Games like Palworld – 13 games similar to Palworld

Games like Palworld – 13 games similar to Palworld
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Are you looking for games like Palworld? There are a surprising number of them that share qualities with the popular monster-catching survival game. If you are starting to get tired of tending to your Pals or you just want something new to play with a friend, we’ve got you covered.

If you are new to Palworld, be sure to check out our Palworld Beginner’s Guide so you can get some tips and tricks to start your game. You can also check out the best Pals tier list so you can get the best team in the game.

Whether you just want to try something new or switch games entirely, here are some great games like Palworld for you and your friends to try out.

13 games similar to Palworld

We have compiled a list of games that have similar mechanics whether it be monster-catching or survival for you to try out. Let’s break down these games below so you know what you are getting into.


A group of soldiers with guns standing in front of a dense forest.
Image via Facepunch Studios

Rust is one of the most-played survival games out there that receives consistent updates. In terms of gameplay, it shares many of the survival aspects of Palworld but in a much grittier setting. You are stuck on an island where everything wants to kill you from wild animals to NPCs and even other players. It is difficult to survive but those who do are rewarded with the greatest gift; life.

Ark: Survival Evolved

A screenshot of a video game with a dinosaur in the background, similar to Palworld.
Image via Studio Wildcard

When it comes to gameplay, Ark: Survival Evolved probably has the most in common with Palworld. You can craft crazy technology including sci-fi objects like tech suits and more. In terms of taming animals, you have dinosaurs to beat into submission instead of Pals. Just keep in mind that you won’t have Pal Spheres here to catch animals and must force-feed them instead.

Ark Taming

Taming dinosaurs in Ark is a lot different than taming Pals. To take dinosaurs, you must knock them out and feed them their favorite food.

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild / Tears of the Kingdom

The legendary and immersive game, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, takes players on a captivating journey through expansive landscapes and thrilling adventures. With its stunning visuals, engaging gameplay mechanics,
Image via Nintendo

Those who maybe want to switch things up can try out The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. This game redefined the Zelda series with a massive open-world version of Hyrule and fantastic combat. There is plenty to explore and you can even do a bit of crafting. Those who have already played this title can head into the sequel Tears of the Kingdom for an even greater challenge.


Two cartoon characters from games like Palworld standing next to each other.
Image via Humble Games

Temtem got some hate a while back for being similar to Pokémon just like Palworld. This title has you exploring a world filled with fantastical creatures, both catching and defeating them in battle. Just like Pokémon, this game is mostly turn-based in combat but with a large archipelago for you to explore.

Pokémon Legends: Arceus

Image via Nintendo

With similar combat mechanics, Legends Arceus is one of the best Pokémon games created in the past decade. It features large open areas filled with Pokémon that are dangerous to go around. These Pokémon will attack you on-site but you can use your Pokéballs to capture them, adding them to your team.


A screenshot of a video game with a group of characters in a field, reminiscent of games like Palworld.
Image via PocketPair

Craftopia is the original game created by the developer of Palworld. Playing this game, you will see that the crafting is pretty similar and so are the gameplay mechanics. While combat is very hack-n-slash in Craftopia, it shares many of the same elements of Palworld and even has a look and feel similar to Breath of the Wild.


An image of a blue creature in the woods, reminiscent of games like Palworld.
Image via Iron Gate AB

Another game for those who want a tougher survival experience, Valheim is no stranger to brutal gameplay. With the map being procedurally generated, there is no telling where you might end up. All you know is that you will need to scrounge up every last bit of material you can find to survive and thrive. You can even play this game with up to nine of your friends.

Conan Exiles

A screenshot of two men engaging in a heated battle in a video game similar to Palworld.
Image via Funcom

Another brutal survival game, Conan Exiles shares more in common with Palworld. With dungeons to explore, bases to raid, and bosses to defeat, there is no end to the fun in Conan. There is even in-depth base-building and tamable beasts. Of course, you will need to be extra careful because these monsters are much more difficult than your typical Pals.

Omega Crafter

A cartoon character is standing in front of a village, reminiscent of games like Palworld.
Image via Preferred Networks

Omega Crafter is for those who want to chill out and do more crafting than combat. While there is still combat that is similar to Palworld, the game has a major focus on the crafting and automation side of life. Gather materials, build farms, and grow your town into a bustling city.


A man with an axe is standing on a cliff overlooking a city, reminiscent of games like Palworld.
Image via Keen Games

A newer title on the list, Enshrouded was released just after the Palworld early access date. It has similar combat and a better crafting system than Palworld, allowing you to craft bigger bases with more detail. This intriguing game also has interesting mechanics, dungeons to explore, and a world to save from despair.

Fallout 76

Fallout 4 green Palworld screenshot.
Image via Bethesda

Fallout 76 takes the standard Fallout gameplay and adds MMO elements to it. You join a server with other survivors and explore the great lands of Appalachia. Thanks to years of development, Fallout 76 has tons of events, missions, and activities for you to complete. There is an even an in-depth crafting system that you can use to build a massive base, create weapons and armor, and build sophisticated machinery like robots.

World of Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy XIV is a popular MMORPG game with an immersive fantasy world and captivating gameplay. It offers a vast and visually stunning environment for players to explore and engage in thrilling quests and battles
Image via Square Enix

Years ago, Square Enix tried its hand at creating a monster-catching title. The result was World of Final Fantasy. This monster-catcher has you playing as Reynn and Lann in the vast land of Grymoire. Throughout your journey, you will catch small versions of popular Final Fantasy monsters and use them to battle in turn-based combat.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet

A captivating screenshot showcasing a vibrant cityscape adorned with a mesmerizing rainbow gracefully stretching across the sky.
Image via Nintendo

Finally, we have the game that everyone has been comparing Palworld to. Pokémon Scarlet and Violet are both decent titles that bring Pokémon into a seamless open world. This title lets you battle gym leaders in whatever order you feel like and explore the world how you see fit. There are even two DLCs for you to access after completing the main game and becoming the Pokémon champion.

That is our list of games that are similar to Palworld. If you are still hooked on Palworld, be sure to check out the wandering merchant locations in Palworld. You can also check out our best quartz farming methods in Palworld.

Games like Palworld – FAQ

Is Palworld similar to Pokemon?

Yes. Palworld shares similarities to Pokemon Legends Arceus but not so much the traditional form of Pokemon.

What similar games to Palworld have multiplayer?

You can play Fallout 76, Valheim, Conan Exiles, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, Enshrouded, Omega Crafter, Temtem, Ark, and Rust with friends.