoots won’t make you happy… also, we’re self-published and self-funded. Just putting that out there as many seem to believe otherwise…”

Palworld community manager Twitter post 1
Image credit: Bucky_cm on Twitter
Palworld community manager Twitter post 2
Image credit: Bucky_cm on Twitter

The last remark is in response to the belief from some that Pocketpair is owned by Microsoft. This is not the case at all despite acquisition predictions from the likes of Forbes. Microsoft has said they are partnering with Palworld to bring dedicated servers to the game, but they do not own Pocketpair as some mistakenly believe. 

On the official Pocketpair Discord, Bucky_cm elaborated on their Twitter posts. The community manager said, “MS closed a few studios yesterday and I saw countless shades of ‘They closed X but keep Palworld open?!’ or ‘All Xbox is left with is rip-off Palworld,’ and I just wondered why so many people hate watch Palworld so much”. 

The community manager continued “We aren’t an Xbox owned game… I just dunno why we were being dragged into the whole thing when we have 0% relation with it”. Bucky_cm also said that lies spread at the game’s launch have left permanent damage:

“The triple lies launched at us in January left permanent damage. It’s May and still there’s a lot of people who just blindly say ‘Oh that game made with AI?’ etc. I don’t think those people do it maliciously, but it was so widespread that a LOT of people just took it as truth. Cleaning up those lies is an impossible task now and it’s just something we’ll have to deal with going forward.”

Palworld community manager Discord posts
Image credit: Pocketpair Discord

As mentioned by Bucky_cm, there were accusations of the game being made with AI, but these were completely unfounded. There were also accusations that Pocketpair used 3D models from Pokemon, but this turned out to be fake, too. In addition to these apparent lies, the Pocketpair CEO has previously had to rubbish accusations of hypocrisy spread by media outlets. 

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