Starfield FOV – how to change FOV on PC and Xbox guide

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Wondering how to change Starfield FOV on PC? Then you have come to the right place. With Starfield now playable for those who’ve opted for its early access option, Bethesda fans are wondering how to change Starfield FOV. Despite not including one at launch, Bethesda has now added this important accessibility feature in the game.

While the Starfield reviews (including our own) have been mostly glowing, Starfield strangely shipped without its own FOV slider in the settings. It’s a curious omission for a game in 2023, especially as adjusting the FOV can be a key factor in preventing motion sickness, and allowing the game to be more accessible to a greater number of people. This upset a growing number of the Starfield community, who claim the move has ‘alienated’ a large amount of the player base, but luckily Bethesda have taken this on-board and added in a solution in the game’s most recent patch.

Starfield FOV: An image of the game on a rocky planet with the default field of view.

How to change Starfield FOV on PC and console

Changing your FOV in Starfield is simple. Open up the game’s settings, and then select the ‘Accessibility’ option. From here, you’ll see a variety of settings including two sliders for ‘First Person FOV’ and ‘Third Person FOV’. These range from 70 up to 110, and to change them, simply click on the bar and drag to the number you prefer. We set ours to 90, but what you set yours to is of course entirely up to you.

This methods lets you change the FOV for both first-person and third-person modes. If you’re wondering how much of a difference FOV can make, check out the above image and then the screenshot below.

Starfield FOV: An image of the game on a rocky planet with an enhanced field of view.

Can you change Starfield’s FOV with console commands?

There is currently a console command: SetCameraFOV, however despite my hardest tinkering – I was unable to get it to do what I wanted. While there is a console command which seems to change the game’s Field of View, there’s little that can actually be done with it.

Can you change FOV in Starfield on Xbox?

While Xbox players were previously unable to change their FOV because of the inability to alter the game’s files, thanks to this new addition, console players can finally change their FOV. Simply follow the same instructions detailed above, and you’ll be able to set your FOV to something different.

It was indeed a curious omission that there was no FOV slider in Starfield as a thread about the issue on the Starfield subreddit points out. Not having these options may be alienating up to 33% of the audience on PC. “I experience motion sickness with low field of view games,” says Vizhawk. “Myself and others need to have higher Field of View or we can literally not play your game without vomiting.”

It caused a few headaches – literally – for a number of players in this thread, including A_Supicious_Package. “I played for two hours and while the game seems amazing I have a terrible headache and feel very sick. The fact that the camera jumps forward and backward at times doesn’t help either. Motion sickness is quite common as you pointed (out) and in 2023 I was expecting this to not be an issue with AAA games.”

It’s even more of a curious omission when you consider BGS’ previous effort – Fallout 76 – was also lambasted for a lack of FOV slider back in 2018. It’s a feature that was eventually added in a patch a few months after launch, but it’s surprising that a few years later, and the option has been omitted once more for the new game. Luckily, with an official fix having arrived, players won’t be stuck with this issue anymore.

For more on the game, check out our Starfield beginner’s guide – tips and tricks to survive the Settled Systems. We’ve also got a handy Starfield powers list and how to unlock powers guide.

Does Starfield have an FOV slider?

Yes, as of patch 1.7.36 Starfield does have an official in-game FOV slider.

What field of view should I use?

A narrow FOV of 60 degrees is usual for console games while PC players require a larger 90 to 100 degrees.

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