Starfield planets guide – every planet in the Settled Systems

Starfield planets guide – every planet in the Settled Systems
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Searching for a Starfield planets guide? With over a 1000 planets in Bethesda Studios’ space-faring RPG, we can’t blame you for feeling a little overwhelmed. There’s a lot to explore in the game, so it’s important to know where to start.

In this Starfield planets guide, we’ll cover all the planets and moons in the game. While the vast majority of worlds aren’t important beyond being a place to grab resources and study the local wildlife, there are still plenty of big names to keep an eye on. We’ll give you an overview of all the major planets. We’ll give you a list of other named planets and moons that we’ve seen so far as these could prove valuable if you’re looking to create a Starfield outpost.

All major planets in Starfield

Here are all the major planets in Starfield we know about so far:

Let’s break down what we know about each one so far, and why they’re quite so important.

Starfield planets guide: NPCs walk through the covered markets of Akila City.


Akila is the capital planet for the Starfield Freestar Collective faction. The planet is located in the Cheyene system and home to Akila City. Dusty, desolate, and roamed by fierce alien creatures, it’s akin to cosmic wild west. As the home of the second largest in-game faction, and a place you’ll reach early on in the game, you’ll make many a stop on Akila on your journey through the Settled Systems.


The homeworld of humankind features in Starfield. It hosts no major cities or settlements and gone are the green pasture, towering mountains, and rushing rivers. Despite playing an important role in the lore behind Starfield, it doesn’t feature heavily in the story.

Starfield planets guide: A starship takes off from the surface of a fauna-rich, mountainous, temperate world.


Gagarin is in the “goldilocks zone” of the Alpha Centauri system, meaning it has the ideal conditions for life, something capitalized upon by a vibrant settlement.

Starfield planets guide: Alien wildlife grazes in the pastures outside of New Atlantis.


Jemison is perhaps the most important planet in Starfield. With a temperate climate and an atmosphere and gravity similar to Earth, the world has become a defacto successor to humanity’s Earth.

Most importantly though, Jemison is the cornerstone of the Starfield United Colonies faction, hosting their prosperous capita, New Atlantis. It’s also the home base for the Starfield Constellation faction, who you’ll join at the start of the story.

Starfield planets guide: A long industrial hallway on Cydonia, with NPCs walking through it.


Though Earth might be in a tight spot, life on Mars is still going strong. The Red Planet also falls into United Colonies space, and hosts some of the largest mining and industrial projects within civilised space. Of particular note is its capital, Cydonia City, the oldest human extraterrestrial settlement in the galaxy. This city’s massive mining capacity makes it vitally important to both its faction and the wider area of civilised space as a whole.

Starfield planets guide: An explorer walks through a desert biome on a planet, a ringed gas giant hanging in the sky.

All Starfield planets and moons list

Here are all the planets and moons in Starfield:

Planet NameStar System NamePlanet Characteristics
AionOlympusGas Giant
AkilaCheyenneEarth-like planet
Al-Battani VAl-BattaniPlanet
Al-Battani V-AAl-BattaniMoon
Al-Battani VIAl-BattaniPlanet
Al-Battani VI-AAl-BattaniMoon
Al-Battani VI-BAl-BattaniMoon
Al-Battani VIIAl-BattaniPlanet
Al-Battani VII-AAl-BattaniMoon
Al-Battani VIIIAl-BattaniPlanet
Al-Battani VIII-AAl-BattaniMoon
Alchiba IAlchibaPlanet
Alchiba IIAlchibaPlanet
Alchiba II-AAlchibaMoon
Alchiba IIIAlchibaPlanet
Alchiba III-AAlchibaMoon
Alchiba III-BAlchibaMoon
Alchiba III-CAlchibaMoon
Alchiba IVAlchibaPlanet
Alchiba IV-AAlchibaMoon
Alchiba VAlchibaPlanet
Alchiba V-AAlchibaMoon
Alchiba VIAlchibaPlanet
Alchiba VI-AAlchibaMoon
Alchiba VI-BAlchibaMoon
Alchiba VI-CAlchibaMoon
Alchiba VIIAlchibaPlanet
Alchiba VII-AAlchibaMoon
Alchiba VII-BAlchibaMoon
Alchiba VII-CAlchibaMoon
Alchiba VII-DAlchibaMoon
Alchiba VIIIAlchibaPlanet
Alchiba VIII-AAlchibaMoon
Alchiba VIII-BAlchibaMoon
Alchiba IXAlchibaPlanet
Alchiba IX-AAlchibaMoon
Alchiba XAlchibaPlanet
Alchiba X-AAlchibaMoon
Alchiba X-BAlchibaMoon
Algorab IAlgorabPlanet
Algorab IIAlgorabPlanet
Algorab IIIAlgorabPlanet
Algorab III-AAlgorabMoon
Algorab III-BAlgorabMoon
Alpha Andraste IAlpha AndrastePlanet
Alpha Andraste I-AAlpha AndrasteMoon
Alpha Andraste IIAlpha AndrastePlanet
Alpha Andraste IIIAlpha AndrastePlanet
Alpha Andraste IVAlpha AndrastePlanet
Alpha Andraste VAlpha AndrastePlanet
Alpha Andraste VIAlpha AndrastePlanet
Altair IIAltairPlanet
AmpereDelta PavonisMoon
AnankeOlympusBarren planet
ArachnaDelta PavonisPlanet
Aranae IAranaePlanet
Arcturus IIIArcturusIce Giant
ArielSolIce moon
AugurDelta PavonisMoon
Bardeen IIIBardeenPlanet
Bessel IBesselIce Giant
Bessel IIBesselPlanet
Bessel IIIBesselBarren planet
Bessel III-ABesselMoon
Bessel III-BBesselMoon
Beta Andraste IBeta AndrasteGas Giant
Beta Andraste I-ABeta AndrasteMoon
Beta Andraste I-BBeta AndrasteMoon
Beta Andraste I-CBeta AndrasteMoon
Beta Andraste I-DBeta AndrasteMoon
Beta Ternion IIIBeta TernionPlanet
BitsyDelta PavonisMoon
BodeDelta PavonisPlanet
BondarAlpha CentauriRocky planet
BoronKryxBarren moon
BoseDelta PavonisMoon
CallistoSolIce moon
CandoreKryxBarren moon
Carinae ICarinaePlanet
Carinae IICarinaePlanet
Carinae II-ACarinaeMoon
Carinae IIICarinaePlanet
Carinae III-ACarinaeMoon
Carinae III-BCarinaeMoon
Carinae III-CCarinaeMoon
Carinae IVCarinaePlanet
Carinae IV-ACarinaeMoon
Carinae VCarinaePlanet
Carinae V-ACarinaeMoon
Carinae V-BCarinaeMoon
Carinae V-CCarinaeMoon
Cassiopeia IEta CassiopeiaPlanet
Cassiopeia I-AEta CassiopeiaMoon
Cassiopeia IIEta CassiopeiaPlanet
Cassiopeia II-AEta CassiopeiaMoon
Cassiopeia IIIEta CassiopeiaPlanet
Cassiopeia III-AEta CassiopeiaMoon
Cassiopeia IVEta CassiopeiaPlanet
Cassiopeia IV-AEta CassiopeiaMoon
Cassiopeia IV-BEta CassiopeiaMoon
Cassiopeia IV-CEta CassiopeiaMoon
CharonSolIce moon
Charybdis IIICharybdisPlanet
Charybdis VCharybdisPlanet
ChawlaAlpha CentauriIcy, CO2 moon
CoulombDelta PavonisMoon
CurbeamAlpha CentauriBarren moon
CurieDelta PavonisPlanet
CybeleOlympusBarren moon
DioneSolIce moon
DionysusOlympusRocky moon
EarthSolRocky planet
EnceladusSolIce moon
Enlil VEnlilPlanet
ErebusOlympusRocky planet
Eridani IEridaniPlanet
Eridani IIEridaniPlanet
Eridani IIIEridaniPlanet
Eridani III-AEridaniMoon
Eridani III-BEridaniMoon
Eridani III-CEridaniMoon
Eridani IVEridaniPlanet
Eridani IV-AEridaniMoon
Eridani IV-BEridaniMoon
Eridani IV-CEridaniMoon
Eridani VEridaniPlanet
Eridani VIEridaniPlanet
Eridani VI-AEridaniMoon
Eridani VIIEridaniPlanet
Eridani VII-AEridaniMoon
Eridani VII-BEridaniMoon
Eridani VII-CEridaniMoon
Eridani VIIIEridaniPlanet
Eridani VIII-AEridaniMoon
Eridani VIII-BEridaniMoon
Eridani VIII-CEridaniMoon
Eridani VIII-DEridaniMoon
Eridani XIEridaniPlanet
EuropaSolIce moon
FaradayDelta PavonisPlanet
Freya IIIFreyaPlanet
Freya IXFreyaPlanet
Freya IX-BFreyaMoon
FundamentDelta PavonisMoon
GagarinAlpha CentauriRocky planet
GamowDelta PavonisPlanet
GanymedeSolIce moon
GrissomAlpha CentauriBarren moon
Groombridge VIIIGroombridgePlanet
Groombridge VIII-AGroombridgeMoon
HawleyAlpha CentauriRocky moon
HeraldDelta PavonisMoon
Hyla IIHylaRocky planet
HypnosOlympusIce planet
IapetusSolIce moon
IceKryxIce moon
Indum IIIndum
IoSolBarren moon
ItsyDelta PavonisMoon
JemisonAlpha CentauriRocky planet
JupiterSolGas Giant
Ka’zaalNirahDense, methane moon
Kapteyn IKapteyn’s StarBarren planet
Kapteyn IIKapteyn’s StarGas Giant
KreetAnselonSmall moon
Kumasi IIIKumasiPlanet
KurtzAlpha CentauriBarren moon
LovellAlpha CentauriIce moon
LunaSolEarth’s moon
Luyten’s RockLuyten’s Star SystemRocky planet
MagnarDelta PavonisPlanet
MagrethNarionBarren, Earth-size planet
MarsSolSemi-barren planet
Masada IIIMasadaPlanet
MaxKryxRocky moon
MercurySolSmall, barren planet
MimasSolIce moon
MirandaSolIce moon
MithrasOlympusIce moon
Moloch IMolochPlanet
Montara LunaMontaraMoon
NascentDelta PavonisPlanet
Nemeria IVNemeriaPlanet
Nemeria IV-ANemeriaSmall, semi-habitable moon
NeptuneSolGas Giant
NesoiOlympusRocky planet
NiiraNarionSmall, rocky planet
Nirvana IINirvanaPlanet
NoxKryxBarren moon
OberonSolIce moon
Oborum IIIOborum PrimeIce Giant
OhmDelta PavonisIce moon
OlivasAlpha CentauriGas Giant
OrphiusOlympusBarren moon
OureaOlympusRocky planet
Piazzi IPiazziPlanet
Piazzi IIPiazziPlanet
Piazzi IIIPiazziPlanet
Piazzi III-APiazziMoon
Piazzi III-BPiazziMoon
Piazzi IVPiazziPlanet
Piazzi IV-APiazziMoon
Piazzi IV-BPiazziMoon
Piazzi IV-CPiazziMoon
Piazzi VPiazziPlanet
Piazzi V-APiazziMoon
Piazzi V-BPiazziMoon
Piazzi V-CPiazziMoon
Piazzi VIPiazziPlanet
Piazzi VI-APiazziMoon
Piazzi VI-BPiazziMoon
Piazzi VI-CPiazziMoon
Piazzi VIIPiazziPlanet
Piazzi VII-APiazziMoon
Piazzi VII-BPiazziMoon
Piazzi VII-CPiazziMoon
PlutoSolIce planet
PolvoValoRocky planet
PontusOlympusBarren moon
Porrima IPorrimaSmall, barren planet
Porrima IIIPorrimaLarge, semi-barren planet
Porrima IVPorrimaPlanet
Porrima IV-CPorrimaSmall, icy moon.
Porrima IV-DPorrimaMoon
Porrima VPorrimaPlanet
Porrima V-APorrimaMoon
Procyon IIIProcyon APlanet
Procyon V-BProcyon AMoon
Rasalhague IRasalhaguePlanet
RheaSolIce moon
RocklockKryxBarren moon
RudimentDelta PavonisMoon
SaturnSolRinged Gas Giant
Sirius ISiriusPlanet
Sirius IISiriusPlanet
Sirius II-ASiriusMoon
Sirius IIISiriusPlanet
Sirius III-ASiriusMoon
Sirius III-BSiriusMoon
SuvorovKryxRocky planet
Syrma ISyrmaPlanet
Tau Ceti ITau CetiPlanet
Tau Ceti IITau CetiPlanet
Tau Ceti II-ATau CetiMoon
Tau Ceti IIITau CetiPlanet
Tau Ceti IVTau CetiPlanet
Tau Ceti IV-ATau CetiMoon
Tau Ceti IV-BTau CetiMoon
Tau Ceti VTau CetiPlanet
Tau Ceti VITau CetiPlanet
Tau Ceti VI-ATau CetiMoon
Tau Ceti VIITau CetiPlanet
Tau Ceti VII-ATau CetiMoon
Tau Ceti VIIITau CetiPlanet
Tau Ceti VIII-ATau CetiMoon
Tau Ceti VIII-BTau CetiMoon
Tau Ceti VIII-CTau CetiMoon
Tau Ceti VIII-DTau CetiMoon
Tau Ceti IXTau CetiPlanet
TethysSolIce moon
ThalassaOlympusBarren moon
ThanatosOlympusIce Giant
The Pup IThe PupBarren planet
Tidacha ITidachaDense, habitable planet
TitanSolRocky moon
TitaniaSolIce moon
TritonSolIce moon
UmbrielSolIce moon
UranusSolGas Giant
Van Mannen IVan Mannen’s StarIce planet
VecteraNarionRocky planet
VenusSolRocky planet
Verne IIVernePlanet
Volii AlphaVoliiPlanet
VoltDelta PavonisMoon
VossAlpha CentauriRocky moon
WorthlessDelta PavonisMoon
Starfield planets guide: Porrima 4-c in planet view.

How does exploring planets work in Starfield?

Planetary exploration in Starfield varies from world to world. The basics though is that when entering one of the Starfield systems, you focus on system bodies, entering planet view. This will provide you with information about the planet such as its composition, gravity, temperature, atmosphere, and whether it has water, plants, and alien life. This will let you quickly determine if a planet has what you’re looking for and is worth visiting. After all, there’s no point heading to a gas giant if you’re looking to set up an outpost.

Starfield planets: An analysis of the planet Jemison on the Starfield starmap.

By using your scanner, you’ll can locate points of interest across the planet or moon’s surface. You can then interact with these points of interest to travel to them.

Planets within the Settled Systems are most populated and abundant. Worlds like Akila and Jemison feature more POIs and more missions. Meanwhile the most distant worlds, which make up the majority of the 1000+ planets, are more empty. Many still have POIs on them though, created using procedural generation, which splices together different handcrafted assets and POIs so that there’s something available to do. They’ll also vary in fauna, resources, and terrain, from forest-covered mountainous planets to a barren icy moons.

Starfield planets: The player's starship arriving at the planet Jemison in the Alpha Centauri system.

Some of the planets and star systems are based on real-life locations in space. The most obvious example of this is the Alpha Centauri system, based on the real-life star, and the first star visited by humans in the Starfield universe. Interestingly, all of the planets and moons in this system are named after astronauts with Gagarin (Yuri Gagarin), Jemison (Mae Jemison), Olivas (John Daniel Olivas), and Chawla (Kalpana Chawla).

If you want to learn even more about the game, check out our dedicated Starfield Wiki. For more Starfield help, check out our Starfield tips and tricks, where to get Digipicks, where to get the Bounty Hunter Spacesuit, how to lock pick, quest list, and powers list.

How many planets are there in Starfield?

There are more than 1000 planets to explore in Starfield.

What happened to Earth in Starfield?

To avoid spoilers, let’s just say humanity’s curiosity got the better of it, causing a disaster than made Earth uninhabitable. Push through the story to get all the details.