Is Palworld coming to Switch? Why we think it’s not happening

Is Palworld coming to Switch? Why we think it’s not happening
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Wondering if Pocketpair’s Palworld is on the Switch?

With all the attention it’s drawn thanks to its blend of survival and monster-catching, you might wonder if it’s on the Nintendo Switch. Plenty of fans have already drawn comparisons between its creatures, known as Pals, and a certain iconic Nintendo franchise. 

If you’re already enjoying the game, here are some Palworld cheats to spice things up. There’s a duplication glitch that’s worth trying as well.

Is Palworld on Nintendo Switch

At the moment, Palworld is not on Nintendo Switch. It enjoys a massive player base on PC and Xbox Series X|S. Considering the allegations against its Pokemon-like elements, it’s unclear if Nintendo is keen on supporting it. Is Pokémon going to sue Palworld? Probably not.

But it’s something to bear in mind as you wait for Palworld to arrive on Switch. While Shuhei Yoshida, head of PlayStation Indies, teased that the game could arrive on the PS5, there have been no such hints offered by Nintendo. Here’s hoping that the game arrives on another platform and expands its audience.

Considering that older titles have been getting Switch ports all the time, there’s a good chance that the smash hit will arrive on it someday too. While consoles and most PCs dwarf its graphics capabilities, plenty of game studios have done wonders with its hardware. But with Unreal Engine 5 powering Palworld’s visuals, there’s a good chance that performance woes are enough of a reason to stall a Switch port. And if the Switch gets a successor, players could expect the game to arrive on it instead.

That covers the availability of Palworld on the Switch. Palworld could attract a large audience on Nintendo’s handheld device thanks to its cutesy aesthetic and blend of familiar game mechanics. For more on the game, check out our detailed guides on how to get kindling in Palworld and a list of our best mining pals in Palworld.

Palworld on Switch FAQs

Will Palworld ever come to the Switch?

While it may seem unlikely at the moment, its meteoric rise to fame just might change things.

Why is Palworld not on Nintendo Switch?

Considering that the game was made by a small team, it makes sense that they focused on a limited number of platforms. Its success could change that.