Starfield factions list – every faction and how to join them

Starfield factions list – every faction and how to join them
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A list of Starfield factions is a must-have for players looking to navigate the expansive and complex web of politics and alliances in Bethesda’s space-faring RPG. With so many stars and planets to explore and plenty of people to interact with, Starfield factions play a huge role in your interstellar journey.

We’ll use this Starfield factions list to give you an overview of each of the factions and explain how you can join them. Now that the Starfield release date has been and gone, and our Starfield review is fast becoming a distant memory, it’s given us plenty of time to get to know the many factions in the game, which we go through below.

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All Starfield factions

While there are five main factions, there are also smaller factions that you’ll interact with throughout your journey. Here are the main factions in Starfield:

  • Constellation
  • Crimson Fleet
  • Freestar Collective
  • Ryujin Industries
  • United Colonies
Starfield factions: The Lodge in New Atlantis.


The smallest of the main factions in the game, the Starfield Constellation faction is also one of the most important. They’re an intrepid group of explorers, intent on discovering the secrets of the universe and adventuring out into the great unknown of the galaxy. They may have a small number of members, and they may be sharing New Atlantis as capital with another the UC, but there’s no denying the enormous impact they have in the Settled Systems, possessing an almost mythical status to those who have heard of them.

How to join Constellation

Since they’re tied to the main Starfield story, you’ll actually join them by default when you visit their headquarters at New Atlantis City. You’ll be able to join other factions after them though.

Starfield factions: The Key Crimson Fleet HQ.

Crimson Fleet

The Starfield Crimson Fleet faction is the most outwardly hostile joinable faction. The Crimson Fleet are space pirates, determined to gun and pillage their way across Settled Systems. Starting out from the Kryx system, the Fleet can be found in many star systems, usually prowling close to planets on the hunt for easy targets and loot. The Fleet possesses a formidable amount of firepower that even the largest factions are hard-pressed to contain.

How to join the Crimson Fleet

You’ll be able to join the Crimson Fleet should you want to. To begin the Crimson Fleet faction quest chain, there are two options:

  • Try to smuggle contraband onto a UC held planet like Jemison. The will land you in jail on the UC Vigilance ship. There, Commander Ikande will ask you to go undercover with the Crimson Fleet as a double agent, kick starting the faction quest line with the Rook Meets King quest.
  • Pursue the UC faction quest line until you get to the Grunt Work quest. Completing that quest will give you the option to talk to Commander Ikande, who’ll offer you the chance to be a double agent in the Crimson Fleet.
Starfield factions: The Rock in Akila City.

Freestar Collective

If you’re looking to embrace the frontier space cowboy aesthetic, the Starfield Freestar Collective faction is likely the one for you. The Freestar Collective are the second largest faction in-game, encompassing a vast territory that revolves around the Cheyenne system and their capital, Akila City.

They’re a faction that puts a heavy emphasis on personal freedom. While this can make for a more lawless society, they still retain enough organisation to make themselves a force to be reckoned with if you cross them.

How to join the Freestar Collective

To join the Freestar Collective and kickstart the faction quest chain, start the quest called Job Gone Wrong, available after your first visit to Akila City on Akila in the Cheyenne system.

Starfield factions: Ryujin kiosk in Neon.

Ryujin Industries

Fancy something a bit more lucrative? Check out the Starfield Ryujin Industries faction. Ryujin is a mega-corporation that dabbles in tech, neuroboosts, and espionage in equal measure in the endless pursuit of profit and market share. They’re HQ is in Neon city on Volii Alpha in the Volii system. The quest line takes you on a wild ride through the world of corporate dealings with mind control and stealth thrown in for good measure.

How to join the Ryujin Industries faction

To join the Ryujin Industries faction, you’ll need to apply for a job at one their kiosks, available in cities and settlements across the Settled Systems. Once you find one for the first time, you’ll unlock the Back to the Grind quest, prompting you to interact with one of their kiosks. The easiest one to find is in New Atlantis, opposite the entrance to the Freestar Collective Industry. If you’re on Neon, there’s one immediately in front of you as you get off the elevator in the Neon Core.

Starfield factions: Vanguard reception desk in the MAST building in New Atlantis.

United Colonies

The Starfield United Colonies faction is the largest political and military entity in the game. The United Colonies stand for law and order, with a vast and wealthy capital city, New Atlantis, that displays the manpower and resources the faction has. Think of them as your standard Space Republic type of faction. They’re territory covers a large portion of the Settled Systems, including the Sol, Wolf, and Alpha Centauri systems. The UC are also direct rivals to the Freestar Collective. The two were at war some time prior to the present day in Starfield’s campaign, and now sit in an uneasy alliance.

How to join the UC Vanguard faction

To join the UC Vanguard faction, follow the activity which asks you to speak to Tuala in the MAST building in New Atlantis. The activity should pop up once you reach the Jemison capital for the first time.

Minor factions in Starfield

That covers all the big players, but there are smaller groups in Starfield to meet and interact with. Here are all the minor factions in Starfield:

  • House Va’Ruun – A fanatical space cult.
  • Enlightened – A religious organisation.
  • Xenofresh Corporation – A corporation responsible for the creation of Neon City, and likely still hold a significant presence there.
  • Sanctum Universum – Another religious organisation, tied to the Church of The Universal.
  • The Great Serpent Worshippers – The third of the three religious sects.
  • The Ecliptic Mercenaries – A mysterious and elite group of mercenaries for hire.
  • Spacers – Dangerous marauders and pirates who prey on any who cross their path.

Can you join more than one faction in Starfield?

You can indeed join multiple factions in Starfield, with no limit on how many factions you can be a part of at any given time. Aligning with one faction has no impact on joining others, except for the final mission in the Crimson Fleet faction quest line.

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How many joinable factions are there in Starfield?

There are five factions in Starfield that you can join.

Who is the largest faction in Starfield?

The United Colonies is the largest faction in Starfield by territory, population, and military power.

Who is the smallest faction in Starfield?

The Constellation are the smallest faction in Starfield, consisting of only a few members.