Palworld how to find and catch Mammorest – Mammorest spawn location, weaknesses, item drops, and breeding combinations

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Need to know how to find and catch Mammorest in Palworld? This large, grassy mammoth of a creature is a great asset, but only if you know where to get them.

If you are on your quest to catch ’em all in Palworld and fill out the Paldeck, sooner or later you’ll come across Mammorest. However, locating this Pal can be difficult since it only appears in a few in-game locations on the Palworld map, making it tough to find if you’re not sure where to look. Let’s dive into how you can find Mammorest and add it to your collection in Palworld. 

Where To Find Mammorest?

Mammorest is a common Grass-type Pal that can be found in northern, southeast, south, and some western regions on the map. You can find a boss one on the Grassy Behemoth Hills. You can easily find them once you start exploring the other rings of the islands in the specified regions around coordinates -281,-222 and 353, -319. Mammorest also often spawn near Alpha Pals so you should be on the lookout. 

The Palworld map showing the location of Mammorest
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Once you capture a Mammorest, it will prove a great asset when it comes to traveling, mining, base building, and gathering resources. However, once you find Mammorest, capturing it can prove to be difficult even for skilled players.  

How To Catch Mammorest in Palworld

To capture Mamorest, you need to get it to a weakened state before you can use the Pal Sphere. While you can definitely use Hyper Sphere to aid you in capturing this Pal, you can’t unlock them before reaching level 27.

A Palworld player finding a Mammorest on a grassy field
Image taken by Videogamer

That said, as a Grass-type Pal, Mammorest is naturally weak to fire attacks. If you are on the hunt to catch Mammorest, you should bring along a Fire-type Pal to aid you in battle. You can even use weapons like the fire crossbow to help bring down Mammorest to a weakened state. 

What Items Does Mammorest Drop – Mammorest item drops

Defeating Mammorest is not an easy task, but if you can pull it off you can expect to get your hands on High Quality Pal Oil, Leather, and Mammorest Meat.

High Quality Pal Oil is an uncommon crafting item used in making polymers. Whereas Leather is a basic crafting component and Mamorest Meat is a consumable item.  

What Are Mammorest Weaknesses?

Mammorest is not an easy target to bring out. With its massive amount of HP and its high damage-dealing abilities, this Pal can give even the most skilled players the run for their money. However, to easily bring down Mammorest you need to use fire attacks.

Since Mammorest is a Grass-type Pal, you should bring Pals possessing Fire abilities as they are very effective against it. Other than that, Mammorest’s weak spot is its head, so you should try to aim most of your damage toward its head area. 

Don’t use Earth-types

Because Mammorest is a Grass-type, it’s strong against Earth-type Pals. Don’t use any of these types of Pals against Mammorest if you don’t want to be a disadvantage.

Mammorest Breeding Combinations – How to breed Mammorest

The following Pals can be bred to create an egg that spawns a Mammorest:

Parent 1Parent 2
CinnamothFrostallion Noct
Pryin NoctPryin
Mammorest Breeding Combinations

That’s everything you need to know about finding and catching Mammorest in Palworld. Be sure to check out where to find and catch Nox and where to find and catch Daedream if you’re on the hunt to add more

Palworld Mammorest FAQs

Where can you find Mammorest?

Mammorest appears in multiple locations since it’s a common Grass-type. An Alpha Pal Mammorest can be found on the Grassy Behemoth Hills.

What Pals are strong agaisnt Mammorest?

Mammorest is weak to Fire-type Pals, since it’s a Grass-type Pal.

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