Palworld 3 best chest farming locations

Palworld 3 best chest farming locations
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Chests are one of the best items you can find in Palworld. These valuable containers can hold strong blueprints, additional resources, and even weapons. You can save yourself a lot of strife by spending some time searching for chests. That is why we have put together the best char farming locations in Palworld.

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Where to farm chests in Palworld

There are three locations in Palworld where you can get chests very often. These areas include Wildlife Sanctuary 2, the Small Settlement, and the Astral Mountains Base. These locations are great for early to late game chest farming and will often get you some amazing items.

Best chest farming locations in Palworld

There are very few areas where you can effectively farm chests without needing to do a lot of travelling. Luckily, we have narrowed down three locations with chests that are easy to get and won’t give you much trouble.

  1. Wildlife Sanctuary 2
  2. Small Settlement
  3. Astral Mountains Base

Let’s break down how to farm each of these locations.

Wildlife Sanctuary 2

On the northwestern side of the map at the coordinates -675, -104, you will find Wildlife Sanctuary 2. This area is home to many higher-level Pals so keep your guard up. You will also need to watch out for PIDF guards. There are four chests here that you can get starting on one of the pillars in the water to the north and travelling in almost a perfect diagonal line to the southwest. Keep in mind that you will need a flying mount to get these.

Small Settlement

Next up is the Small Settlement. This is located at coordinates 9, -528, and it has three nearby chests that you can run to from the fast travel point. Follow the path along the cliffside to the west and you should find up to three chests waiting for you. These will have lower-level items in them but they are still worth grabbing early on.

Astral Mountains Base

At the base of the Astral Mountains at coordinates -79, 193, there is a tower that has four chests on it. This is by far the best area to find chests because there are also multiple in the surrounding woodlands. In total, we were able to find around eight chests in the area, making this a worthwhile place to farm for them. Unfortunately, you will need a flying mount to get them all so keep that in mind.

Complete dungeons for chests

The islands of Palworld have multiple dungeons for you to complete. It is important to always go through these dungeons if you see them as they have a few chests at the end if you complete them. These chests will typically get you better items than ones that you find in the overworld, making them more worthwhile to go after. Of course, you should always come prepared if you plan on doing this since each dungeon has a boss at the end. Some of these bosses can also prove to be rather difficult to beat or capture if you aren’t prepared.

Palworld chest farming locations – FAQ

How often do chests respawn in Palworld?

Chests tend to respawn after about one full in-game day in Palworld.

What kind of loot do chests have in Palworld?

Chests tend to mostly have gold coins, Pal Spheres, ammo, and food. They can also have accessories and schematics.