How to find Meteorite Events in Palworld to get Meteorite Fragments

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✓ At a glance
  • Look for the meteor symbol to find random Meteorite Events.
  • They bring Pals like Selyne, Xenovader, and Xenogard, in addition to hostile NPCs and Meteorite Fragments.
  • This resource can be crushed to create Paldium Fragments or build the Meteor Launcher.

As you roam around Sakurajima Island, you might spot a meteor dropping from the sky. This brings in the brand-new Meteorite Event, a challenge that offers new loot and Pals for you to capture. But remember that you won’t be the only one lured to these events. Enemy NPCs will swarm the location, making it a test of survival that will reward you handsomely. Here’s how you can find these events and what resources you can earn from them.

Where can you find Meteorite Events?

Meteorite Events are marked on your map with a meteor symbol. These meteor showers are randomized like the old Base Raids and happen near your current location, meaning you won’t have to travel far to find them. Remember that this event will not spawn if a Supply Drop event is active. And if a Meteorite Event is active, you’ll need to complete it by securing all of its Meteorite Fragments to ensure that another event spawns. They tend to happen once every three in-game days.

All Meteorite Event rewards

Here’s what you can expect from a Meteorite Event:

  • Selyne Pal: If a meteor lands on the new Sakurajima Island, you can expect this powerful Dark Pal to make an appearance. I encountered a level 50 one which managed to take me out quickly.
  • Xenovader Pal: This is another Dark Pal that is weak to Dragon attacks that spawns during a Meteorite Event on the Palpagos Islands. They also drop Meteorite Fragments when caught or defeated.
  • Xenogard Pal: Their partner skill Crater Enthusiast will let you farm more meteorite and pure quartz so you can use them to farm these resources. If you’re looking to make the most of these events, have one of these Pals in your party.
  • Hostile enemy faction humans: You won’t be the only one racing to take advantage of this loot. Expect high-level opponents in the new Sakurajima Island if you run into one of these events. Expect Syndicate Gunners at level 25 and their Xenogard Pal to be level 23.
  • Meteorite Fragments: You can collect some of it around the meteor and secure the rest by using a Pickaxe or mining Pal like Dumud. 

What are Meteorite Fragments used for?

Here’s what the new Meteorite Fragment resource can be used for:

  • Use a Crusher (available at level 8) to break them into three Paldium Fragments each. This can then be used for other upgrades or creating Pal spheres.
  • Craft the lethal Meteor Launcher at the Weapon Assembly Line, which deals 2000 damage. It costs 100 Meteorite Fragments, 30 Refined Ingots, and 20 Paldium Fragments. Note that it can only be unlocked at level 37 for three Ancient Technology Points.

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