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Welcome to the Palworld Wiki

Palworld is a monster-catching survival game developed and published by Pocket Pair Inc. Announced over two years ago, Palworld has been under development for over three years and was released in early access on January 19, 2024. During its development period, Palworld was labeled by many as Pokemon with guns.

Since its early access launch, Palworld has broken multiple Steam records on PC. It now holds the record for the highest concurrent player count of any Steam game, beating the previous record holding, PUBG, with over 1.1 million players.

Palworld is a survival game first and foremost with the ability to capture monsters called Pals. These creatures aid you in collecting resources, defeating NPC trainers, and clearing dungeons.

Palworld Reception

During its early access launch, Palworld saw record-breaking sales and player counts. Within its first four days of launching on both PC and Xbox, the game has seen over six million sales. Audience reviews on Google have given Palworld a 4.3 rating while Steam reviews rated it 9/10.

While some negative reviews dock Palworld for its lack of guns in the early hours of gameplay, most reception of the monster-catching survival game has been very positive.

Many have complimented Palworld's gameplay mechanics and have compared the game to Pokémon. Some have even stated that Pokemon could learn from Palworld's success and change its gameplay mechanics accordingly.

Palworld Setting

Palworld takes place on Palpagos Island. After waking up on the mysterious island, you are welcomed to the world by a Pal Tamer who warns you of the islands many dangers. With multiple biomes, the island is a lush paradise with many types of creatures. The biomes of Palpagos Island range from icy tundras to volcanic mountains. You may even experience a barren desert and swampy marshland.

Palworld Gameplay

Palworld combines the monster-catching aspects of Pokémon and the survival aspects of Ark: Survival Evolved to create a hybrid game that is the best of both worlds. During your days on Palpagos Island, you explore the different biomes in search of monsters called Pals. These creatures each have unique abilities that you can harness to aid your survival journey.

At its core, Palworld is a third-person survival game, offering you many tools, weapons, and armors to help you survive. The main focus is gathering resources that you can use to advance your technology in the game, allowing you to capture stronger Pals and defeat more difficult foes. As your civilization progresses and you gain experience, you will unlock greater technology to better your chances of survival.

The other half of Palworld has you focusing on catching monsters. Pals have abilities that aid in the production of goods, the creation of items, and the gathering of materials. Using your Pals to your advantage is one of the keys to survival. Part of the game focuses on battling, allowing you to use your Pals to defeat foes difficult bosses.

Palworld also features RPG elements such as world bosses, raids, and dungeons. These mechanics add a twist to the survival experience.

Palworld Controversy

From its announcement, Palworld has been labeled as Pokémon with guns. There is no doubt that this label has aided the game's rise to fame, though it comes with its controversy. Many have compared Palworld's creatures to different Pokémon in past games such as Eevee, Pikachu, Vulpix, and Piplup. Because of this, many are under the impression that Nintendo will prevent the game from blossoming shortly after early its early access period.

On the other side of this controversy, many state that Nintendo could learn from Palworld, aiding in the production of better Pokémon titles in the future. This is thanks to the stale nature of the Pokémon games in recent years and the lack of innovation.