Yet another flex from Palworld devs as game obliterates another huge milestone

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Survival beast capturing and building game Palworld has blown past another important milestone, developer Pocket Pair has revealed.

In the studio’s latest update to fans, it’s announced that the game has now been on sale for a total of one month, and in that time has amassed a whopping 25 million players across both its Xbox and PC versions.

That number, the studio claims, is comprised of 15 million of those choosing to play on Steam, while Xbox has had a healthy 10 million. It’s not quite clear from their numbers whether that’s on console, or including those playing through the Xbox app on PC.

A tumblr post showcasing a character.

Regardless, it’s still an impressive achievement for the game, which only launched in early access on January 19, 2024. Its impressive playerbase has already hit a number of milestones for the time spent in the game.

Looking towards the future, Pocket Pair has laid out its stall for what it sees as priorities for its work on updating the game. They include a reminder of its focus to combat further cheating, as mentioned last week, and fixing bugs.

Longer term, the Palworld roadmap has promised additions such as PvP, more Raid Bosses as end game content and Xbox and Steam crossplay. Of course, that’s on top of the expected addition of new Pals and more.

According to Steamcharts, the game currently sits as the 5th most popular game on Steam, even above the recently launched Helldivers 2 which sits at 7th place. While the latter hasn’t been out as long, its likely its continued technical issues have hampered its growth of late.

Meanwhile back in Palworld, its developers have recently addressed the possibility of future crossovers and collaborations, and fans surely hope that this latest milestone will only encourage those further.

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