Palworld cake – How to make and use it on your Pals

Palworld cake – How to make and use it on your Pals
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Wondering how to get cake in Palworld? You have come to the right place, then. Cake is one of the most useful items in the game, and it’s a recipe worth knowing and using. It is not something that you can find in the wild very often or that your Pals can bring to you, so you’ll need to make it. Here’s everything you need to know about doing just that.

How to make cake in Palworld

In order to make enough cake to keep the breeding farm stocked, you need to unlock the Cooking Pot at level 17, which requires 20 wood, 15 ingots, and three flame organs. Once you have it, use the following ingredients for the treat:

  • 5 Flour
  • 8 Red Berries
  • 7 Milk
  • 8 Eggs
  • 2 Honey

These Palworld cake ingredients aren’t the simplest to get, but there are ways to do each of the cake ingredients. To get flour, you need a wheat plantation to grow the wheat seeds as well as a flour mill. Berries are pretty commonly found on the plateau, so you don’t necessarily need a berry plantation for them. Caprity will also drop them, so get some for your ranch.

Chikipi will lay eggs at the ranch. They will usually lay quite a few of them, so you don’t need to seek them out or worry that you won’t have enough. In short time, you’ll have the eight you need and then some.

If you need honey, you may want to consider getting some Beegardes, as they produce honey and will be vital to your ability to have some. Cinnamoth, Warsect, or Elizabee will work here as well. Fittingly, Mozzarina will give you milk since it is basically a cow Pal. You can kill or capture it, but be sure to take it back to the ranch so you can get milk plenty. This will help you make a working cake farm to alleviate some of the time needed to collect everything!

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If you’re struggling to find any of the ingredients for cake in Palworld, you can hit up the merchants. The Wandering Merchant is particularly good for many items for the Palworld cake recipe. Then you can quickly use cakes for whatever you want!

Additionally, there is a small chance that Lovelander drops cake. If you kill or catch it, there is a chance that the item is among its drops, but that’s a fairly uncommon occurrence.

What do you need cake for in Palworld?

This dish is important for several things, chief among them the ability to run a breeding farm. If you want a new Pal, you can breed it, but you’ll need this food item to do so. This is the best way to speed up the breeding process, so make sure you have plenty of cake.

Cake is also a great food to soothe Pals. If they’re working hard, make sure they have cake so they don’t feel overworked and start to act erratically. Cake is, thanks to this, one of the most important foods to have on hand in Palworld.

That’s our full Palworld cake guide, but be sure to check out the full Paldeck and whether or not Pals can evolve in Palworld!

Palworld cake FAQs

Can I find cake in Palworld?

Cakes do not spawn, but you can make them in Palworld.

Why do I need cake in Palworld?

Cake is used for breeding Pals in Palworld.