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In Starfield, Outposts are collections of buildings and modules that players can construct on planets and moons. By building Outposts, players can make a home base from themselves, set up an automated mining rig, create a hub for crafting and manufacturing, and more. There are few limitations to where players can build Outposts, but things to keep in mind include hostile environments and nearby aggressive fauna.

Unlocking Outpost building

After completing the first major story missions One Small Step and joining Constellation, speak to Vasco and he'll tell you about building Outposts elsewhere in the galaxy. After that, it's as simple as finding a suitable planet (ideally one with plenty of resources to mine), opening up the handheld scanner, and placing an Outpost Beacon.

Outpost modules

There are many different modules that can be built on an Outpost, with various kinds of functionality. To discover new modules to construct, invest in the Outpost Engineering skill.

List of all Outpost module types

  • Extractors
  • Power
  • Storage
  • Builders
  • Structures
  • Crafting
  • Defenses
  • Robots
  • Furniture
  • Decorations
  • Displays
  • Miscellaneous

Outpost stats

There are six stats to keep track of when maintaining an Outpost, which will dictate what it can do and how efficiently it can do it:

  • Cargo: The amount of available storage in the Outpost
  • Crew: The number of crew members the Outpost can house
  • Needed PWR: The amount of power needed to run everything on the Outpost
  • Total PWR: The amount of power being generated and available to use
  • Production: The amount of resources the Outpost is generating
  • Build limit: The total number of modules that can be built in the Outpost

Useful skills for Outpost building

Several skills will give helpful bonuses and the like to players for building Outposts:

  • Outpost Management: This will let players assign more cargo links, robots, and crew to Outposts, and rank 4 will make extractors work twice as fast.
  • Outpost Engineering: This will allow for construction of rarer Outpost modules, and rank 4 will halve the resources needed to make them.
  • Planetary Habitation: This will allow players to create more Outposts, and allow them to construct them on planets with hostile environments of various types.
  • Special Projects: This skill will allow players to craft rarer types of manufactured resources, which are useful for Outpost construction. In addition, rank 4 will give Outpost extractors a chance to produce extra resources.
  • Botany: The first rank of this skill will allow players to cultivate some types of plants on their Outposts.
  • Zoology: The first rank of this skill will allow players to create some types of creature-based organic resources on their Outposts.

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