Palworld fans are just realising this dark secret about Pals

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While Palworld players may be clocking up unbelievable numbers of hours in the game, it turns out that there’s still ways its surprising its playerbase, as they discover new things about the game and its Pals.

However, at least one player may be regretting their latest discovery, as they made the startling revelation that Pals, despite their cutesy outward appearance, can and do actually eat humans. Vinayyy-n28 posted to the Palworld subreddit their revelation, sharing a tale told in three images.

The OP made their discovery while clearing out a Free Pal Alliance camp, only to turn around and witness their loyal Gorirat devouring the corpses of the enemies they’d just killed. Sure enough, the pictorial evidence seems to show the Pal chowing down on a body as they watch on.

It seems the fact that Pals eat humans was just as much news to many other players, judging on responses in the thread. “Bro wtf?” says Blackping333. “Noticed it for the first time 2 days ago! I’m on day 145 lmao” admits BANExLAWD. “I guess I feel better about butchering them now” admits CopperSulphide.

However, as many others in the thread point out – there are clues that Pals indeed do eat humans, as it’s alluded to in several ways. “The first NPC warned you!” points out Stormquiver. “They state that pals are Savage monsters that ate all her friends and comrades, elaborates Eggs_In_Trying_Times.

But even among those that knew before seeing the post seemed to be taken aback when they first found out this revelation. “I saw this the first night when a Cawgnito did it, man this was creepy” said Azinoka – and they weren’t the only one.

A number of comments though are also noting how it does make sense, given that these Pals are essentially wild animals, and all. “Honestly, it makes sense that any pal that agros on you without you having to interact would eat you. It attacks because it is hungry,” points out StealYour20Dollars.

Something to think about next time you’re out in the wilds maybe? For more on the game, check out our How to make Palworld dedicated server – The ultimate guide or our Palworld best accessories – our guide to the best accessories and how to get them.

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