How to assign jobs in Palworld – Give your Pals work

How to assign jobs in Palworld – Give your Pals work
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Are you wondering how to assign jobs in Palworld? Assigning jobs to your Pals is a basic mechanic that you can use to make them do what you want. You can assign a Pal to any job that matches its work suitability. If it doesn’t match, it will do whatever job it sees fit at the time.

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Get your base running smoothly by assigning your pals to the right jobs. Here is how to assign jobs in Palworld.

How to assign jobs to your Pals in Palworld

If you want to assign a job, simply walk up to a Pal and press the F key on PC or the X Button on Xbox. Doing this will make you lift up the Pal you are next to. Now that you have the Pal lifted, bring them over to the work station you want them at. Press the F key or the X button a second time to throw the Pal at the work station.

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Tossing the Pal at the work station will assign it to that station. Remember, a Pal can only work where their work suitability allows them to. For instance, a Pal with the handiwork skill can be thrown at a crafting station to work on building tools, weapons, and more.

What jobs can you assign Pals in Palworld?

There are multiple jobs that Pals can be assigned to. The following work suitabilities can be used by Pals:

  • Kindling – Used for lighting fires, smelting ores into ingots, and cooking food. Exclusive to fire-type Pals
  • Planting – Used for planting seeds in the garden. Exclusive to grass-type Pals
  • Handiwork – Used for crafting objects at a workbench or crafting larger structures
  • Lumbering – Used for gathering wood. Can be used with a lumber yard
  • Medicine Production – Used for making medicine at a medicine station
  • Transporting – Used for moving goods to storage boxes
  • Watering – Used for watering plants, grinding stone into Paldium Fragments, and grinding Wheat into Flour. Exclusive to water-type Pals
  • Generating Electricity – Used to collect electricity at a generator. Exclusive to electric-type Pals
  • Gathering – Used to harvest food from your gardens
  • Mining – Used to mine stone, ore, sulfur, and coal. Can be used with the stone pit structure
  • Cooling – Used to cool food inside a refrigerator or cooler. Exclusive to ice-type Pals
  • Farming – Used to obtain items from the ranch

Managing your base

A great way to prevent Pals from running around constantly is to use Pals that specialize in only one or two work suitabilities. This will optimize their performance at your base.

You can check Pal stats by going to the Paldeck in the menu. You can also look at different Pals in the Palbox. Keep in mind that a Pal will not just stay at one station indefinitely. If no work is available the Pal AI will check a list of all available jobs and find one for the Pal to complete.

Palworld Assign Jobs – FAQ

Can a Pal complete a job that does not fit its work suitability?

No. A Pal will only do jobs that match its work suitability.

How many Pals can you have working at your camp?

At first, you can only have a couple of Pals at your camp. As you level up your base, you will unlock the ability to have more Pals at your base. Eventually, you will be able to have over 15 Pals at your base.